January 19th, 2011 | 368 Entries

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368 Entries for “spider”

  1. My eyes were big when I was little. Because my doctor’s wife said she liked to let them crawl on her bare shoulders.

    By Sarah Leslie URL on 01.20.2011

  2. She caught it and peered into the glass at it’s little world thinking: ‘you could have so easily killed me from down there. What’s up now.’

    By Sam Russo URL on 01.20.2011

  3. Spiders are quite disgusting in my opinion. Eight legged death machines ready to bite your flesh at any given second. And yet, I find them fascinating as well. They are definitely smart enough to survive on their own.

    By Brittany on 01.20.2011

  4. Spider’s are perhaps the most cliche scary insect. Everyone is afraid of them, because they look frightening. But in reality, they are scared of you more because it’s easy to kill them. As easy as it is to kill you.

    By Matthew URL on 01.20.2011

  5. spiders are one of the worst things imaginable. i mean, seriously it’s an insect. No one like insects. Especially spiders. Some of them are poisonous and can be very dangerous. My aunt was bitten by a spider and ended up it the hospital. Spiders are just so gross. I guess some people like them but that’s a rare thing to see.

    By Lindsay on 01.20.2011

  6. one time there was a very little spider named kiki. kiki was so much smaller than the other spiders that she was often squished by the pointy and abundant legs of the other larger spiders.

    “why am i so tiny?” kiki often complained, frowning incoherantly as spiders often do.

    however, nobody answered because with her tiny stature, no one could hear her little voice.

    By alison on 01.20.2011

  7. Spiders are scary and gross looking. I don’t like them. They remind me of clowns. Stupid Pennywise just haddd to go and be a spider when he wasn’t being completely evil. Jerk. Clowns only scare me because of that movie. It wasn’t even scary…just a creepy concept. Remind me never to watch that again.

    By Ariel on 01.20.2011

  8. the match crackled on his back as that little bastard spider screamed in a pane-shattering pitch, it was truely horrifying. neither of us laughed as we thought we might, we sat silently still. i will never forget that moment, it will haunt me forever.

    By Mescalito on 01.20.2011