October 21st, 2011 | 301 Entries

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301 Entries for “radical”

  1. Feeling radical could be expressed by one’s sense of feeling at ease and and comfortable with their current being.

    By Paul on 10.22.2011

  2. Radical is being different and yet engaging. Being a radical person does not mean you are a “bad” person, it means you are willing to take the road that is less easy than others do. A radical person does not go with the flow but yet create their own path. A radical is a person who does not join with the forces but works with them to make life better and a more meaningful society.

    By Denise on 10.22.2011

  3. It was weird the way the sun moved. Some believe that it was the Sun God pulling it across the sky in a chariot. I believed other wise. I think it’s radical the way the sun moved. Yes, I use the word radical because I, am in fact, a groovy girl.

    By Bunny on 10.22.2011

  4. is it the radical thing that annoys me or i am cynical i feel like a breach has crept in but i don’t want to go back

    By filza URL on 10.22.2011

  5. It is sunny outside and I wonder how many words have more than one meaning. Connotative, annotative: it does not really matter. There will always be someone with a mind that reads something differently, and we will never be able to stop it.

    By Shineapple URL on 10.22.2011

  6. upside down, turn, spin, fall. your movements cover me. I close my eyes, breath, feel, touch, wait. from one thought to another, your radical everything, takes me by surprise and never gives me back.

    By plunk on 10.22.2011

  7. It was a radical idea at the time. Unfortunately, the eighties had long since passed, her hair had grown out as much as her waist, and the people that participated in her magnum opus of a stunt had long since been dead. She still loved the pictures, though. At least it had provided her with good pictures.

    By Faeiri URL on 10.22.2011

  8. The thunder rose from his voice like a storm I’d never seen.
    Black were his eyes and evil was his heart,
    A foe to humanity in it’s own neighborhood.

    By Marcus McMahon on 10.22.2011

  9. the sound of the waves echoed in his ears. they sounded far off, distant. he’s standing on a board in the middle of the chaotic waves. he is a god. he is immortal. he tames the waves like a lion tamer, they crash and roar, but he never falls. he finishes and lands safely on the beach.

    he breathes a single, lonely word, “radical.”

    By cam URL on 10.22.2011

  10. Try…
    There’s no trying!
    When you’re up to the thing you’re supposed to be doing it flows naturally!
    And you should do it every day to get good on it!
    There’s no other way!
    I’m radical in this point.

    By Jonas Paulo URL on 10.22.2011

  11. The moment you look at everything and everyone you love and say “I’ll give this all up if that’s what you want me to do, God.” When you adopt from another country knowing that your parents won’t understand and you might not get to spend time with them anymore. That’s what being radical means to me.

    By Dixie URL on 10.22.2011

  12. Radical schmadical. That is what I have to say.

    By Hanna on 10.22.2011

  13. Radicals are a world’s most serious problem. In current times, they take the form of the Muslims, and particularly, the terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda, Hamas, etc. Radicals have always had a way with people. They are very convincing, very charismatic.

    By pp on 10.22.2011

  14. I wasn’t going to be pulled into the same old games again. But I had sympathy for her. And maybe it was because I didn’t know who she was anymore. I had a pretty good idea, but I was no longer on the inside. I went with my radical intuition and broke away from the pain. Now it wanted me back, but I wasn’t going to expect anything but the worst.

    By Marissa URL on 10.22.2011

  15. is it weird that the first thing I think of is math? That’s awful. But the next thing is these dumb protestors outside my window yesterday. Were they trying to be “radical” with their “We are the 99%” bullshit? I mean, a guy told my friend to join them because the other 1% is lamer. seems like he knows his politics.

    By Samana URL on 10.22.2011

  16. The battle was intense. The radicals who can’t keep their mouths shut were making it worse. It wasn’t good. Nothing was going to get solved this way. Not that anyone was going to listen to me, a teenager and a girl to boot. This is the way things are done around here.

    By Sarah on 10.22.2011

  17. KIND RADICAL: n, the most radical man.

    He’s so rad.

    By Tezcacoatl on 10.22.2011

  18. An outreach. The kind that burns fast and bright but means something to people. The tags that got put on her – anarchist, radical, hippie, punk, youth movement 1 through 10 etc didn’t mean much. She wasn’t a radical in her head. She was effective. She was saving people according to her moral compass. She was shouting for the silenced. Wasn’t her fault that was weird.

    By D. Hannan on 10.22.2011

  19. We’re all crazy, hella, fucked up radical. We’re ridiculous, we say shit that makes no sense. mean shit that we shouldn’t, hope for things that are out of this world impossible. Radical. And I love it. Knees weak, eyes closed, hands shaking love of humanity.

    By Gabbles URL on 10.22.2011

  20. radical is the kind of life I want to lead. I don’t want to stay here my entire life i don’t want to be here my entire life. Everyone says that this place is one of the most radical around but really when you’re here all the time for all these years and all these minutes just fall down the drain it really takes away from the excitement. You want to keep me here in the next three years but i’m leaving.

    By Cube URL on 10.22.2011

  21. I thought I wrote about this yesterday? Maybe I’m psychic. Or, I could just be insane. Autrement dit, Fou. In other words, Insane. I may have spelled that wrong; I’ve only been taking french for five years, after all.

    By madowe URL on 10.22.2011