June 27th, 2017 | 39 Entries

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39 Entries for “radius”

  1. A circle never ends. But where does it begin? And where is the point where it starts over again? It’s not like a line that goes on forever with a clear beginning and end point. No, a circle repeats and repeats but without a beginning or end. So the question is, what is it that is repeating?

    By josfellows on 06.27.2017

  2. what is the radius of the heart?
    if i knew
    i could calculate exactly how much to love you
    if you knew
    you could calculate why that matters

    By autumneyes on 06.27.2017

  3. “Jesus Christ, Charlie!” hollered Jacob, his face white. “Are you okay? You were screaming!”

    “Yeah,” said Zelda. “I think everyone within a ten mile radius could hear you.”

    Charlie was frozen at one spot, their hands shaking, their voice thin and helpless. “Don’t,” she whimpered. “Don’t come any closer.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.27.2017

  4. From the center to the outside, one straight line. From any angle we go the result is still the same, distance unwavering, piercing though—
    Javelin, arrow, compass needle. You may point in the right direction but with a slight shift the needle spins. Your magnetism is stronger than the northern pole of the Earth.
    And yet it’s only halfway there, you tick the seconds away and force my hands to follow suit with a rhythmic, slow drag. Perverse unfinished cut into a pie left on an open window sill, and here comes the rain. Speeding, slow rise, uneven sudden stops, bouncing in effort to indicate how fast the world is passing by, when cruising turns into something illegal.
    Pirouette, one hand outstretched, in a solo it only reaches halfway to stab from circumference to chest;
    It’s only halfway there.

    By Ai URL on 06.27.2017

  5. Radius is half of a diameter. Half of things are usually looked down upon, but this measurement has so much more use. You need it to calculate the area of a circle. Size of things are uusally a poor judgement for the quality of use. One must look beyond to see.

    By Will on 06.27.2017

  6. radius of a head is five fingers thick, eye poke watery pink drip cross your cheek as you huff into the pillow, matte of hair, hairnet shadow o’er the tater tots, pizza day, square pizza with flakes of iced cheese mixed with the melted.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 06.27.2017

  7. I stalk the radius of the room, watching their bodies writhe and twine together, lost in each other’s movements like they are the only two people in the club.

    By papofglencoe on 06.27.2017

  8. Your radius illuminates me.
    So far yet so close
    I cant wait to be in your presence again
    Distance is only a matter of time
    But when Im within your radius,
    nothing else matters.

    By Eric S on 06.27.2017

  9. The radius of the earth is large, however the radius of your brain is miniscule. Go die in a hole, fucker.


    Wait! Baby, I love you – I’m sorry. I’m mean. Please don’t leave me, honey! Please! I love you so much, you’re not dumb, you’re amazing and brilliant and gorgeous……


    please come back



    By Lylli on 06.27.2017

  10. put the radius of dat dick in my mouth. show him wat dis mouf do. grapefruit method that bitch. fuckin succ.

    By sammy on 06.27.2017

  11. The radius of this circle is 1cm.
    I was roaming around the office in this 1 km radius.
    Everyone in the 1 mile radius could not be saved and was affected by the disease.

    By ss.vingtsept on 06.27.2017

  12. the radius of a radish
    probably rad-ish

    the circumference of citrus
    similar to a discus

    the angle of the anchor
    important to the angler

    By omqwat on 06.27.2017

  13. The radius of a circle is the line from the centre of the circle in the middle through to the outer edge of the circle. We use the radius for many calculations in maths. The radius is half of the diameter, which goes all the way across the page. Derivatives of

    By Sam on 06.27.2017

  14. The radius of the Earth’s constant roundabout was gigantic. More gigantic than anything her little child’s mind could imagine. The circles the planet was going by round and around the sun were the symbolic equivalent for the new goal she would get every time she’d come to terms with her first one. She loved it, even though it scared her.

    By Anastasia on 06.28.2017

  15. The radius of your pupil is proportionally as big as the tension between us.

    By Aira on 06.28.2017

  16. The circle. The perfect 2D object. Many think it has one side, but in reality, it has infinite sides. The distance from the middle of a circle to any point on the outside is called the radius, and the plural is radii.

    By Ritvik on 06.28.2017

  17. radius, radiant, radiation.
    you’re in a circle, your smile is broad wide strokes like the green blips on a radar screen.

    By ching on 06.28.2017

  18. The radius of his aunt was like that of Jupiter. Ginormous, rotund, the door ways of her home were specially widened for her.. special need. Not that we would ever tell her that.

    By Logan on 06.28.2017

  19. Radius or diameter? If I don’t think about it, I have no problem remembering which is which. If I do think about it, I stumble over it. So silly!

    By C on 06.28.2017

  20. It was supposed to go full circle. We would stay together, and we’ll withstand the trials together. You were not supposed to be on that bar that Thursday night, and suddenly reconnect with a past love supposedly over and done with. Now I’m left alone desperately trying to reach you, struggling to pretend our perfect little circle remains when in fact I’m just stringing along the radius, with no one to meet me halfway.

    By Zoe Jen on 06.28.2017

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    By Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping URL on 06.28.2017

  22. the distance frmo the centre to the circumference. denoted a s r. source of nightmare for me when I was kid. A stable in maths and geometry. All radii are equal. Lot of tricks to use in it and defines trigonometry.

    By Zornian on 06.28.2017

  23. I remember eighth grade algebra class. Learning all about formulas that I would soon forget not long after high school graduation. R squared equals the diameter. That’s about all I remember. Half of the whole.

    By Julianna Lopez on 06.28.2017

  24. radius, ulna
    all the bones in my body broke when you said all the words I cannot recall

    By E on 06.28.2017

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    By Emma Gosnell on 06.28.2017

  26. The strokes of his brush are as merciless as they are gentle – a punishment in conveyance of his disdain, fierce in their execution, harsh and stark and resolute print carving their way through the water-tracks into the memory of the paper-skin. The contrast of undiluted red on the mottled white of aged memories screams a piercing pain so high-pitched it pierces the ears, if the eyes could hear, but strangely it is as graceful a sound (sight? sound?) as the arc of his wrist when he moves – when he translates the soft caress of the brush bristles into an intimacy known only to him and the object of his hate and affections. The steely mask he wears cut like a lady’s alluring touch, fingertips lined with blades, as she traces his jaw and slices his skin open, much like how she did to his chest and then to his heart and then to the sutures he tried to do for himself. Yet he gifts her, on his paper, the same kind of beauty he saw when they saw each other, dressed in fogs and perfumes, maybe even gentler. She’s purer here. Cleaner. He hasn’t used gouache in a long time after she snatched all the opacity’s allure.

    Cadmium red, liberally lathered on his palette. He doesn’t bother with water; he doesn’t use gouache, but for this, he’s always preferred the contrast. The paint cakes on his brush, but he’s careful as he lowers it to the picture, his hold the same amount of determined as the love of a makeup artist as she powders on some blush. And there, he pours all the essence of his memory gathered over years – a spot on her lips, to remember her small cherry mouth, at the corner of her eye, for the beauty mark replaced by a scar. And two on her cheeks, two big circles, for the rouge that she slapped on that first time in primary school when he was King and she was a Geisha.

    They were 9 and fought over how big the circles should be. He’s 23 now, arranging his works in a circle, wondering if, across the 16 blocks of flats and the river between them, she could hear him thinking, hear him missing her, hear him trying to imagine the sound of her blow-drying her hair behind the polka-dotted bathroom door.

    (Not really related to ‘radius’ but this was what my brain farted out after seeing the word…)

    By Zane Teo URL on 06.28.2017

  27. the radius of my skirt is 37
    and i have chromosomes ten more
    sometimes you act like a 48
    minus the empathy
    oh what an apathy
    what a role model for me
    an original copycat
    a bore

    By too stable on 06.28.2017

  28. the half point the begining point and around the first point about 360 ways but never the whole way…

    By Mr.584903 URL on 06.28.2017

  29. For about a minute she considered spending the coin on something pretty, shiny, useless. Or perhaps she would buy a treat, sweet and decadent. With more thought, she changed her mind. She held the golden coin up to eclipse the sun, and squinting at it, knew there was a better way to spend it.

    By Ama Marie URL on 06.28.2017

  30. just because there’s many people in my radius,
    dosen’t mean that envy
    is tedious,
    its just that, that one person,
    behind, doesnt matter, how loud,
    can make an observation,
    that the main speaker cant seem to heed to
    or believe through.

    my best friend at the table is the
    one whose enabled
    to catch my chuckle’s crums!
    a true friend, reacts in real times
    sweeter than a dumb dumb!

    we dont live in france,
    where depression is an intersection on every road,
    so intone, the boldest you,
    and behave like an upstanding
    citizen we work to be,
    play squash and eat fancy cheese,
    eventually, directional action, vacations the hardworking oversieze!

    By Milad URL on 06.28.2017

  31. Ill play squash in any country’s radius,
    im fearless,
    never picked up a squash racket,
    only played tenniss,
    oh well, im bold, like an frosty cold glass of genius!

    My qualms with people are seedy,
    if i were to truncheon somebody over the skull
    with my self esteem,
    its the beholders fault for getting bolder than a heat in California,
    confabulate and allow me to disingrate all the built up hate,
    because we all have the bear nessecites but want
    all the greatest merchandise to bring us personal rivality,
    Ill ordain ordinary everyday goals with effort heavier than islands,
    give a fan and helmet and watch me enginner a new way of FLYING

    By Milad URL on 06.28.2017

  32. The space you need to swing your arms around, or to spin circles with you arms free to grab the air.

    By blair on 06.28.2017

  33. The stars hang suspended in the universe and he wonders if maybe he does, too. Did you see him walk by the other day? Did you see his eyes? He forced a laugh when his neighbour told him good morning this afternoon. He walks close to the curb like he’s waiting for something. He avoids bridges and train tracks and his local pharmacy. He’d return a smile if he was offered one, but we can’t meet his gaze.

    Did you see his eyes? Did you really? You poor thing.

    He wonders if it’s true that stars die before they’re seen by those on Earth. He wonders if maybe he did, too.

    By C on 06.28.2017

  34. Geometry

    By Danielle on 06.28.2017

  35. h

    By duchess on 06.28.2017

  36. this reminds me of circles. not just circles in everyday life, but circles in maths. if the radius of the circle is n, how much does robbie sell his soul to satan for?

    By lonelycoffee on 06.28.2017

  37. We live our lives inside a radius that has been set by people who don’t really matter.

    By Mamba on 06.28.2017

  38. He pulled me closer into the reach of his arms, his breath floating across my view, visible in the cold air. I settled into the radius of his warmth and wished that we could stay here forever.

    By Pamela Racine URL on 06.28.2017

  39. The radius of the bottom of my cup is bothering me. It is poking me, tickling me, mocking me all day long. I hate this meticulous bastard.

    By cup on 06.28.2017