January 18th, 2011 | 338 Entries

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338 Entries for “recipes”

  1. these are fun to do you can use your skills in math to add or subtract ingredients to make the recipe

    By Nineva URL on 01.19.2011

  2. Don’t they just look real interesting and colourful when you look at them in the recipe books! I love them. I look and I think..I will try this. THis looks yummy. But at the end of the day I go back to my same ole same ole!

    By Cindy McKenzie URL on 01.19.2011

  3. i stared into space until all i could think about was “my schedule is a recipe for disaster.”

    By Emily URL on 01.19.2011

  4. Hm, recipes. Cooking. My grandma is a good cook. She’s a full out Italian, so you could only imagine. On Sundays, she’ll cook enough pasta to feed an army. Her motto is more is better. Leftovers, we’ll have the leftovers, is her thinking.

    By Kaci URL on 01.19.2011

  5. Recipes. I used to think they were great, you could make a delicious meal if you followed a recipe. Now I have come to understand that some recipes are not so good. Like recipes for disaster. Those are no fun at all.
    Once upon a time there was a lady, she used recipes to make all sorts of delicious jams and jellies. The End.

    By Hana URL on 01.19.2011

  6. Recipes – I have loads of them – I just love baking cakes for birthdays and other celebrations. I love to decorate them and make them really personal. Football, Thomas the Tank Engine – sometimes it is really difficult but oh so satisfying!

    By matilda URL on 01.19.2011

  7. My daughter is good with recipes. She reads them regularly, looks for inspiration, feeds her family exciting meals. I envy her – and have no idea where here interest came from. My pasta is boiling as I write; add a tomato or two and there is lunch!

    By joey URL on 01.19.2011

  8. Recipes show you how to cook. They are like little written teachers who guide you through the creation of a cake, a wonderful dinner or something just delicious. Then, when you feel confident you leave behind your little written teacher and try it for yourself.

    By Frankie on 01.19.2011

  9. Liberty was all a-flutter in the kitchen. She’d lost the recipe for the apricot and parmesan stuffing and worse still, she had picked her nose after peeling chillies. Her nostrils burned like billy-o and her she was hosting her in-laws for the first time. Heavens to betsy.

    By bernicewoodall URL on 01.19.2011

  10. Recipes. First things first: mmmmm delicious. A ‘secret’ way to get something delicious…guidelines. But what if it is a recipe for disaster?! Then it is a secret way to get something wrong…better just stay away from recipes for a while…

    By Elsa Olson on 01.19.2011

  11. A recipe for disaster, a recipe for cookies. Recipes seem to be a map, but it could lead you two totally opposite ways! Now I am beginning to think a recipe is more like a secret… A secret no one should know but the one that possesses it. I must stay away from recipes, if it gives you disaster.

    By Elsa Olson URL on 01.19.2011

  12. creativity and evolution got us here. it evolves as well like an art form it is endless.

    By majken on 01.19.2011

  13. some recipes are handed down from generation to generation. some are new recipes that people create for restaurants. but you can never stop creating new ones. some are bad though.

    By Aaron Johns on 01.19.2011

  14. Instructions for constructions. Of meals, deserts, food. Sustenance. Instructions I don’t use…Am I talented and smart, or ignorant, and naive? Is there faulty construction in my vegetable soup?

    By Sarah Leslie URL on 01.19.2011

  15. Bread is almost too simple you would think to warrant recipes and yet across the globe so many variants of this wonderful western staple have evolved that ther are whole compendiums, encyclopedias, world cruises and extra terrestrial journeys all devoted to the ongoning evolution of this apparentlty simple lifeform.

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 01.19.2011

  16. Recipes can be very important to both professional careers and basic lifestyle. A professional chef, for example, needs recipes everyday to accomplish a perfect five star meal. A full time mother or father would need recipes to prepare her children’s favorite cake or pie. Recipes are actually used more often than we think.

    By Angie on 01.19.2011

  17. i love my moms recipes. I wish i had my grandmothers. My recipe book is a mess and i need to upload them to the computer like my husband tells me i should. Recipes show love and should be passed down from generation to generation. I hate it when people change their recipes so that yours isn’t as good.

    By Angie on 01.19.2011

  18. I have recipes from my grandmother that I love to make for my dad. It’s so sweet, in a way, that this is a connection to his mom, a grandmother that I never knew. She was quite a baker, just like me. What an inheritance.

    By Marissa URL on 01.19.2011

  19. The thought of combining different personalities, the mixtures of how all things turn out, is a surprising and daunting task. I want to meld together my personality with someone else with the hopes of combining forces to make a delicacy that everyone discovers to be worth the price you pay. Love is something that everyone would scrounge for on the menus, they’d sell their left kidney for it to be really upon their plate, unveiled, complete.

    By ashley on 01.19.2011

  20. The corners curled, the pages where splattered with the reminents of a lifetime of cookery. As Gillian held the book of recipes to her breast she could feel the warm embrace of her mothers hot-pot.

    By Day-dream Weaver URL on 01.19.2011

  21. She had never been to college or done a day’s paid work in her life. But all her husband’s friends agreed that her cooking was superb, and begged her to give them the recipes.

    By novelseren on 01.19.2011

  22. They were all in his head, lists of potential, lengthy ramblings of stand at arms length cooker detail, steam rising and a towel on his shoulder, and he’d look over his shoulder and we’d all wait. Kettles boiling steam in the heat, strawberries and peaches picked on the day to tinned tomatoes and tins of ham, and pasta and rice and boiled potatos mashed and smeared in butter than ran around the edges of the plate and as the meal cooled solidified back into yellow grain.

    By richard c URL on 01.19.2011

  23. Life indeed is a recipe: ingredients including people, experience, events, memories and places. The shame – or excitement, depending on your viewpoint – is that none of us are privy to the recipe before we begin mixing: no one knows how to create the perfect life; some rise better than others; some lack flavour – others have too much! HOw will your recipe work out?

    By Fi on 01.19.2011

  24. Life indeed is a recipe: ingredients including people, experience, events, memories and places. The shame – or excitement, depending on your viewpoint – is that none of us are privy to the recipe before we begin mixing: no one knows how to create the perfect life; some rise better than others; some lack flavour – others have too much! What ingredients are most important to you? How will your recipe work out?

    By Fi on 01.19.2011

  25. Recipe for disaster. Caused by the combination of my younger sister, her black boyfriend and my Jewish mother.

    By Megan on 01.19.2011

  26. recipes. the way all foods are made. you always need a recipe for food even the frozen pizza you throw in the oven on days you dont feel like cooking. I like to think that everything is a recipe so i can tell myself im a good cook.

    By Eleanor on 01.19.2011

  27. I love collecting and making recipes. I am a vegetarian, so vegetarian and vegan recipes are the bomb in my book. I go to all sorts of veg websites and try out their crazy wacky awesome recipes. It’s one of my hobbies. I love making things that are delicious but not made of any kind of animal product. Be kind to animals please! Go veg. Thank you. Thank you very much.

    By dandyjams URL on 01.19.2011

  28. I like to bake from the recipes that I know. I hope that I learn new recipes.

    By Mecca URL on 01.19.2011

  29. I got my chance when the crowd began dissipating after the finale. It was magnificent — there were fireworks, lasers… the works. But I was still watching the girl.

    I had to sneak around for a bit, staying long after everyone in the audience had been shepherded out of the circus. I walked around, pretending to be one of them, pretty much blindly searching for her before I finally found her, sitting cross-legged on the ground with a group of other circus women, exchanging recipes they’d like to try out once they got home. I stepped forward and said hello.

    By vish URL on 01.19.2011

  30. Cookies
    Chi-mi Chang as

    By lawfullx URL on 01.19.2011

  31. Cookies
    Chi-mi Chang as and cake! Recipe for disaster is:

    By lawfullx URL on 01.19.2011

  32. “I left you the recipes for the week,” Anne said primly. She placed the stack of neatly folded papers on the kitchen counter. “Take care now.”

    Breathing loudly out of his mouth as he sobbed, Poindexter watched as the only woman he’d ever loved skipped out the door and left him forever.

    By HDF URL on 01.19.2011

  33. Sometimes I make the food we used to eat together, but it never tastes the same.

    By HDF URL on 01.19.2011

  34. cookery a favourite pastime, ingredients added to a pot sizzling on the range in an old cottage kitchen. Nothing like the smell of fresh broth oozing from an open window.

    By Heather Moore on 01.19.2011

  35. I love finding new recipes. I get to make all sorts of fun things then use my family as guinea pigs :) Cookies, cake, pie, all sorts of things. Maybe some day I can come up with my own recipes.

    By Faith URL on 01.19.2011

  36. recipes are what provides us with delicious foods that have and can be passed down from generation to generation. They also provide us with exact amounts of ingredients necessary to cook the proper meal, which helps people who are too dumb to cook on their very own. Recipes are great, so is Julia Childs! i lo

    By Liiiiane. on 01.19.2011

  37. i have few recipes. i always try something new. and it hardly ever tasts good. for me, that’s okay.

    By Lydia on 01.19.2011

  38. when you say it fast it can sound like you are saying “rest in peace”. i don’t like that saying. rip. rip? ripping? i don’t know. i don’t know what to say. i just don’t want anyone to die.

    By Lydia on 01.19.2011

  39. I ate this wonderful dish, all made from these new recipes from a cookbook that i had just bought. the taste was amazing, delicious. My mouth watered as I looked back at the dessert. I was not sure what it was, it was navy blue, it had a certain glow to it.

    By Aden on 01.19.2011

  40. My best friend is a great cook. I love her chocolate chip cookies. Buffy(the vampire Slayer!!) talks about Cookie Dough Fudgement Chip ice cream. There’s no such thing as that! But sounds good, doesn’t it? I’d love to try it. Yumm!

    By priya on 01.19.2011