August 10th, 2009 | 347 Entries

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347 Entries for “cleanse”

  1. veni, vidi, putavi.

    By julius claensar on 08.11.2009

  2. Only Jesus can cleans us from hidden faults. Only His blood can cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
    He makes us fresh as new fallen snow.

    By Kim Halliday on 08.11.2009

  3. clean the face. rid it of pimples. do it at least twice a day. its a taboo. do not go to bed without cleansing. for beautiful, radiant and healthy skin.

    By Melody on 08.11.2009

  4. I like to cleanse oil on my face in the morning. I also like to cleanse stains of the floor. Cleaning is very important

    By adeleli on 08.11.2009

  5. i LIKE TO HAVE a cleanser in the morning it refreshes my energy. When i cleanse my face it rejuvinates me and I feel happy and ripped and ready to go. It is a very honest and wonderful thing to happen upon. Clean things are the best things. I love them. Thanks for cleansing the world!

    By Megan May on 08.11.2009

  6. hello i love to play with u, and i guess i like to be with u, and not only that, i love your eyes, and your frecklets, and your golden hair, your smile, mmm i don’t know i like a lot

    By L0ki on 08.11.2009

  7. I like to use body wash and shampoo when I shower and it feels good and I’m going to be clean afterwards. When I take a shower in the summer I always turn it on cold, but afterwards I’m still sweating and stuff. In the winter, it takes FOREVER to get warm water and it’s really cold outside.

    By Gina on 08.11.2009

  8. cleansing breaths are cleaning of thoughts. they rid you of emotions. cleanse with water the mistakes you never wanted to make. cleanse yourself.

    By Mimi on 08.11.2009

  9. when i shower i cleanse my body, but when i go to church or on a hike i cleanse my soul

    By ashley on 08.11.2009

  10. I want to cleanse my physical systems. De-toxing feels great.
    I’m pretty well-cleansed emotionally. I’m good at showing my loved ones how much I care. And I’m getting better at purging the selfish fuckers from my life.
    Spiritually? That’s unclear.

    By kelly on 08.11.2009

  11. To cleanse can mean one of many things. It can mean to clean yourself in terms of having a bath or shower. It can mean to cleanse ones soul, as in purifying their soul of all bad things. The basic concept of cleansing is to remove the bad.

    By emma on 08.11.2009

  12. um i have to cleanse my dogs every other day but yeah thats the only thing i can think of

    By sandra on 08.11.2009

  13. the cleansing of all things
    comes at one time as a purge
    the dirt of years is wiped away
    as we prepare to greet our brand new day

    By jazmin on 08.11.2009

  14. cleanse the soul. the mind. the heart, your hair. feet, hands clothes. your spirit. Save your cleansing for yourself, not others. it is your own business. seek to cleanse your aura, your breath, your chi. you cannot help the others you can only help yourself. ethnic cleansing is evil, awful corrupt. Douching is not a good thing to do, your body cleans itself. you may want to clean your ears though, they can get pretty waxy in there. clean your house, your dvds your cds and kitchen floor. especially clean the refrigerator, there is stuff growing in there

    By Katie on 08.11.2009

  15. i feel the need to cleanse myself.
    of the past.
    and of my wrong-doings.
    who have i become?
    where am i going?
    what have i done?

    By cleanse on 08.11.2009

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    By jyhguyg on 08.11.2009

  17. As I stepped into the shower, I realized that this was a rite of passage. I was not only cleansing my body, preparing myself to go aboard that space shuttle, but I was cleansing my mind. Ridding it of all the bad thoughts that had taken root in it over the year. After ahat seemed like forever, I knew that I was ready. I stepped out of the shower, puton my uniform, and faced the cheering of the crowd as I climbed into the space shuttle, never to be seen again.

    By Kayla on 08.11.2009

  18. To bring about the peace I am looking for, I will not have to walk a long way to find it.

    I won’t have to cleans myself at the end of a long journey or set fire to my material possessions.

    The path itself is the peace I seek, and at the end, I can simply drop off my materialism.

    By zenzetra on 08.11.2009

  19. The word makes me think of ethnic cleabsing, or a word religious people would use instead of brainwash. You are cleansed.

    By Bobbylee on 08.11.2009

  20. i have to cleanse myslelf daily. i can not stand when people dont cleanse everyday. it makes the rest of us just cringe. there have been people in my whole life that dont cleanse daily and i never have anything to do with them. they are like a burden on society. it is also important to cleane you house too.

    By nicole on 08.11.2009

  21. Broken through the sternum, his face was filled with anguish and suffering. The doctor came to cleanse his wounds, but new that nothing could be done. Instead he created an injection simply to ease the wounded man’s pain.

    By Bibo on 08.11.2009

  22. Cleansing is really great, to make something more pure is the best thing ever, seriously.
    There’s so little on the planet that seems as though it has been cleansed, you know? I wish I pure, cleansed of all the vile memorys I have of TONI. She stinks. But yeah, bye.

    By Justin Harrell on 08.11.2009

  23. to purge, to wash out – the idea of a deeper washing away of all that is dirty, low, base, and unpleasant. What is left is purity. The simple skeleton.

    By Liesl on 08.11.2009

  24. Cleanse. I think that’s an interesting word. sometimes I want to cleanse myself of the world. Cleanse myself of all things bad, scary, or dirty. But how do you do that? What type of soap can you use to cleanse yourself of anything that you don’t want in your life anymore? And once it’s all gone, what will you be left with? A clean slate? Or all goodness? And how do you go about filling up with goodness and cleanness?

    By Lila Carpenter on 08.11.2009

  25. i just too ka bath. it is easy to cleanse the body, but not the mind. ther’s no telling what all is crammed up in your noggin. buckets of repressed memories and forgotten corners, there is no soap for such a thing.

    By dia fey on 08.11.2009

  26. cleanse… to clean to get rid of the old and to become clean, what some of the boys in my school need to do =P cleanse….reminds me of church of how god cleanses you of your sins

    By rheya on 08.11.2009

  27. That’s what Hitler said he was doing to the German population. That’s some bullshit. I think of evil when I hear this word, not gonna lie. “Cleanse.” Reminds me of zombies. Not sure why.

    By Annie on 08.11.2009