July 3rd, 2012 | 372 Entries

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372 Entries for “railroad”

  1. A railroad carries a train that moves faster than the wind, faster than the beating hearts of those upon it. The steam billows as the cars rush on, facing the next and new destination. But the people on the train are not looking out the windows at the flashing, passing scenery, they are too busy sleeping.

    By Heidi on 07.04.2012

  2. Railroads are the core of our transportation system and infrastructure of American history. They have also been the center of vulture capitalism and monopolies.

    By Alex Brown on 07.04.2012

  3. it was one of those days when the air felt so heavy that i wondered by midday if i was being choked slowly to death by it. we walked on tiptoes through the woods because we hadn’t worn sufficient shoes and eventually came across a tree house made from dead wood woven around the damp trees. we walked on because it looked like it was rotting and the sight of it made me sad until we came to the trainline.

    By sophie on 07.04.2012

  4. the train passes and cars have to yield .sign

    By Gaby on 07.04.2012

  5. Railroads are interesting, beautiful, and dangerous. I knew of a girl who was walking along one while listening to music as a means of comfort during her tumultuous high school trials, and she was killed by a train. In driver’s ed, they teach you about trains and railroads and how one must proceed with caution when encountering them. They’ve fascinated and frightened me for as long as I can remember.

    By Lindsey on 07.04.2012

  6. its a crazy place! chaotic and beautiful! i dont always understand it but i dont need to to see its beauty and its wonders! it can be a scary place depending on were you are but if you find the right people and the right place it can be amazing.

    By Amanda on 07.04.2012

  7. Trains marked my life. My childhood when I travelled from my hometown to Warsaw to visit my family. My studies with weekly visits home, and now in Greece visiting my husband’s family.

    By Bratka on 07.04.2012

  8. the railroad was shaking…it started to get hot and loud….the sound was intense and scary but i didnt wait to for the train to go see what the world was about….it was amazing and life is like the railroad, with people going here and there,but its up to you to decide weither or not your going to get on that train thats leads to the railroad,but you have to remember your the one that choose it. no one else but you!

    By Amanda on 07.04.2012

  9. It was one sunny day, my grandpa and I were on the railroad waiting for the next train to come. The day was bright, the birds were singing and I could feel how the wind lifted my curls. I felt as if I was flying far away with those birds.

    By ateiluj on 07.04.2012

  10. Is a place where trains travel. It’s made of iron. Like the iron man. He’s cool. He probably owns a train. A train that doesn’t use a railroad. Railroads can go over long distances. It can go through mountains.

    By Spirry on 07.04.2012

  11. It’s kind of a long story, which runs back all the way to way back and this isn’t really supposed to be a history lesson, so let’s never mind that. Anyway, I read an article the other day about this time during the american civil war that some guys hijacked a train and cut the telegraph lines and then pretended to be the real drivers and just wreaked havoc on the enemy.

    By Gaya on 07.04.2012

  12. i’ve been working on the railroad all the live long day
    i’ve been working on the railroad just to pass the time away
    can’t you hear the whistle blowing, rise up so early in the ‘morn
    can’t you hear the captain shouting, dina blow your horn.

    By Adriana on 07.04.2012