January 17th, 2017 | 49 Entries

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49 Entries for “ramp”

  1. screenname: rampitup

    By J Hyde on 01.18.2017

  2. An avalanche suddenly broke out that a multitude of ice balls rolled down from the ramp.

    By Yuki Lo on 01.18.2017

  3. The ramp is closed. Just like my heart. In fact that fucking ramp might be on fire. Or maybe there is a trench on the other side of it. I wish that ramp had instructions. Or maybe a map. A way to exceed the expectation of what it is. A ladder maybe? I don’t know. That fucking ramp.

    By Toni on 01.18.2017

  4. The man wheeled his chair up the long and steep ramp. His arm muscles were strong from many years of use. Halfway up, he got disheartened. He thought to himself, “Why?” He let go and slowly began gravity’s descent back down to level ground.

    By Raelynn on 01.18.2017

  5. The ramp looked functional, but Josh sighed. While there were no holes and the surface looked skid-proof, it was just too steep. He tried once to push his wheelchair up the slope but as he released his grip to grab again, the chair started to slide back. He grabbed the handgrip on the wheelchairs and eased himself to the bottom again. “I don’t suppose there’s an elevator,” he thought.

    He wheeled himself around the first floor of the building and ascertained that there really was not an elevator. He returned to the ramp and looked up it. Why would someone build a ramp that couldn’t be used by the people it had been built for?

    By chanpheng URL on 01.18.2017

  6. my life is a like a ramp so far. Downhill. But then, you can get back up, but of course going up can slow you down sometimes. I don’t know. I feel like running down the ramp and roll, and probably feel the pain as I roll down. Help me.

    By val on 01.18.2017

  7. There is a ramp that leads to my heart. Jokes on you. There is no heart. I carved it out long ago.

    By Dani Snow on 01.18.2017

  8. There is a ramp to my heart. All are welcome to climb it. Such fools they are. There is no heart. He carved it out a long time ago.

    By Dani Snow on 01.18.2017

  9. Ramps are good for skateboarding. They might be hard to walk up but it is a good workout. It’s cool when people do crazy tricks on a ramp with their skateboards. But it is scary too because they can get hurt and don’t always wear helmets.

    By Talia Cohn on 01.18.2017