January 16th, 2017 | 42 Entries

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42 Entries for “golf”

  1. Well you know that any word is going to lead to a discussion about the man who is going to be president within a few days. The man with the golf courses and gold rooms and expensive wives and small hands. The man who hates, well, the list is way too long. The man who is going to lead us into the abyss, an abyss from which it will be nearly impossible to climb out of. A man with no idea of the importance of the role he is about to play. The man who doesn’t know that if you say you hate someone (even if you don’t really mean it), then all the people who really do hate that person or group or thing will think, Hey, now I can go do something really bad to those people because HE SAID SO. It’s the HE SAID SO that is worse perhaps than the He himself. It makes no sense that you can come from that much money and not have enjoyed the benefits of some kind of decent education or met people who could teach you things that other people never have the privilege of learning. But there is no sense to any of it. Go golf yourself.

    By ruby on 01.17.2017

  2. My ex played it all the time. He still does. He wanted our son to play it. But he forgot one major ingredient to our son playing the game and liking it. He actually had to spend time with him. Which he didn’t and still doesn’t. Its not the hobby that gives interest. Its the accompaniment.

    By Toni on 01.17.2017