October 22nd, 2011 | 302 Entries

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302 Entries for “comfort”

  1. Komm! Fort! Du kannst hier nicht bleiben. Ja, es ist schön gemütlich und weich und warm, aber du musst mit mir mitkommen, bevor es zu spät ist. Ach könnte ich dir nur ähnliche Verlockungen bieten, wie dieser alles umfassende Raum.

    By Eli URL on 10.23.2011

  2. I don’t care for, I don’t wish. I only dream. That is where I look for my good times. In daydreams that is where I reside most of the time. When I’m in my comfortable chair, feet up, glass of port wine in hand. Let nobody awaken me from my dream.

    By De Rop on 10.23.2011

  3. comfort isn’t tangible, it’s always changing and moving and flowing. one day you will be uncomfortable in your chair, but the next day, after a day of stuggle, you swear you could die in that chair; it’s so comfortable. is comfort something real? I don’t think so. I think it’s something of a marker, an indicator, showing us how we’re changing. a fleece onesie was one comfort for me, now i am most comfortable in denim. my mother once meant comfort. comfort changes and flows like the wind.

    By Emily URL on 10.23.2011

  4. comfortable silence
    comfortable breathe
    on me
    comfortable hand
    my cheek
    are comfort

    By Emily URL on 10.23.2011

  5. comfort is warmth, love, home. Anything that relaxes me. Anything that makes me feel warm, good and safe. comfort is safe

    By precious1026 URL on 10.23.2011

  6. The comfort of winter, the coldness completely countered with the warmth of a blanket and coco. hugging a significant other or a pet sitting by the fire and dreaming of summer. it’s comforting to be so surrounded by cold white and having a warm nook to settle in.

    By Mae on 10.23.2011

  7. i have comfort in my house cat and dog and family. every day the comfort of their pesence in the world and in my home brings me incredible pleasure. it is the comfort as well as living in the bay area with the ocean breeze always present and the sun and rain so clean and invigorating and cleansing. there is comfort knowing i havhave every thing i need.

    By mary lewis URL on 10.23.2011

  8. I found some strange comfort in the fact that, even though I was doomed to one of the most horrifying deaths I could imagine, at least he would die with me. Shaking, I turned my head to look at him and gave him a simple smile. His face contorted with rage.

    By Faeiri URL on 10.23.2011

  9. home, by the beach watching the sunset, a good cup of coffee and a book, a good playlist on a comfy bed with a cuppa on a rainy Sunday.

    By Shaz on 10.23.2011

  10. You comfort me. Alex Comfort was a British dude that knew a lot about sex. If you should die before you wake I will still be standing over your head eating strawberries. When the Buccaneers slaughtered the Seahawks…

    By Swilltastic URL on 10.23.2011

  11. Comfort is something everyone craves, from the day they are born comfort is sought out in a mothers embrace, a warm room on a cold day, eventually they find another human who finds comfort in the same thnigs they do and gives them more comfort in return.

    By Jenny URL on 10.23.2011

  12. The idea that these same arms will give me warmth and love and shelter from the crazy days ahead is one I can take comfort in for the rest of my life.

    By More Everything URL on 10.23.2011

  13. Blankets pillows and love. kisses hugs and other drugs. This is comfort.

    By nichole on 10.23.2011

  14. Comfort….. comfort is a blanket around you you’re cold, a hug from your mom when you’re sad, a kind look from your dog.

    By Hannah on 10.23.2011

  15. Comfort is such an amazing feeling. I want it everyday. It’s a change in pace I wish I had, especially during the day, even if it’s just a nap or a break from work. School needs to give less homework because honestly, it’s kinda useless

    By Kellen on 10.23.2011

  16. Knowledge is a poor substitute for the leisurely comfort of ignorance. It tough to be uncomfortable without even knowing about terrible things going on in other parts of the the world. Ignorance might be a little bit better than bliss.

    By dan URL on 10.23.2011

  17. I am comfortable in my home. Cosy and warm, like a cat curled up in front of the fire. I’m comfortable outside in the middle of a snowstorm, with flakes swirling around me covering my skin in spikes of cold. I am comfortable when I’m with you, in you arms holding me close. Never let me go.

    By Rose on 10.23.2011

  18. I sometimes have to curl up into a ball
    to remember my mother’s warmth, her love
    and know that someone, somewhere, is being comforted just like that.

    By LostAsleep URL on 10.23.2011

  19. I love the comfort of being around. What? I don’t get what I’m saying. It makes no sense. What’s comfort even about anyways? Does anybody even feel true comfort in this world? It seems almost impossible really. Doesn’t it? Am I right?

    By dolphinherovamp5 on 10.23.2011

  20. Comfort.
    It was an alien feeling to the goblin. And it would remain alien.
    When the dwarves had come, barging into his home, he had had none. The dwarves wanted his blood. He’d killed their king. And the other goblins had escaped. They needed something to take out their righteous anger on, and they had him.
    He stood now, before fifty-odd dwarves. They eyed him with hatred. He stared back at them defiantly.
    Comfort. What would comfort him now? Betrayed, alone, and about to die.

    By Goblin Scribe URL on 10.23.2011

  21. OK
    doesn’t exist
    and if it existed it’s boring

    By khalil on 10.23.2011

  22. Comfort is feeling a soothing,
    hot chocolate while wearing form-fitting sweatshirts, uncaring what people think. Laying in a boy’s arms feeling:
    personal. comfort.

    By Penny Tine on 10.23.2011