September 5th, 2013 | 93 Entries


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93 Entries for “railway”

  1. bodie went to the railway and tossed his bag onto the platform. bloody doyle he muttered. stupid pillock. bodie sighed and kicked the bag with his toe. leave it to his partner, no, his ex-partner, to put him in this position. He hated being cornered, and doyle saying the three words that put him into that proverbial corner is what had bodie running. stupid stupid!

    By kat on 09.05.2013

  2. The train was noisy as it moved through the village, but not a single resident would ever have wanted it to go.

    The railway station – with its tiny waiting room and single vending machine that was invariably out of even the poor coffee substitute that it offered – was as much a part of the village as the town hall itself.

    By Kayim on 09.05.2013

  3. A railway is a railroad track it can be on earth or underground. Underground it is called a subway. Above ground it’s called a railroad track.

    By Brianna on 09.05.2013

  4. The Railway Children. An enchanting film. I loved the old steam railways. I used to stand on the bridge on my way to school with the smoke wafting over me. Not good for the uniform and didn’t please my mother!

    By Alexandra on 09.05.2013

  5. It was there, goading me like a moth to a flame. Probably older than the city itself. Was there safety inside?
    Probably not. But the thing that hunted me was far more terrifying that an old railway station.
    Old, rusted trains creaked in the wind as I made my way into a hiding place. Just long enough to catch my breath.
    But it was here that I would take my last.

    By Kellie H. on 09.05.2013

  6. One foot
    Then the other
    Moving forward
    Ever forward
    A destination
    Horn blows
    Time to go

    By Eileen Maki URL on 09.05.2013

  7. I saw the railway from where I was standing, fifty feet away behind the trees. She was there too,I remember. I remember seeing the kook-aid slouch down her dress and the lights shine brightly. I remember the moon and the way it made the shadows so much longer, the wait longer too.

    By Charlie on 09.05.2013

  8. The railway? Susie wondered. The railway? I’ve never heard of it.
    Jakob stared at her. “I can see the look on your face! You don’t know what the railway is!”
    Abashed, Susie nodded with red cheeks.
    Jakob smiled gently at her. “No worries! I’ll take you there!”
    Jakob took her hand gently in his brown calloused one and fled out of the forest and into the city.

    By Cathy on 09.05.2013

  9. The railway carried us in and out of the so-called “town”. We knocked against one another as the carts shifted and clanked on heavy metal tracks.

    By darseyrsm URL on 09.05.2013

  10. The railway stretched long and far into the distance. It tapered down into a little pinpoint on the horizon. Where does this railway go? We have never seen any trains or carts carry on down it in either directions. So why is it even here? We aren’t even allowed to leave this place. Is it to taunt us? Probably…

    By Katie Wright on 09.05.2013

  11. railway lines remind of Spokane. I learned to fall asleep to the sound of the trains. Then when I moved back to Denver, I couldn’t fall asleep with out the sound of a train.

    By Alicia on 09.05.2013

  12. I had constant waking nightmares of how this trip could go wrong. My window shook too hard and my nerves created every scenario in which it would fly off, beheading me. Leaving my mother in tears, never knowing why her son was on the train to begin with.

    By Ruben URL on 09.05.2013

  13. He didn’t see it coming. Even the dull rumble of the oncoming horde couldn’t warn Terry about the impending pain and doom. Then again. He didn’t want the warning. No one really knows if he just simply laid and waited for the train to come.

    By Paul Kemp on 09.05.2013

  14. Sometimes I wish I could burn your bones by the ticket stall, throw the ashes into the space between the tracks and the solid ground.

    I used to have yours, woven around my own as vines on an aging house, but now?

    Now I only have my own.

    By Anna Meursault on 09.05.2013

  15. It first happened by a railway. The first time he saw me. Or, the first time I saw him see me. I used to walk that way back from school. It meant I could be alone, and none of the other school kids would dare go near it. People used to tell stories about the tunnel being haunted. A girl died in there once, they say, about 60 years ago. Apparently she just stood right in the middle of the tracks, arms wide, chin lifted, screaming to the heavens, and boom. Some say she was naked, but I think thats a little over the top. I’m quite fond of the railway. There are always… things happening, slightly, dangerous things. Keeps you on edge. So it was nearly like I was expecting him to come.

    By macj on 09.05.2013

  16. The railway was supposed to be the greatest achievement of mankind. Stretching from Hong Kong to London, it crossed both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. It stopped in Tokyo, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Montreal. It was the pinnacle of what we could do when nationality and political allegiance didn’t matter.

    By Isilo Aranel on 09.05.2013

  17. the gleam off the railway was blinding as i stared down it. “It’s time to go” she said as she looked out to the horizon. I wasn’t ready yet. I wasn’t ready to leave everything I;d ever known behind. But there was nothing left for me here. I took one last look behind me at the town where I’d grown up. “Ok. Let’s go.”

    By Lara on 09.05.2013

  18. What is a railway?
    A railway is a beginning
    and an end
    A railway is mornings
    and nights
    A railway is working
    and resting
    A railway is long
    and short

    By Dakota Folse on 09.05.2013

  19. On the railway from Chicago to St. Louis, the Lincoln Express, because it cuts through Illinois and the state is obsessed with that man. It was there that I met a man coming all the way from Detroit. He was nice although I was initially sad to discover I wouldn’t the row to myself, but the train was crowded after all, and he was a better seat partner than some.

    By April on 09.05.2013

  20. That’s where it happened. The railway. Where we first met, where we first kissed and finally where we both attempted sucide. Only, I’m alive and he’s not. And everyday I’m forced to take that same train to go to uni, silent tears escaping my eyes like a sink.

    By Leah on 09.05.2013

  21. Amy leaned against the railway, panting. She just needed a moment to catch her breath. “Rory,” she said in between gasps. “How much longer?” “Almost there, almost!” Rory exclaimed. He was certainly very happy.

    By billie panettiere is a vulcan on 09.05.2013

  22. I’m in the middle of the railway. Waitin’ for her, but she’s not here. Look for the right and left. She’s not here. Again. She always do this. I’m tired of all those promisses. Tired. Always.

    By Mary on 09.05.2013

  23. We stood right next to the railway tracks. They hummed with anticipation at the upcoming train, and we were as excited and nervous as them. I turned to Julie, and remembered all the memories we had made through school. Now was just the next step.

    By Kristina on 09.05.2013

  24. Railway conjurs images of a dysfunctional transport system. Smelly. Crowded. Late. Expensive. The usual suspects that haunt your mind when forced to catch a Melbourne train. Oh yes. And a feeling of failure. Who else catches a train to work? Only the poor, great unwashed.

    By Paul Eveleigh on 09.05.2013

  25. Railway
    Form of transportation, large interconnecting tracks, people mover, mile long trains, cattle yards of west Texas, Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory), model trains, my childhood, Bob Lafond, always wanted to drive one, diesels locomotive, back to the future, Amtrak, Steam, London Tube, Subways, Platforms, Water towers,

    By Brian Schuler on 09.05.2013

  26. The railway was deserted. She hated traveling at night, it was a chalk-outline waiting to happen. Where was Frank? So much for waiting for her. She tightened her jacket around her with a gloved hand, taking solace in the soft groan of leather on leather. At least knives would be less of an issue.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 09.05.2013

  27. It wasn’t anything special, no significant marker between some ‘two worlds’. Still, I felt conflicted going across. Maybe it was the weight of the knapsack on my shoulder. Once I felt the gravel on the bottom of my shoe, I knew I could not turn back.

    By Danielle on 09.05.2013

  28. It wasn’t anything special, no significant marker between some metaphorical ‘two worlds’. Still, I felt conflicted going across. Maybe it was the weight of the knapsack digging into my shoulder. Once I felt the railway gravel on the bottom of my shoe, I knew I could not turn back.

    By wordslikewhiskey on 09.05.2013

  29. Inspiration refused to strike Lionel as he walked aimlessly down the railway line. As he passed the railway ties, each one falling into line one after the other to the horizon, the thought never occurred to him that the next thing to strike would be the train.

    By Archori on 09.05.2013

  30. He put his head down.
    “no one really made fun of him. No one. No one, I just dont get it.”
    well, that was absolutely true. Yet, that was not necessary. Just a pen.
    “can I use your pen?”
    and later came. And pen, not in his hand. a simple sense of dissapointment
    the train came.

    By Whiffey on 09.05.2013

  31. I pushed the cart. I was so focused on the task before that I didn’t realize that everyone had jumped onto the cart until my name was being carried along with the wind. I grabbed on to the railing of the cart and Liam grabbed my arm to swing me up. We slowly started gaining speed along the railway. The wind whisked my hair around my face.

    By umbazachika on 09.05.2013

  32. Dan’s favourite place to waste time was definitely the railway. It was the place where he met Phil, had his first kiss. It holds a special place in his heart. This has always been just another fact to Dan, like having dark hair or one sibling.

    By Tiffany on 09.05.2013

  33. the occasional train can be found meandering down the path, their wheels making a creaking sound on the rails as they lazily make their way into the nothing that awaits. they can be seen through the hazy, persistent fog, disappearing into the lonely west. ghost trains along the abandoned railway, haunting and strangely comforting at the same time.

    By firelight on 09.05.2013

  34. The train car was empty, which was good. Reggie doubted he looked very inconspicuous traveling alone, huddled in the back corner seat of the car, sweaty and twitchy and jumping at every stray sound.

    By diuumbra on 09.05.2013

  35. The electric spark inside us that animates our being has to negotiate the railway of our thought thought processes.

    By A False Terl on 09.05.2013

  36. There she was, standing on the edge of the train station’s notoriously steep cliff downward towards the tracks. Her eyes were bloodshot, her face read every emotion you never wanted to see in your first love. I ran as soon as I caught sight, and reached her just in time to watch her mouth “I love you” and take a single step forward. The immense lights shone through the tunnel to her left.

    By Samantha on 09.05.2013

  37. She had her bags beside her, and stood inside the railway station alone for what seemed like hours looking out the window at the prairie wondering what her new life would be like once she reached her new destination.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 09.05.2013

  38. The railway runs through an abandoned field. Its long metal beams seem to stretch forever into the distance, slowly rusting away. Time has forgotten about the rails, but the land hasn’t. It slowly takes it in, rusting the bars to a dull reddish mud.

    By Amber on 09.05.2013

  39. When we last spoke, it was on the train tracks.
    Kicking rocks and sitting on unclean mattresses,
    we didn’t give a fuck.

    The dirt in the cracks in my dry lips
    were a reminder you’d always be there.
    But I cannot forget the lies and regret,
    parting ways,
    as you waved goodbye from the train.

    By Marissa on 09.05.2013

  40. She steps into her car, the red one, behind the dining car. Her escort leaves her at the door, so it is just herself, and the automaton powering the controls. He is one of the newer models, the ones that look human. She remembers the ones her father used to have when she was a child. Big bulky things, that resembled gorillas rather than people. No, he is streamlined, his hands just past his waist, and not his knees.
    “Welcome aboard the Trans-City Railway, Miss. Destination, please?”
    “Greenfield park.”
    “Thank you.”

    “Please keep all luggage inside the carrier at all times. Should you have any need of assistance, The In-Car Automaton will be available.” the PA crackles once more falls and silent.
    The ICA turns out to be a Railway Use Server, middle class for most Auto’s used by the TCR.
    “Miss, Are you in need of refreshment?” The ICA-RUS inquires politely.
    Amelia looks up from the missive in her hands. she shakes her head.
    “Perhaps a glass of sparkling water?”
    She cocks her head to the side, then nods.
    He grins,subtle of course, but she’s noticed that he is more expressive than many of the Auto are made out to be.

    By mae on 09.05.2013