June 26th, 2017 | 20 Entries

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20 Entries for “clasp”

  1. I clasp my hand with yours
    My love, please…..
    I need you.

    I can’t lose you
    Please my love,
    Stay here with me

    Help will come,
    No love,
    Do not close your eyes

    Focus on our hands
    Clasped together
    Please love…

    Do not leave me

    By Lylli on 06.26.2017

  2. You undo the clasp, and the chain around my neck disintegrates into separate coils and links, dropping to the linoleum floor in twists and spirals, melted metal and stale silver. Now my skin is fully exposed, and your fingers leave red streaks across my chest as you attempt to extract something from me – what is that something? Love? Redemption? I do not appreciate your clawing, as if you are a wild animal. So I pull myself away.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.26.2017

  3. She clutched the clasp of her necklace,
    choking and reckless
    cocaine fingertips sliding across jutting clavicles.

    Tragic and magical
    Two faced and tired.

    Life was so casual
    for a heart set on fire.

    By Emily on 06.26.2017

  4. Gripped like hooked fingers—only holding tight because they are being pulled away in different directions. Snug would be the word, yet that denotes comfort, and there’s nothing comfortable about two things abrading until there is nothing but bones left, all the protective layers and skin scrapped away, bit by bit. The shape has been contorted until there is no other hook to match its loop, no other loop that can trap its hook so cunningly. Deformities known as dependable happiness. Happy dependence.
    Boney fingers or worn wire bones, one has to let go someday.

    By Ai URL on 06.26.2017

  5. Clasp? Annoying word. Like crisp, moist, lost. ANNOYING.

    By Rob Tab on 06.26.2017

  6. not a clap but a clasp
    hands snap together
    in time
    like a practiced routine
    always on beat
    not one misstep
    keeping up

    By autumneyes on 06.26.2017

  7. not a clap but a clasp
    hands snap together
    in time
    like a practiced routine
    always on beat
    not one misstep
    keeping up
    i haven’t clasped my hands
    since the last time
    but i now i know the difference
    between a clap and a clasp

    By autumneyes on 06.26.2017

  8. I clasp my hands together, trying to get a grip. I feel my sanity is slipping and my argument’s been eclipsed. This didn’t start out angrily. But i’ve lost my grip.

    By Luke deWilde on 06.26.2017

  9. clasping in the cluster
    of my own brain
    the dice were thrown
    at least twice as
    much as before
    oh no
    oh go
    go go go go go go go
    dont stay here
    move on

    By too stable on 06.27.2017

  10. she clasper her hands in front of her in silent prayer, her lips trembling. she watched as the casket was lowered, jerkily, in its final resting place, her mother confined within it. her mother had been a high handed and abusive woman, and she didn’t understand her need to cry. perhaps it was the normalcy? left with nothing but her freedom, she drifted, not knowing what life was without the ‘corrective procedures’ she was used to.

    By inshirah tan on 06.27.2017

  11. not claps, but clasp.
    not flim, but film.
    ah, english my old friend
    my tongue twisting gal
    how you annoy me so.

    By lonelycoffee on 06.27.2017

  12. He clasped her hand tightly, saw the fear in her eyes, and smiled. He let go, and she dropped down into the void, her screams echoing off the cliff. He stood up, brushed himself off, and watched as far down below, the diseased-ridden humans converged around her lifeless body and began to eat.

    By Marvel on 06.27.2017

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    By Ahmed Ligonis URL on 06.27.2017

  14. I have no idea what that means. I think it’s something in between clapping and gasping, like a very shocked audience witnessing an extraordinary show. They’re in a theatre and the actors went mad.

    By Anastasia on 06.27.2017

  15. I try to clasp a lot of things. But it is almost always out of my reach. But then when miracualously I do clasp something. It becomes something that I wish I hadn’t clasped.

    By Theofilla on 06.27.2017

  16. hands in union
    collapsing a space of the individual
    into unanimous

    By tones8 on 06.27.2017

  17. I clasp my hands to my head. It’s pounding, it feels like my brain’s throbbing will shatter my skull. The lights are too light. All sounds are too loud. Oh for blessed darkness and quiet.

    By SamCat on 06.27.2017

  18. OMG my clasp broke on my necklace. OMG now my watch clasp broke. What a terrific day I’m having. Let me check what else has a clasp on me today.

    By Hope URL on 06.27.2017

  19. The clasp of her necklace dangled from her neck as she spoke. This distracted him, but he was determined to hang on every word falling from her delicate mouth. He was intrigued.

    By Piper on 06.27.2017

  20. I immeditaely thought of applause, or dress actually. I wonder if it has anything to do with either. My grandma is cutting something off her dress, so the clasp is like the part that keeps it together. Damn this is really nervewrecking. Reminds me of something I did in middle school. Though, I forget what it was called.

    By Nikola Mazur on 06.27.2017