August 12th, 2009 | 198 Entries

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198 Entries for “conditioned”

  1. She was trained to sing by the finest teachers her parents could find. Every day she began her life with the scales, running up and down from the stratosphere to the subterranean in pitch. She learned the repertoire of every nation and worked tirelessly to master each language. She held her breath every chance she got. In the end, she became a teller, humming while she counted.

    By Brian Slusher on 08.13.2009

  2. Conditioned, is that what we all are?
    We remain in this state due to society and it’s standards.
    Society wants us to be conditioned, so that we will all remain “happy”
    I say instead of being conditioned.
    I say we remain unfurnished.


    By Matt Conti on 08.13.2009

  3. Are we conditioned as children? Don’t slouch,sit up straight, eat your veg, tidy your room. Like racers in a relay race, passing the conditioned baton onto our children with the same instructions. Carrots do not make you see in the dark do they?

    By Kate Avison on 08.13.2009

  4. contitionated, person who is stuck to something

    By jorge on 08.13.2009

  5. I have been conditioned to be the good daughter, the good wife, the good neighbor. Not really bad conditioning when you think about it. Better

    By Chris G on 08.13.2009

  6. We’re all conditioned to be apart of something. We’re all conditioned to stay in our place, and not to run or be free. As adults, we’re conditioned to not jump up and down, or run through the store, for the sheer purpose of ‘just because.’ Conditioning is good for your hair, not for your soul. Jump. Jump because it’s what’s fun, not because it’s what you’re supposed to do.

    By Sarah on 08.13.2009

  7. He had been conditioned to blush whenever someone yelled in displeasure, as if the world’s discomfort had been his fault. After many years of being nice and dying of embarrassment, he decided that he’d better make the world suffer anyway.

    By Nathalie (Spacedlaw) on 08.13.2009

  8. We’re conditioned at an early age how to talk, think, dress. Then, during some bogus ceremony where we get a piece of paper and license to join the world of adults, are told to make something of ourselves, make something of this planet.
    But we remain in our candy-coated shells, too afraid to show the real us that bubbles beneath the surface.
    Conditioned, as we are, not to fail.
    Not to stand out.

    By ThomG on 08.13.2009

  9. the human condition
    no other rendedition
    the thruths of our plight
    we dismiss them
    only one condition
    make me happy
    as an individual

    By Phillip on 08.13.2009

  10. We’re all transformed.Conditioned,to believe that it is necessary to bow down to this Almighty power.And the more we dive deeper into it,we lose ourselves,to this greater force.Where will be 5 years from now?It’s hard to say.

    By sandaye on 08.13.2009

  11. We have been conditioned to believe things that are told to us by people in authority. No this is not a rant against governments or leaders, it just seems to be that we now prefer to not ask questions and accept everything told to us.

    By Conditioned on 08.13.2009

  12. Conditioned is to be prepared and trained. Broken in to do something.
    Sadly we do not have the luxury to be conditioned in our walk of life.

    By Jonpaul on 08.13.2009

  13. As I washed my hair, I felt around for the bottle of hair product that made my hair soft and silky to the touch. I poured a gracious amount of conditioner and began to massage beauty into my hair, taking care to not be too rough.

    By Angela Marcelino on 08.13.2009

  14. i was really, by my family and by my friends and by knowing he did not want me…

    i was conditioned until i was greasy and then i was dropped and abandoned

    i always was so delicously inhuman after that
    ask every heart i broke because the noise sounded nice

    ask him

    ask him

    [if you can find his grave]

    By tilly hunter on 08.13.2009

  15. Why is that building air-conditioned to freeze its occupants? This is the newest, most sophisticated building on campus, and it is the least flexible, the most wasteful. It is just grotesque. This building is a monstrosity.

    By Taddy on 08.13.2009

  16. We are conditioned to think like lambs to slaughter. We are conditioned by the government and friends and family. We condition our selves to be numb. It’s frightening how conditioned we can become, we allow ourselves to become. Conditioning is cheating the world.

    By Amanda on 08.13.2009

  17. that is what we all are – conditioned to exist in this goofy world

    By rich on 08.13.2009

  18. My conditioned response to the sound of a bell, to leave the classroom, to answer the phone, to run to the door, to remove my keys from the ignition, to shut the door, to look for the ice cream man, to note the time on the quarters.

    By wigout on 08.13.2009

  19. conditioned hair conditioned minds conditioned lives.
    march, dont ask questions
    do what you’re told.
    children should be seen and not heard.
    girls are supposed to be quiet and coy.
    i failed
    the conditioning test.
    i march

    By jb on 08.13.2009

  20. She opened her eyes to see him. Her master, creator. She did not stop to think that she was a woman fully grown and did not have any memories before him. She didn’t think about what he was asking her to do. She just DID. Reaching out, wiping minds, reducing memories to her own state. She only served him. Life meant nothing less, nothing more.

    By Leah on 08.13.2009

  21. I conditioned myself to sleep in an asphyxiation of what seemed peculiar at my first vision. One’s state of mind became different to my sense of direction, sight and smell. I could literally taste how they felt, with no escape, trapped inside a glass cabinet with no exit, and with also no entrance.

    By Chad Male on 08.13.2009

  22. I stood in the shower, letting the conditioner soak into my hair while shaving my legs and armpits. I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with having hair on your body, but everyone else does. In this way, my hygiene habits have been as controlled as the tips of my hair dying to split.

    By Kim on 08.13.2009

  23. condition of economy is bad but that external conditions should not affect our innerconditions.A state of balance can be reached once the confusion clears and it requires patience

    By vishhh on 08.13.2009

  24. my hair? is so crappy. it needs to be conditioned. hmm, i love it when my hair is silky soft and smoothe. and when it glows in the sun? sigh. i need that again. summer. it reminds me of summer. but it’s somewhat over. and back to school. but i’ll still have conditioned, smooothe, silky, and glowy hair(: haha.

    By Melody on 08.13.2009

  25. I conditioned my hair after I washed it. It felt good to condition it as I was camping for a week. The trip was good. My hair was in need of conditioning.

    By Deb on 08.13.2009

  26. We have been conditioned not to ask questions. We have been conditioned to believe those who sit above us in positions of power. We have been contitioned to believe that we cannot make mistakes. We have been contitioned to believe that we must get a well paying job, buy a home, and settle down for the rest of our lives. We have been contitioned to live out a lie.

    By Shadefall on 08.13.2009

  27. She was conditioned at puberty to submit to men. Her father, brother, husband, schoolmaster. This was her priority. Her only reason for existing, and she believed it with all her heart.

    By Kat on 08.13.2009

  28. well impressed
    to become
    someone else

    By lora on 08.13.2009

  29. I was conditioned to the fact that God exist. Whether you like it or not you ARE conditioned to this, whether if be true or not, everyone is ‘taught’ these “FACTS.”

    By Marco Antonio Calderon on 08.13.2009

  30. conditioned for heart break, for lover’s battle, for the war and the scars ahead. conditioned.

    By lauren on 08.13.2009

  31. i conditioned my hair today, it felt good. i like conditioner so much better than shampoo, i always feel like i treated my hair to ice cream after i condition it, and conditioned hair just looks and smells so much nicer, don’t you think?

    By Courtney Tomlinson on 08.13.2009

  32. im getting my body conditioned in as little time as it can . working my hardest in the last 5 weeks before school cuz i procrastinated all summer . but i will make it if i believe in myself . i will lose this tummy and last 10 pounds .

    By Iman on 08.13.2009

  33. I’ve been conditioned to think that love is all that matters. Growing up in a household where love was not easily expressed has left me with a void I am constantly trying to fill. I’ve ruined so many things and gave up on so many things because of this. Once you’ve been conditioned to think one way, its hard to change it, and its almost impossible to think about anything else besides it.

    By shayna gray on 08.13.2009

  34. Pity for the show dogs, pity for the horses, the beauty queens and red-flag bulls. The A-list celebrities and the elite posse of any kind,
    all they are is conditioned.

    By Myona on 08.13.2009

  35. What my hair is…not.

    By Nards on 08.13.2009

  36. What the air outside…is not

    By Nards on 08.13.2009

  37. My physical status…not

    By Nards on 08.13.2009

  38. To apathy…not

    By Nards on 08.13.2009