June 29th, 2017 | 24 Entries

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24 Entries for “misery”

  1. This was something I had never felt before. A feeling of something pulling me down, destroying me. An unbearable sadness.

    By Wendy on 06.29.2017

  2. Misery. Misery isn’t always what you can see. It doesn’t even look like it is what it is in most cases. The real misery is much worse; it comes from the inside.
    It doesn’t matter whether you’re successful or not, if the idea of you being a loser once manifests inside your mind, you won’t be able to escape a mini-trip to hell. Maybe even something more horrifying.

    By Anastasia on 06.29.2017

  3. She put her chin in her hand and stared moodily at the computer. The words just weren’t coming. She was stuck. She felt a surge of frustration take over her and she wanted to throw her laptop across the kitchen.

    By Bridget Grace on 06.29.2017

  4. I am miserable. I have no idea what to do with my life. I want to be distracted pretty much all the time because I don’t want to see the emptiness of my life.

    By joe on 06.29.2017

  5. I’m really not miserable. I’m broke but I’m happy. She bought an Alanis Morrisette vinyl the other day and it skipped on the player, and she was so disappointed. This is the life, even if it aches a little.

    By April on 06.29.2017

  6. Misery is something common nowadays. Due to this fact there’s a lot of problems in the society.

    By Crista on 06.29.2017

  7. Misery is far, far away today! Up at 5:30 to sunshine and cool temps, on my mountain bike before 7:00 riding my favorite trail in the pine trees. Who can be miserable doing that?

    By C on 06.29.2017

  8. I was in the process of pulling myself out of my latest lethargic episode of misery when the doorbell rang, and the Grim Reaper was standing there. Only instead of a black robe and scythe, he was wearing a blue Hawaiian shirt and carrying a steel lunchbox. He offered me something from it, but I declined.

    “You just seem so sad,” the Grim Reaper said to me. “How about a bag of pretzels?”

    “I think I’ll pass,” I replied.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.29.2017

  9. He lifted one last forkful of his dinner. Chew, swallow.
    Across the table, an empty plate.
    He had forgotten Jay wasn’t going to be coming home in time for dinner.

    By ulimonster on 06.29.2017

  10. “Misery”

    This word always makes me think of locked closet doors and broken ankles. About a mouth that can’t form the words that heart has to say. Maybe because they don’t speak the same language. Mostly I remember rooms darkened of vacant stares, bound by the principle of misunderstanding. Poised for war, I sit center square, pen waving the atmosphere like a magic wand until the void closes or the coffee cup empties itself…whichever happens first.

    By Stacy L. M. on 06.29.2017

  11. The misery of searching for a credit card you have hidden somewhere you would certainly find after the trip.

    By cup on 06.29.2017

  12. How I feel right at this moment. Misery, it is a terrible word that i am using and thinking about and its quite Ironic. Really, that this word be the one that shows up on my screen when I am feeling so low.

    By Ashley on 06.29.2017

  13. Misery loves company, Luke, and that’s good enough reason to share yours. What gives? Tony asked his friend.
    My dad won’t answer my phone calls, Lucas answered. I’ve been trying to reach him all day.
    Well, maybe he’s busy.
    Yeah, but he’s always too busy for me. I have never been a priority in his life.

    By Zhelana on 06.29.2017

  14. My life right now. But I fight it. I won’t let it get to me, like it did last time. I like sun, beach , summer, hapiness and love. I like love. And I also like to be loved, but that’s something you can’t control.

    By Eli on 06.29.2017

  15. This is silly. Misery is simply a state. A mind set that one can avoid, overcome, and even change. It has nothing to do with your being or your personality, nor is it permenant. I, for one, don’t even tolerate misery. If I think a situation is even remotely miserable, I won’t even attend.

    By Rebecca Harding on 06.29.2017

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  17. Misery, loves company is the saying… I choose never to keep company with misery. Keep a positive mindset no matter what. Misery is something I don’t need or want.

    By Ingo G Loge on 06.29.2017

  18. Misery, what I feel when I think about my one-sided crush on you. It takes time they say but I know that what it really takes is my own strength to keep going on. I have control over my own body and emotions.

    By Yaoska Mayorga on 06.29.2017

  19. It only takes until the count of five. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Count slowly, there’s no need to rush the inevitable. Almost counting out loud, with each second so distinct and loud in the sudden silence. They say keep your eyes on your destination—ten seconds down the road, or the space above home base when you pitch with a twist—I keep my eyes on the ground, on the bits of dust and dirt that stick around as reminders of all the places I’ve been, and all the places I’ve neglected, and see what lies ten seconds down my road. Seven now. Six. Five brings down the dam of disappointment, the death of fantasy, and my first breath of rebirth into reality is too sharp. It could never have been anything else. Five more seconds of shifting, caged-animal pacing, before finding myself at my own destination, crumbs in toes, wall on back, relying on my knees to keep my chest together, because the rest of me isn’t strong enough yet.

    By Ai URL on 06.29.2017

  20. it all a misery. life is a missery. we cant do anything about it. we can just live it.
    there is no point in thinking. bbecause it only wastes time. rather one shoukd just move on.
    that a life

    By vedant on 06.29.2017

  21. misery is a horrible feeling. it’s like someone putting 50-pound weights on your chest. it’s like someone squeezing all of the air out of your lungs. it’s like a million butterflies were released in your stomach and are trying to fly up your throat and out your mouth. misery is a combination of sadness and anger. misery is one of the worst feelings in the world.

    By sammy on 06.29.2017

  22. oh

    the mystery of living in misery
    You´re the Jefferson city
    to my Missouri
    The river is flowing
    through me like a piece of wood
    minus the warmth
    minus the power
    that was once
    right here
    ´ever I went
    with you on my mind

    I said this last goodbye too many times
    a slight disappointment meets calm
    except that one time when
    you screamed your ignorance at me
    and thought i smiled
    and I did
    i know exactly why

    Is war peace?
    Is ignorance strength?
    Is freedom slavery?

    Give me anything
    I´ll turn it into misery

    By too stable on 06.29.2017

  23. Misery is all around us. It is commonly mistaken for sadness, but there is so much more to it, For instance there is anger and hurt that is brewed alongside being sad. But you must remember that when there are all bad things, there are also good. One must be willing to find happiness in the darkest days, because that is when you feel true joy. It’s also the knowing you survived.

    By HHB on 06.29.2017

  24. There’s not a lot shinsou thinks about, but misery is definitely one of them. he watches the other students as they laugh and play amongst themselves, but he himself doesn’t move, too disconnected to ever begin to wonder if maybe they’d let him join. no, he was happy just watching. (at least, that’s what he told himself). he didn’t want to think what would happen if he asked, and how he would feel when they said no.

    By Nebbie on 06.29.2017