July 3rd, 2012 | 372 Entries

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372 Entries for “railroad”

  1. It was a long time since the last I’ve been near a railroad. I guess it was last summer. My sson and I went to the beach and we got close to an old raildroad.

    By Gabriel on 07.04.2012

  2. A train can ride on this and it is a Transportation thingy and some people can get tied on it and the superhero usually saves them from being killed by the train when they are tied of the railroad track trains go on it and it

    By Britney on 07.04.2012

  3. between new york and dc the railroad has become a bigger part of my life. it has its own culture and society built around it: in dc you line up, in ny it’s a free for all. I guess it reflects the cultures of the places you’re in.

    By Stephanie on 07.04.2012

  4. the train cars rushed by a lone man sat at the railroad station looking at his watch. When would the train arrive? when would this horrible day finally be at an end? If only he could take back what he said

    By Sarah Werley on 07.04.2012

  5. I don’t know what is this all stuff. but because I m to write so am I doing it. and it is to take about 1 minute to write so I don’t exactly know what to write and

    By Afnan Ahmad on 07.04.2012

  6. The train raced down the tracks as I ran alongside it. The loud clinking of the gears and wheels made it impossible to hear my friend screaming my name behind me. I realized this when I finally reached Minnesota. The director of the train handed me a newspaper, on the cover it said “girl hit by train she was chasing” with a picture of her beneath it…

    By BellaBella on 07.04.2012

  7. seem nature

    By jasmine on 07.04.2012

  8. there was a railroad near my house. it was old, brown. kind of a rusty orange brown colour. it was beautiful when the sun would set over it. beautiful even when the sun wasn’t on it. it was old, old and beautiful and natural. nothing more, nothing less than what it really is.

    By Shannon Monk on 07.04.2012

  9. My father always loved to ride the railroad. It fit his personality perfectly. He loved to stay on track in life. Though this was a very strong trait of his, it clashed with my ideal of living in the moment and allowing God to determine my next step.

    By Lesley S. King URL on 07.04.2012

  10. seeing nature

    By jasmine on 07.04.2012

  11. The railroad baron stood at the gates to his company. They were barred by heavy shackles: the police had come under court orders to confiscate the property. The depression had hit everyone hard, but especially the railroad industry.The baron sighed in despair: his life project had just been slaughtered.

    By S***** R*** on 07.04.2012

  12. It continued until the horizon. No matter how far the horizon is, the railroad will always leap through infinity and reach it. Straight into the cloudy sky.

    By Daniel Fernández on 07.04.2012

  13. i like railroads. they remind me of building huge brio sets that took up the entire sunroom and most of the kitchen when i was a little girl. i used to have t

    By Cassidy on 07.04.2012

  14. rain
    harry potter

    By nanakion on 07.04.2012

  15. i like railroads..they are kind of scare
    they remind me movies
    they also remind me trains..travelling with train is great

    By nanakion on 07.04.2012

  16. I’ve always lIved near a railroad. people shot down, people run over. a suicide hotspot. children want to know more of the ominous railroad. The one where hate was spawned. The one where people went to lie down

    By micheline on 07.04.2012

  17. it swooshed through the mountains swaying to and fro with a screech on the turns. i was dreaming that the car had crashed

    By brigidlee on 07.04.2012

  18. The railroad was not as straight as I’d been led to believe. They said it would be an easy journey; that the train would go in more or less a straight line across all eight states throughout the journey. It didn’t.

    By zebra URL on 07.04.2012

  19. the railroad terminated. i asked you why it stopped and you said that there weren’t enough laborers to keep working on it and not enough money to hire any more. so it just stopped. i hopped onto the tracks and walked on them as if i were a tightrope walker. then i reached the end and jumped off and said, “i wished they finished it. i’d like to see where it would’ve gone.”

    By EJ URL on 07.04.2012

  20. I used to live in where there was a railroad at the bottom of the road. It would keep me up all the time at night. But i used to love that house and living there with my best friend. Now we’ve moved apart and we live with our partners but i miss her more then anything

    By Cindie Sue on 07.04.2012

  21. Castiel sat at the railroad. It was dark out, the moon shined on the tracks, and in the distance was the rumble and clatter of an approaching train. There was a tunnel behind him, over the tracks. It was graffitied, probably amateurishly done by bored teenagers or such.
    The tracks were bent and in places, cracked. They were not anything pretty to look at, and didn’t get repaired as often as they should, seeing as most people and companies had moved on to more advanced forms of transporting.

    By Amy on 07.04.2012

  22. Rowdy rascals rampage the railroads, and with resent for rife, they’ll risk life.

    By Marianne URL on 07.04.2012

  23. Esther wandered aimlessly for about half an hour, following the rusted and neglected railroad. There was no reason to stop, she reasoned, until she found a station. Something to stay for. Something to live for.

    By erithehedgehog on 07.04.2012

  24. tracks into infinity; death in seconds; noise; passengers; loaded trucks; soldiers; jewish people into holocaust; dogs and Nazis patrolling; Thomas the Tank engine and company; steam engines to Vic Falls; Railtrack furniture from Zimbabwe; teak gleaming tables.

    By Vivian Jenkins on 07.04.2012

  25. Life is a railroad.
    All the ups and downs
    All the curves and straight shots
    The accidents
    The deaths
    The new life
    Life is a railroad.

    By Brit on 07.04.2012

  26. The railroad stretched for miles, winding through the mountains. Along the way, there was a small village in which a young woman lived. Ever since she was a girl, she had dreamed of crossing the mountains and finding a place far bigger and more spectacular than where she was now. When the railroad was built, she realised that now, finally, was her chance.

    By bramblepath on 07.04.2012

  27. I have walked along the old railroad many times. It’s one of those places where you just get to think and be with yourself. This sounds corny and it most likely is but I invite you, who ever you may be to walk the railroad with me. Surrounded by fields and trees, it’s the perfect place to just feel whatever you wish too.

    My mother tells me stories of her and her friends walking down there when they were children, playing on the tracks. It seems to be used differently now.

    By Lucy Ellen on 07.04.2012

  28. Moss was starting to cover the splintering rail line, a clay rust mottling the iron and nails. The box cars bursting with prime colored graffiti held nothing else but a few mice, sprigs of alfalfa hay, and powdery dust.

    By mere URL on 07.04.2012

  29. I wiped the sweat from my brow as I took my seat across from a very attractive woman. The briefcase was in my hands as I guarded it with my life. I couldn’t understand why such a woman would be on a train like this, I was here purely for the reason of exchanging goods with a mysterious man named, Mr. Red.

    By Emma on 07.04.2012

  30. Railroads are places to meet, places where magical things can happen. There’s something mysterious about a rail yard at night. The place full of silent trains, nothing but the sound of your breath for company. They’re places full of intrigue and mystery.

    By Matthew Green on 07.04.2012

  31. It was a saturday afternoon at the station. It was completely barren so I decided to do something that has always enticed me. I laid down on the railroads. I began to think about all the people before me who have done the same thing but meant it. And all the times I wanted to mean it.

    By Sam on 07.04.2012

  32. As the private train stopped at the next stop, Fern got out and walked a bit down the railroad, being careful on where she steps. Kane followed her, copying her exact steps. She sat down against the worn down wall, and he stood in front of her; his body towered over her like a skyscraper. He slid down the opposite side of the railroad and they exchanged a slight glance.
    “Do you even want to do this?” Kane asked her.
    “No, I’d rather sit in my cabin and let those red headed traitors help me.” She replied and stood up, crossed the railroad and sat next to Kane. His arm wound around her and she settled her head on his shoulder.

    By Marie on 07.04.2012

  33. We like to work on the railroad. Back in the day, many people looked down railroads and were suprised by how long they were. Kinda reminds me of the Oregon Trail. Funny how Oregan is smaller then Cali but the

    By rachel on 07.04.2012

  34. the railroad station had been abandoned for years on end. the dust crawled into it day after day. when the wind rolled throughout the empty banisters, you could almost hear the voices of passengers and travelers from days long ago.

    By Tiana Rivera on 07.04.2012

  35. trains, train car, coal, mine, miners, hard hats, lights, yellow, gas, poison, door, murder, sparks, hammer, friends, betrayal, honesty, friendship,

    By natasja on 07.04.2012

  36. I was fifteen when I found the axe.

    It was humid and damp and surprisingly balmy for a day in February, raining just enough to form the black mud that squelched beneath my sneakers. The overcast winter sky made it seem as though it were twilight—a sort of dim transition between day and night—and still I walked, ignoring the sharp wind driving rain into my face or the cold mud seeping into my shoes.

    I tried my best to step on each board instead of the ground itself. My footsteps made a steady dull thumping noise as I walked, just staring out at the vast, flat expanse of my surroundings. I could see everything in every direction.

    I often came here, walking on the railroad tracks, kicking pebbles and relishing in being alone. And, such as this particular day, this was my place of choice when I was upset.

    And so I had simply been walking and thinking about whatever had gone wrong that day when I saw the handle protruding from the black mud. I dug it out, and held in my hands a large axe. Rust had tarnished its blade.
    For all my visits to this place, I had never seen it there before.

    I carefully stuck it back into the ground and continued on my way. When I returned along the tracks later, I saw my own footprints fresh in the mud and a small dent where the axe once rested. It was gone.

    There were no marks, no tracks, no sounds, no people.

    By WearyWater URL on 07.04.2012

  37. The railroad tracks were long and winding. The train that followed them was taking its passengers on a journey to the outskirts of the major city. The passengers were required to jump onto the tracks of the railroad, and moved to the train station a few miles down. Not only were they free from the train, but safe from the impending railroad end. The railroad, as seen from the train station a few miles down was cut off by a new canyon. The railroad had not been finished and would have been the end of the passengers’ lives, had they not escaped onto the forbidden railroad tracks.

    By Sara on 07.04.2012

  38. Railroads remind me of chain gangs and slavery. I also see them as transportation for the many resources prior to planes and automobiles. I have never road a train long distance, with the exception of the subway.

    By shakeerah on 07.04.2012

  39. I remember playing Monopoly with my family when I grew up. I sucked. Probably not “sucked” in the conventional sense (as I was only 5 years old, and did pretty fair for a kid that age), but sucked in that my family was brilliant, and kicked my butt every time I played. I always ended up with like one railroad, while they had the monopolies. So, I just would through the board over and walk out of the room, instead of losing. It gave me good training for Hollywood.

    By Matty M. on 07.04.2012

  40. i haven’t seen a rail road ever like in real life, when i think of rail road i always think of potter and his friends, every start of the movie HP i always see a rail road im not sure if it symbolizes something but i think it plays a significant role in the story.

    By Vim on 07.04.2012