September 6th, 2013 | 76 Entries

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76 Entries for “aura”

  1. When I was 13 years old, I talked to a woman who said that I had a good aura. She was a person that I looked up to and respected, and because of that, my self esteem was improved almost immediately. However, what you need to realize is that this person was a fictional Pokemon gym leader, and that she had still affected me. This is why we need to work hard towards positive media.

    By Hannah URL on 09.06.2013

  2. The aura that lifted from her shoulders evaporated into the air as they embraced for the final time.

    By Bge on 09.06.2013

  3. “You have a beautiful aura,” Roshi had said. “I can see it–it’s so beautiful.”

    But that was only what he said–he who was a liar, a thief, a corrupt man of the night. Things that came from his mouth could not wisely be trusted, and the things that he did could not be repeated. Joey wouldn’t allow himself to be fooled by the others’ deceptions; he wouldn’t allow himself to be fooled by anyone, anymore.

    By Brandi on 09.06.2013

  4. What you bring, what i bring, what people bring, good bad not good not bad.
    Sometimes blank, sometimes enveloping, its there its not, its there.


    By deka on 09.06.2013

  5. You’re here, protecting me like a force field. An invisible shield against others, a wall, a home. You surround me in your thickest aura, keeping me safe and warm and sound. I reach out and touch you, my fingers spread wide, my palm pressed flat against you. Do you feel that? Do you feel those heart beats?

    By mockingjayde on 09.06.2013

  6. You’re here, protecting me like a force field. An invisible guard against others, a wall, a home. You surround me in your thickest aura, keeping me safe and warm and sound. I reach out and touch you, my fingers spread wide, my palm pressed flat against you. Do you feel that? Do you feel those heart beats?

    By mockingjayde on 09.06.2013

  7. The aura above his head was blinding, causing all in the room to turn their gazes away. He silently picked up the cash from the table, left the room, and turned off the flashlight he had stuck down the back of his neck.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 09.06.2013

  8. There was a dark black feel around her. I couldn’t place my finger on what it was about her. It seemed like everything I did was being watched. Am I overreacting? I was always classed as a bit of a drama queen. My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by someone’s hand resting on my shoulder. I shuddered.

    By Sheena on 09.06.2013

  9. Everyone else recoiled in the wake, almost as if sensing his dark, bitter aura. He slammed his tray down on the table, seating himself across from me without any kind of permission. Though men like him, I supposed, felt like they didn’t need to stoop so low as to ask for it.

    By WearyWater URL on 09.06.2013

  10. there is a you-shaped space
    on the right side of the bed,
    and in the chair against the wall,
    on the balcony where birds nest.

    there is fist-sized phantom pain
    in the middle of my ribcage, and
    there is no anesthesia
    to dull my senses

    when the world spins slower,
    there is no one to count with me.
    i know we’re born and die alone,
    but that doesn’t mean that i can’t /ache/.

    By F URL on 09.07.2013

  11. he said she had an aura around her. he described it with enthusiasm, the purples and golds. he told her what it meant, and claimed to have special insight as they locked him in an institution. he said she was an angel, and her aura would be the one to save his life.

    By firelight on 09.07.2013

  12. He had an aura of peace about him. She stepped forward into the light, hesitantly, lest she disturbed him from his calm pose. She didn’t. He smiled gently at her and beckoned for her to come forwards. A furrow creasing her brow, she obeyed him.
    Her last thoughts before a blank came over her were that she should have stayed away.

    By Alya on 09.07.2013

  13. Some people think that auras exist. I don’t, I think it’s a load of hippy nonsense. Should that be spelled hippy or hippie?

    By Flick URL on 09.07.2013

  14. An aura is the force that surrounds you. It is influenced by your moods and by your personality. It is said that buddha had an aura that was miles wide. My aura is yellow with a bit of green. It shows that I am a person that can be relied on when there is a need for yellow auras with a bit of green.

    By MutatedPear on 09.07.2013

  15. she could feel d bitterness of her criticism to the core of her aura. she was enraged beyond recognition, her features

    By Pooja on 09.07.2013

  16. It extended beyond the means of measurement or comprehension, encompassing all life in and out of the known realities. The aura’s strength suppressed any awareness of its existence, for nothing survived outside of it. As far as they could tell, there was nothing outside of it at all.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 09.07.2013

  17. doesn’t spit in your face or drape itself on your arm as you walk by. Rather it lies in wait, surrounding you in cotton wool truths you wish others believed.

    By nytrist URL on 09.07.2013

  18. Her forehead begins to wrinkle as she lightly touches her forefingers to her temples. Eyes closed she focuses, as if recalling a faint and distant memory.

    “That’s right.” The elder encourages, “I can sense your aura increasing.”

    An autumn leaf, gently resting on the ornate stone in front of her, begins to glow.

    By Land of Dave URL on 09.07.2013

  19. The aura that she gave off pushed everyone back from her. It was a black cloud that clung to her shoulders, covering her in a storm that only she felt. It could be sensed by those around her: a warning to stay back, to not engage.

    By Kristin URL on 09.07.2013

  20. A look of shock came over the woman as she read my tea leaves and said I had a dark aura about me.

    By toquenbrew on 09.07.2013

  21. Smell. Stink. Flowers. Skunk. Blood. Metal. Night. Candyfloss. Mum. Air refreshner. Open windows. Princesses. Fake. THE STINK OF DEAD ZOMBIES FUCK YEAH

    By Julia on 09.07.2013

  22. There was a faint pink aura around her. When she spoke, he focused on her lips and when she walked, it was like the air around him got a little lighter. He was a fool pandering to his ideals and he suffered for it.

    By Lantern on 09.07.2013

  23. Green. A pale, glowing green. Soothing, calm, and lovely. Peridot Green.

    By Jenn URL on 09.07.2013

  24. He had only been in the spirit-world for three days, and already his aura was leaking. If he held his arm up against the shadow sun, he could see a film of white extending a centimeter around his skin, as clear as clouds in a blue sky. And whenever his arms rubbed against something, he would feel like a ghost had bypassed his skin and was fingering his nerves directly, like playing harpstrings. Most worryingly, though was the cloudy film that had leaked out of his chest, swirling around his heart and never stopping. He knew he didn’t have much time left.

    By Holden URL on 09.07.2013

  25. A golden aura of her virtue shone around her constantly, shielding her from the dark horrors of the world. Looking at her made him sick. If she could have it, why did he have to do without?

    By John Doe on 09.07.2013

  26. Sounds like a word that describes a princess, or a smell, or even lights in the sky. Possibly a place or city. Its a sweet word. Soft and gentle to the tounge. Appeasing to hear. Maybe a name?

    By Rana on 09.07.2013

  27. There was something about her, something incredibly intriguing. Almost difficult to pinpoint, and so beautiful.

    By saachosaurus on 09.07.2013

  28. Actually there but not touchable. Kind of like a ghost (considering ghosts exist).

    By Tymmo on 09.07.2013

  29. thick as the earth’s crust, I was taken by your reason and lost by your rhyme. the slot machine radiates your dizzy heights.

    By bk on 09.07.2013

  30. Okay. This is crazy pressure. An aura of panic surrounded me. But then a sudden dawning realisation hits me and I realise that it doesn’t really matter. An aura of peace now befalls.

    By schoolofmythoughts on 09.07.2013

  31. Tell me
    your story
    and I
    will tell
    you mine
    and give
    me your
    aura and
    I will
    give you


    By Arianna URL on 09.07.2013

  32. aura. laura. aural. oral. opal. oh, paul. laura and paul listened to the gong. they were at the market and the local Chinese busker was calling for the shoppers’ attention and his next performance.

    By winter1 on 09.07.2013

  33. i’d f*ck you on a bed of roses,
    but we’re astronauts stranded in space.

    a bed of stars
    would have to do.

    By h. b. on 09.07.2013

  34. As she gazed at him she could see his aura. It was a yellowish white which covered his head and spread down his shoulders to his waist.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 09.07.2013

  35. Some people are always happy, surrounded by a bright yellow or orange light that seems to make the world shine brighter. Some are normal, always melding in with the usual green area.
    There are the lovers, who colour your eyes in pinks and reds with hearts fluttering around
    And some are sad.
    Engulfed by the blacks, grey and blues of life.

    By Cecil on 09.07.2013

  36. It wasn’t something I heard often, and in between all those meaningless words she caught my attention. A light inside of me flickered when she said the word “aura”. She claimed to know all of our auras and the semblance of the stories within. My curiosity peaked with the idea that she might see the darkness inside of me. If she knew that at times it overpowered me and left me helpless, but I also questioned whether she could see the flaw in the system. I was fighting for my life and that flaw was no longer a flaw but a life line.. my only hope. A part of me will continue to fight until my knuckles bleed and until I am born again.

    By Lola on 09.07.2013