August 11th, 2009 | 267 Entries

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267 Entries for “radio”

  1. it’s loud, it blares, it never comes in clearly, it plays rock and roll, listen to it while you do the dishes, bee bop, bee bop. Top 10, Top 40, I want some Bach! radio on the beach – your music in my space. Cars vibrating to radio, rollicking down the road, ska, hip hop, words, words words

    By Fern Driscoll on 08.12.2009

  2. we listen to a radio everyday..the voices of another being calms us and lets us know that there are others existing in the world at the same time as we are – brings us down to earth to hear the stories of others and further lets us relax to the music it plays to our ears. radio = informative and relaxation.

    By sim on 08.12.2009

  3. The radio always blares in the car, because he likes it like that. Though I hate the music itself, I don’t mind listening. Frankly, it makes him happy — and when he’s happy I’m happy. His my Dad afterall, and after all he’s done for me, I think I can put up with a little of the Golden Oldies.

    By Georgia. on 08.12.2009

  4. The radio played some melody from my childhood that I remembered in the vague parts of my consciousness: the thought of a mother, the song of a brother who’d long ago passed away. These things were now lost to me. It’d been years since I returned to that old house and heard anything from the piece of junk my grandma used to own, a relic from the early 30’s when the depression was in full swing. I couldn’t believe it’d been so long.

    By Ricky Morales on 08.12.2009

  5. The radio was playing my favorite song. As I drove along, I could not stop bopping my head to the music. The sound began to take over my entire body until the point where I was dancing so intensly I must have looked like a crazed animal.

    By Jami on 08.12.2009

  6. radio song in my head no place to go it goes on and on in rhythmic cacaphony in harmony in sonance of spirit in absense of light to see I am moved I am annoyed I see teh radio and turn the know what station do I stop at airwaves statice which one to focus on which one to hear nothing muchon the radio these days I say I stay focused and turn it off preferring silence radio

    By Melissa on 08.12.2009

  7. On the radio. Ha, a Regina Spektor song. The radio is how I survived horrible mornings last year when I had the worst commute in the world to get to American University every day. I was a sophomore living so far off campus, I felt like I spent more time commuting than I did at school…anyway, thanks radio. You helped a lot.

    By Laura on 08.12.2009

  8. I don’t feel real today. I tweak all the levers in my head, trying to see, to hear, to feel. But all I get is static. Like a broken radio. Everything seems so far away. I am a sea-shell filled with white noise.

    By Sophie on 08.12.2009

  9. “You wouldn’t believe your wireless radio.”
    Lyrics from a Stereophonics song. I am incredibly envious of people who can just pull creative lyrics, words, art from thin air and make the most mundane, the most awesome.

    By not telling on 08.12.2009

  10. fun loud blairing i love it. Music is cool cant live with out it cant drive with out it cant dance without it

    By mackenzie on 08.12.2009

  11. I love listening to the radio. Especially the classic stations. It brings me culture and joy and new discoveries every time. My favourite peice of music was discovered listening to the radio. I love it.

    By Louise Katherine Gavin on 08.12.2009

  12. I have no relation to my radio. We broke up, I got a new friend now. Her name is www, and I use her all the time, she gives me everything I want. Radio gave me the stuff she wanted me to listen to, but not what I searched for.

    By Linda on 08.12.2009

  13. middle school. laying on my bed, waiting for the dj to play that song he promised. I got my cassette tape ready to hit record.

    By ginger on 08.12.2009

  14. radiohead.

    By xq on 08.12.2009

  15. I love my xm radio. I listen to it whenever I’m at the house. I also listen to it as I go to sleep. I do know that people have xm radio in their cars. This would be great for long trips.

    By kate on 08.12.2009

  16. The radio belts out all my favorite tunes. From heavy metal, head-banging hits, to slower, lovey-dovey ballads, there is nothing that the radio won’t play for me.

    It plays country, classical, hip-hop, and even spits out some talk radio for those of us who are that bored to listen to it.

    By Bau Johnson on 08.12.2009

  17. Every station was static. Bernadette must have changed the thing three hundred time in the hour we’d been driving, refusing to give up hope that there was still a signal somewhere. Eventually I smacked her hand away from the dial, her desperation was making us all desperate, fear is funny like that.

    By adverage on 08.12.2009

  18. Turn the radio on listen to the music. I love that song. I listen to NPR all the time and my life would be very different if I didn’t have the radio. No Ipod for me. Radio is my

    By Chris G on 08.12.2009

  19. Every day, when I go to school, I always listen to the radio. The radio tells me the weather and news. I like to listen to it because I can never get bored.

    By adeleli on 08.12.2009

  20. The radio is dead and everyone knows it. It’s spitting out nothing but lies and shitty music. That’s all that happens to any form of media that is dominated by corporations. Even the payola thing where the record industry would pay radio stations to play certain artists. It never stopped happening. The truth is, radios been dead a long time, it’s just now the internet has finally put the nail in it. That’s all I got… Love you

    By Dan Rickershauser on 08.12.2009

  21. I listen to the radio for the music. Since when does anyone listen for the talk and commercials? Is this what our world has come to… advertising and mindless chatter all for money. Can we get the music back please?

    By Gina on 08.12.2009

  22. radios are the best form of entertainment on long, boring car trips. You never know what talk show, song, or newscast will be on interest to you, but between staring at the trees and listening to the radio, I’d pick the radio any day.

    By Hope on 08.12.2009

  23. i have a radio rght beside me on my nighttable. it is a grey-ish black radio and i use my FM radio as my alarm on it. It is usually set onto Z103.5. I also listen to the radio in my car on several different stations Lots of people listen to the radio all around the world.

    By Farzy on 08.12.2009

  24. transistor radios and a bebe gun.

    By jazzy on 08.12.2009

  25. I listen to the radio at night
    while I dream
    and I tune it to your favorite stations
    hoping that it’ll brainwash me
    and I’ll wake up one day
    thinking just like you

    But I never do

    So one day
    I smashed the radio
    Just like you smashed me
    For not being exactly what I
    crazily thought it could be
    for me

    By Kurestin on 08.12.2009

  26. The radio was on, the parakeet jazzed with the music. There wasn’t time to think of much. Just the music playing on the radio in the background. Outside rain played against the windows in rhythm with the music. Inside something dark was

    By FirstSeeker on 08.12.2009

  27. The wind blows and I’m sitting on the grass. The radio is playing a song that I don’t recognize, but I am already madly in love with it. :)

    By Alice on 08.12.2009