April 25th, 2008 | 311 Entries

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311 Entries for “event”

  1. an event is any thing that takes place at any specific time. events can be beautiful. The importance of events for any person in his or her life is that they are associated with memory and they are there fore you to remember for the rest of the lives. Emotional attachment is placed to any event especially the ones that occupy a point in time where your life is changed.

    By nick on 04.25.2008

  2. there is no way to perfectly plan for any. always something unexpected is bound to happen. to remain open.
    with possibility.
    yet set intention. be clear about the desired outcome
    then let it go

    By melanie on 04.25.2008

  3. it’s a signifier for actions in the dom

    it’s common on calendar sites

    reminds me of morgan freeman in that apocolypse movie.

    an event is a gathering with extra oomph.

    By Joshua Neds-Fox on 04.25.2008

  4. this is something that is a occurance and what the fuck am I doing this for. it could be a birthday party or a large gathering of any sort, or even just an importance occurence in one’s own mind; a moment in time than may not have meaning for a lot of people but just for one or two people. It has 5 letters which is kinda cool.

    By bk on 04.25.2008

  5. events make your eventful days more special in their eventfulness, and your eventless days longer and bigger in numbers.

    By Schmorill on 04.25.2008

  6. Play. surprise. A new baby in town. Plan a big party, invite all your friends and welcome new life. Birth–the biggest event–deserves a celebratory event.

    By mel on 04.25.2008

  7. It wasnt until the next day that I was inevitably drawn to the event, it was unmistakable and insidious in my attraction to it. I will never mistake my first image of the surreal and cataclysmic accident that followed. The sinews of human nature were tangled within eachother.

    By Scott Jones on 04.25.2008

  8. html, javascript, mathemathical event, historical event, social event. So many meanings, so little time. The human being itself is dependant of these “events”, his mind and perceptible reality are influenced, or deceived by them.

    By pop on 04.25.2008

  9. an event is a moment in time, sometimes memorably, sometimes funny, sometimes sad.
    many events will be nothing while some will change the universe.

    By jeremy on 04.25.2008

  10. shit paint green red police cars dogs cats zoo bar drink park crime opera disney movie singer books clothes fashion

    By anca on 04.25.2008

  11. When I think of an event I think of either wonderful things or other things that I’m really not wanting to go to. When someone tells me an event is going on, I’m either waiting in anticipation of what excitment is about to come or the dread and boredom that is about to hit me. I’m not the type of person to not do things but, occasionally I like to stay at home and relax.

    By Stephen on 04.25.2008

  12. something that should change your life. something that should be remembered. might be good…might be bad…

    By cd on 04.25.2008

  13. events are very fun to do. especially when your with your friends. its no fun to go by yourself, especially when your not good at starting convorsation. Id rather not plan an event, its too stressful and i procrastinate too much. it wouldnt turn out well.

    By Crystal on 04.25.2008

  14. Let’s move that over there. Make room. We need to put those back over here. People will want to mill around in this area. The food is fine where it is. People can deal with it. As long as the entrance is clear, things should be fine. The caterers know what to do. The band is supposed to be good. No worries. No worries.

    By Todd on 04.25.2008

  15. there is an event today. im not going. it might rain and i dont want to get wet. and shes supposed to go. thats the real reason. she makes me sick. i cant look at her anymore. so im not going to the event. even if it was sunny. fuck it all man, i dont even like going out anymore. even if shes is not going to be there. she killed everything good inside of me. my drive to have a fucking life. so fuck her and the event and the rain and mud and shit. fuck her.

    By jess on 04.25.2008

  16. its the thing the we all look forward to when we get up everyday . its the idea that we all talk about, its what we are curious about,. its the reason we breath, love hate, have greed for its this thing called life, its always happening never

    By Richard Lauer on 04.25.2008

  17. Event, hey? Well thats a fun place where people with similar intrests, or friends and family alike get together and celebrate something in unison, whether it be a wedding, a fair or a gay pride concert.

    By chi on 04.26.2008

  18. there was a time in my life that I can’t even remember at the moment however for some reason it seems important to me I was 5 years old and I was laughing at a train as it passed with amazing speed lifting me off the ground and tossing me aside like a child spinning through the cosmos as I neared closer and closer to the sun

    By morgs on 04.26.2008

  19. Events are hot banana mummas. Normally a stage. I preffer na chair. Sometimes You stand. Sometimes You Write. This is gay. You are gay. I cant rthink much else. Hello? Motorhead. I got crushed kn the concert . it was amazing!

    By Fearghas Kelly on 04.26.2008

  20. He pondered for a while, and then he decided. He decided he is going to make something of his life. He decided that this year, will be a good year.
    And to think of it, so have I.

    By Michael on 04.26.2008

  21. in the event of a cheese eating contest, start with all sharp cheeses and work your way down to mild. Begin with the most deep yellow of cheeses and head to the lighter and most often crumbliest, ie. work from sharp cheddar to gorgonzola.

    By pete on 04.26.2008

  22. plans,dreams,working on it!!!

    By Lisa D Carroll on 04.26.2008

  23. I went to the event. It lasted three days. Early starts, late finishes. Short meal breaks. Torture.

    By Judi on 04.26.2008

  24. event is an task which can be calculated in minutes seconds moments.
    it can be a big or small event. event is an important part of day to day life.
    we can treat any incident as an event but for some people events are umforgetable, they couldn’t forget the uniqueness of the event.

    By mahendra on 04.26.2008

  25. It wasn’t quite the event she had planned, because the president wouldn’t come despite her desperate and frequent letters. Somehow, the president (or his people) just wasn’t that interested in an event hosted by a charity for endangered stinky flowers in the Namib desert. It wasn’t a real charity, they thought, not quite q

    By ciebie on 04.26.2008

  26. It was quite the nasty turn of events…

    I couldn’t help but think that if I had the power to turn back time, maybe it all would have happened differently. If I could go back and not say the stupid things that led to this horrific turn in the situation, then maybe we’d be back to the blissful ignorance we were so wrapped up in before it was brought to such a rude halt.

    By Adrienne on 04.26.2008

  27. I got this word again! Surely there are more words in the database than this! Or is this because I’ve bookmarked the page and for some reason it will only bring this one word up? Whatever…um…event. I’ve suddenly drawn a blank. Now that’s an event.

    By Steph on 04.26.2008

  28. An event is a time, a place and a happening that could change the rest of your life… but most of the time it doesn’t.

    By paul on 04.26.2008

  29. Ice Breaker Event today…made a pasta salad…Sue’s coming to pick me up…damn, I know a lot of Sue’s..can’t decide what to wear…not goingg to be hot out…jeans and a long sleeve shirt….

    By Sue on 04.26.2008

  30. The event was filled with people in brightly colored attire. From their sequins to their extravagantly decorated masks, it was sure to be a great Carnival this year. I could not believe that we finally got a chance to be in the parade this year. My sister and I have been trying for years.

    By ashley on 04.26.2008

  31. I love speaking at an event. It’s a fun rush and I get my satisfaction when people learn something from my presenttion, or when they say they enjoyed the presentation. I also like planning events. It is so much fun to plan the creative aspects of every event. THe decor, the theme, the food, the music —

    By Robin on 04.26.2008