January 17th, 2017 | 49 Entries

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49 Entries for “ramp”

  1. Life is a ramp. We walk, all different, all unique, all suiting ourselves into fashion skins of our own kind. Whether we like the walk or we don’t, the stage is already set and waits for none. So what if you think you are going to fail? Most people do not even realize their potentials until they start.

    By Arijit Bose on 01.17.2017

  2. It helps people get to places. People that might otherwise be unable to reach there. Ramps help you merge onto highways. They aid people. Help things move.

    By TP on 01.17.2017

  3. The wheelchair ramp to the grocery store had been blocked by some redneck, neckbeared douchenozzle who felt like his enormous, tiny-dick-compensating hummer deserved to take up all the space. So we left the guy screaming at the top of his lungs after discovering that the entire hood of his giant vehicular beast had been coated with silly string, and his two front tires slashed, as my paraplegic friend raised a middle finger to the sky at him from the safety of our own car, which was tucked in the corner of the parking lot, far away from the hillbilly banshee.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.17.2017

  4. Marina stopped and leaning over, tried to catch her breath. She had run up a hill and jumped over a railing to a ramp up the side of a hill in the park near her house. She stopped to listen. Nothing. Leaning against the wall, she relaxed. A shadow blocked out the weak winter sun. “Hello, were you running from me?”

    By MsShel330 on 01.17.2017

  5. He slid his hands over the wheels, forcing his chair up the shallow incline and navigating the bars with no small amount of trepidation. It had only been a few months since he’d lost his legs, so he shouldn’t be this nervous. He’d had plenty of practice. Still, the guide rails only provided anxiety instead of comfort.

    By Courka URL on 01.17.2017

  6. ramp up darling, go fast go fast. the car rushed forward and we jerk with it. our necks went back as we got stuck and you kissed me there. and we got stuck too. lets stay stuck in snow. let’s just be here

    By Chelsey Fowler on 01.17.2017

  7. The ramp is huge. Insurmountable. There’s no way his arms can get him up that, no way she can make it inside. She has to.
    “It’s alright. You can do it.” She says to herself. She moves forward, strains herself. And then, with a final bump, she’s there, and looking into the faces of her classmates for the first time since the accident.

    By SentientExistence on 01.17.2017

  8. They’d been promising it as long as she lived there. She waited for an assistant to come help her. 5 years and a million promises later and it still wasn’t here. Her assistant this time was a harried young man with acne and hair in his face. He lifted her wheelchair and helped her get inside. She turned, looking over her shoulder. If only, she thought, promises were as easy to keep as they were to make.

    By Beth A on 01.17.2017

  9. we stick to all that we have. we run and we hide and we find. but you were a ramp, you know. a ramp to better things. i was stuck on the ground with these old boxes full of happiness and sorrow (can’t have one without the other) and you were the ramp to help me pull them on to new things.

    By cally d. URL on 01.17.2017

  10. duke boys
    let the general fly
    evel knievel
    do or die
    monster trucks
    time to get high
    hit it hard
    touch the sky
    ramp it up

    By poetwarrior on 01.17.2017

  11. Every video ever has someone riding a bike off a ramp, then proceeding to fall flat on their face.
    If you are my dad, on the other hand, he used a ramp we owned and turned it into a snowplow.
    Finally, a good use for those things.

    By Joy on 01.17.2017

  12. skate tough
    be rough
    if gentleness is your thing
    rawer rows every day
    hoes and bros
    are okay

    By too stable on 01.17.2017

  13. Ramps make me think of going the wrong direction I saw a car enter the freeway going the wrong way when I was a kid and ever since ramps represent that to me going the wrong way on a highway at night

    By gina hunn on 01.17.2017

  14. I like ramps. When I was a little kid, on my first day of school, I was afraid of walking on the ramp. I thought I would slide off and fall. For nearly a month after my first day, I never stepped on it. This one boy thought the same way.

    By Amrita on 01.17.2017

    This has gone too far. Too far.

    By EmmaChristobel on 01.18.2017

  16. I loooked at the ramp, what made them think I’d want to use that? I got out of my chair and struggled up the two steps, more out of detrimination, alothough it hurt my hip.

    By kirsty on 01.18.2017

  17. So he decided to take the off ramp heading for a part of town he had not traveled through before.
    it was not the best of neighborhoods by all appearances.
    Starting with the “Squeegee” guys at the stop sign. They had an air of menace about them.

    By Monte on 01.18.2017

  18. lylygjhv

    By kristi decaprio on 01.18.2017

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    By kristi decaprio on 01.18.2017

  20. The ramp was very steep. I ran a car down the ramp.

    By Kristi on 01.18.2017

  21. I looked at the ramp at my school building. It was dirty. So dirty that it is almost offensive. But when a complain shows up, all the authorities could say is better than not having anything. What ridicule!

    By klapm on 01.18.2017

  22. This traffic is horrific. I hate the Capital Beltway, I can see the off ramp I need. Move you stooges! I have places to be!!

    By Robert Steele on 01.18.2017

  23. She pushed, the incline starting to get to her.
    “Uh, do you need help?”
    “Nope! I’m a strong, independent woman and I– yes, please, I’m slipping.”
    She saw a set of arms reach above her and a pair of palms set flat against the box. “I got it.”

    By Bridget Grace on 01.18.2017

  24. After seeing the word, first thought came to my mind as I studied civil engineering is ramp as a bridge.
    But the gilr in me over took that and made me think of ramp walk.

    By AutoPilot on 01.18.2017

  25. James looked down the mountainesque drop, 300 feet down to the bottom. The ramp 100 yards away from where he stood. He held his skateboard close to the edge, “This is it” he thought.

    By Ryan Alexander Fleming on 01.18.2017

  26. something skateboarders ride down, or trucks use to stop in the icy roads, an angle that is used to elevate or stop something, or to change an object’s course in time

    By Tina Williams on 01.18.2017

  27. imperturbable ramp
    don’t goad me on my way up your steep hill
    I seek to launch off you,
    into the sparkly waters of the Oceanside
    that floats my rubber duck.

    I received the child support letter in the mail man
    we were waiting on it through Christmas
    now that its 2017, I wanted to dismiss
    all the crisp tips
    and live up to red lips and potato chips.

    Now what, bills eat up all my cash flow, left with
    nothing but lint leaves,
    although I’m eating well
    ambitions retreat when a few extra bucks are all
    but I’m only treat.

    Here it goes, meet that person,
    keep on rehearsing affirmations within frontal cortex’s closet.
    Sooner or later, perseverance, deposits
    metals that aren’t homed by copper.

    By Milad URL on 01.18.2017

  28. The end of the bride,
    coated in sheer ice.
    Enough to make one fall;
    yet I still stand.

    The path through the woods,
    blocked by a web of branches;
    each ready to entangle feet,
    yet still I stand.

    By Lexy on 01.18.2017

  29. At my dad’s house, we have a PS3 game called Driver San Franciso. On this game, there are vehicles we call “ramp cars”. We call them this because well, they’re cars with a ramp on them. Quite often when we find them, we ramp them and wreck our cars. Man, that game is fun!

    By Julianne Engel on 01.18.2017

  30. On a bleak mid-January day it is hard to find the energy to pursue a goal or dream. All the energy made available to me on this day is used on just plodding through the snow and making it up the icy freeway entrance ramp.

    By Elementary on 01.18.2017

  31. a ramp is a piece of pavement that is inclined and you walk on it to get to or go down to another level. It could be used by people with disabilities to be able to access building.

    By Mike URL on 01.18.2017

  32. Ha idk. I just want to lay around doing nothing but cry. I can’t though. I have people. I just don’t want them to see me weak because they need me…

    By .... on 01.18.2017

  33. I don’t know what to say about ramps. They’re super helpful for people with disabilities. So that’s kinda awesome. And they’re great for skateboarding. I used to love using ramps on my rollerblades

    By Shelly URL on 01.18.2017

  34. The car geting closer, and closer. then it hit the ramp and went soaring! the crowd goes wild!

    By Noah on 01.18.2017

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    By Sanda on 01.18.2017

  36. The ramp was long and windy. I stared down it with trepidation. Could I really bike down this

    By Allison on 01.18.2017

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    By Xenia on 01.18.2017

  38. I watched as nurses and doctors hurried down symmetrical corridors, rushing patients lying on stretchers down ramps and from the emergency rooms.

    By Witty Writer 1 on 01.18.2017

  39. Ramp…ramp it up! Get psyched! Use the ramp to intensify your actions and get to your goals faster. Slide down your ramp to success!

    By Sally on 01.18.2017

  40. He was ramping up the music full of rum and coke
    when a voice at the door it suddenly spoke
    It said turn that racket down or I’ll call the police
    but the noise of the music it did not cease
    so the voice got louder and shouted who he was
    was the downstairs neighbour so i said i’m very soz
    He said all year long i’ve been putting up with this
    And that was my first year living in Cádiz

    By Steve O URL on 01.18.2017