April 24th, 2011 | 465 Entries

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465 Entries for “puzzled”

  1. Life is puzzling, am always searching for the clues of the trail so that i can get to the ironic treasure chest. I want the pieces to stick.

    By Mie URL on 04.25.2011

  2. the mind is confused, you don’t know what you want to do. everything is spinning and you have no idea what is going on. that look you give, and your friends know exactly what it means. I’ve been puzzled before. It’s a weird feeling. I think we all get that way. It also reminds me of the world puzzle piece like of a puzzle.

    By Serena URL on 04.25.2011

  3. Confused. Lost. Stuck. It is a puzzlement.

    Puzzled by pain, loss, sorrow. Puzzled by joy, trust, faith.

    In contemplation.

    Even at a loss for words; puzzled to find the language to convey that I am, all that I am, I am puzzled.

    Puzzled by why this didn’t work better on my computer at work.

    By AJ Jones URL on 04.25.2011

  4. Left or right foot first, I just don’t know which step will be the best one.

    By Jeanie URL on 04.25.2011

  5. i like the way that this is one of the only words in the english language that has “z”s in the middle of it. it’s just a fun word to say over and over again. it’s not really puzzling why i’d think that

    By Madeline Thornton URL on 04.25.2011

  6. Alex Stoddard’s photos make me feel puzzled.

    By Laura on 04.25.2011

  7. contentment
    feeling at peace with yourself, your life and the world around you that you must live in despite the fact that it is not a perfect world. but neither are you so it’s ok.

    be at peace with those you love and love them no matter what!

    By Kerry on 04.25.2011

  8. Pondering over the pieces, how do they all fit together? Ink stretching over skin, tying one picture into the next. A painting? A whole moment. I spend hours in coffee shops wondering how the steaming hot coffee is a part of everyone’s routine and marvel at how this small, menial beverage ties us all together.

    By Lindsey URL on 04.25.2011

  9. I am often puzzled by why people think the way they do about things like politics and religion. So often their beliefs are contrary to their best interests, yet they continue to support the man or the god that leads to their demise.

    By Andie on 04.25.2011

  10. I’m often puzzled in everyday life.
    What did I walk in here for?
    Where are my keys?
    But I love puzzling.
    I love finding a solution.
    I love mysteries, too.
    I’m learning to live the questions…

    By Kerri URL on 04.25.2011

  11. confused. clueless. I have no idea what is going on… Is that a bird or a plane? Wait, neither? Well that just makes no sense at all…You cannot tell me that that is a person! I don’t understand… I just don’t understand…

    By Cholmie URL on 04.25.2011

  12. when you know you’re suppose to do something but cannot remember and it drives you crazy

    By thaila on 04.25.2011

  13. I dont know what to do anymore. I cant seem to fit in anywhere. I feel like i cant sing, or do well in school at all. There are always people that seemt to do better than me, and I am very jealous. I used to think that I was that person, but now I feel like a nobody who is average at everything. I am deeply puzzled about my life, and where it is going.

    By a-non-a-moushill on 04.25.2011

  14. Everytime I climb a mountain I marvel at the view, or lack thereof, at the top. The entire time I climb, I wonder why. Why do I do this to myself? Why do I lock myself outside of civilization to romp wild and free with the animals? Why? What do I believe is waiting at the top? When I get there, I see. And it’s for miles.

    By barefootink URL on 04.25.2011

  15. The confusion was written all over her face. Her eyes were squinted together and her lips pursed. the right side of her lip was titled upward and she seemed to be cocking her head to the left.

    By Ms.M on 04.25.2011

  16. someone doesnt know what is going on, they just are completely confused, maybe soemthing was aupposed to happen a certian way but its not anymore, someone who is puzzled is quite confused and doesnt really know what is going on.

    By Natalie on 04.25.2011

  17. puzzled is kind of how i am everyday. on broad terms, or simple situations. i’d say im puzzled at why and how i got where i am today. definitely why more than how- and i will forever be puzzled about that because i will never get an answer. im puzzled as to why im sick, and can only answer put pieces together as each day goes by and another person or experience changes my life and the person i am. all i know is that it is a wasted emotion

    By mel URL on 04.25.2011

    SIGH, I AM PUzzled why the pink line is not finishing.

    By radhika on 04.25.2011

  19. I looked at him confused. “What do you mean there’s no school today?”
    “Exactly that, classes have been canceled.” My brother said, running back to his room.
    I watched after him long after he had closed the door to his bedroom, and only later decided to go downstairs, get dressed, and make breakfast anyway. A few minutes after setting the table, my brother came running back down the stairwell.
    “Okay, just kidding. School wasn’t really canceled. I just wanted to see what you’d say.” And he grinned at me.
    I glared back at him.

    By Laura Riddle URL on 04.25.2011

  20. i was puzzled. why not me? even when she liked girls, even when she decided to be a lesbian, she got more boys than i did. what was wrong with me? and still he doted on her, still he stuck close to her, and still she encouraged him. it was only a matter of time before she changed her mind and snapped him up, leaving me (the best friend) to watch in silence as she stole one more facet of my very self, my core, my being.

    By lulu on 04.25.2011

  21. this word confuses me. puzzled makes me want to do puzzles. i think everyone is somewhat puzzled. maybe they dont know it but i think everyone is. people never want to say they’re puzzled, they want everyone to think they have it all together. which really isnt true because no one has it all together. we’re all puzzled. im puzzled right now while i write this. puzzled puzzled puzzled. i sure am puzzled here. what else can i say about puzzled. puzzles are fun arent they. they’re hard. i guess thats where the term “puzzled” comes from. because you cant figure it out. yeah that makes sense. puzzled!

    By Kayla on 04.25.2011

  22. Oh great. What’s going on? Why does my stomach hurt? What’s this sharp pain between my legs? It’s throbbing. Feels like it’s coming from within my stomach. No, a little lower. It’s at the tip of this strange, phallic object that is dangling between my legs. It’s moving, clinching! Great, now I’m covered in some strange yellow substance. Time to use the bathroom, whatever the hell that is.

    By Joshua URL on 04.25.2011

  23. Puzzled i stare blankly at the computer screen wondering why i’m sitting insetad of being outside with all the other parents. I know my child is out there, but my job is so much more important. Important. More important than what, i ask myself. I am puzzled by me.

    By Aisha on 04.25.2011

  24. I stare at the screen. I look thru the pages to find the answer. I stare deep into your eyes blanky why i’m so puzzled. I don’t quite understand why I have fallen completely in love with you.

    By Mayra URL on 04.25.2011

  25. I’m puzzled by this word. So many Z’s. Are they really necessary? One would do. Then again, with one, it may look more like it should be pronounced like “Pooozle.” Which sounds like some type of weird dog hybrid, like labradoodle. Poozle. Is that a poodle and a beagle, with a random Z sound from the shih tzu thrown in?

    By Suano on 04.25.2011

  26. I am puzzled at what this whole website is about. I am puzzled because this seems pointless, yet completely necessary as a creative outlet for creative minds. I’m finished. I’m most likely puzzled because I don’t appreciate the awesome things in life.

    By Theresa on 04.25.2011

  27. i waited for the riddled sky to be solved again by the sunrise. those aren’t my words. they’re elvis perkins’s words.

    By Lulu URL on 04.25.2011

  28. He was puzzled over her absolute indifference.

    Sometimes they’d coincidentally meet at the bus-stop on weekday mornings because they took the same bus to school, but even so she refused to acknowledge him. They’d exchange ephemeral glances that said “Yes I see you and I know you” but return to a relationship as perfect strangers a blink of the eyelids later.

    He wondered what it all meant – he wondered what they as one entity meant, exactly. What did this indifference mean? What did everything in the past – Saturday afternoons devoted to one another, sipping at cold saccharine drinks, attempting to unravel each other in conversations about anything and everything; the platypus plushie he’d presented to her on Valentine’s Day (he never received anything back from her) – mean?

    He wasn’t to know that the platypus plushie watched over her drowsing figure every night from its outpost on a corner of her bed. It had a place on the edge of her bed; it quietly occupied that space. Just like how someone had a place on the edge of her heart, a soundproof heart.

    By eehua URL on 04.25.2011

  29. i was puzzled. why not me? even when she liked girls, even when she decided to be a lesbian, she got more boys than i did. what was wrong with me? and still he doted on her, still he stuck close to her, and still she encouraged him. it was only a matter of time before she changed her mind and snapped him up, leaving me (the best friend) to watch in silence as she stole one more facet of my very self, my core, my being.

    By Lulu URL on 04.25.2011

  30. the girl was tscrulled to find the right piece to the puzzled but was difficult to get the right one, and then she tought that always will be like

    By patricia on 04.25.2011

  31. I have felt complex and inebriated while under the pressure of such puzzlement of life where are my next footprints

    By Julian Fontaine Fox URL on 04.25.2011

  32. Sleep,
    I am puzzled by you.
    I want to be summoned by you,
    to obey you like a dog
    obeys its master.
    Please let me worship you
    with dreams
    and snores
    and sleep talking.
    Please keep me
    from going to class
    and having responsibilities
    like most people.
    I beg of you.
    Why won’t you let me
    worship you?
    Come back to me.

    By Scythe42 URL on 04.25.2011

  33. was I not just here
    I swear I was standing just here
    the place where the doves cry
    the place where jesus lays his hands
    the land of plenty
    the land of thoughtless surprise
    I swear I was just here

    By Julian Fontaine Fox URL on 04.25.2011

  34. I was waiting for the doors to open when a large insect appeared on the step – four wings and mandibles waved in the still airt as I watched it opened up and flew towards me . Hi dude came in blurred monotone -hhhhi there — are you waiting sor me – well I’ m not sure but if you’re up for a party – lets check out the entymological section at the national museum shall we?

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 04.25.2011

  35. i looked at the pile of shit on the floor i did not know what it was but it was full of colours colours of every paint colour that could be imanged and used on a canvas. the pallet was bulky and smooth but i did not know where it came from?

    By sarah Dee on 04.25.2011

  36. i was puzzled to see something I had never seen before it was strange, like i knew it but never did. Who had left this here? Should I pick it up and take it home? Would it begin to smell? I began to feel uneasy, so I poked it with a stick into the bushes.

    By rayray URL on 04.25.2011

  37. i feel puzzled about life. is there a god, what’s the point. none of it makes sense to me. i feel puzzled when i think about if you’re ever going to leave me, if you mean every word you say. puzzled could define the feeling most humans feel about life. puzzled if they’re going to make it through another day or puzzled as to why they said those things they regret. puzzled explains.. everything.

    By emma. on 04.25.2011

  38. ryszard

    By ric ted on 04.25.2011

  39. she was scared, didn’t know what to do, her face… confused… her life was all crashing down around her and she felt like she was stuck in a rut and there was no way to get out of it. she needed help, but there was no one around to help her.

    By CaitlynPaige on 04.25.2011

  40. I stared at him, puzzled. Why was he so confused? It was just a kiss between friends. His face was red and he was avoiding eye contact.
    “It bothers you.” I said plainly.
    “Wh-what does?” he said, voice stuttering and filled with emotion.
    “The fact that I kissed you-”
    “DON’T SAY IT OUT LOUD!!” he yelled, covering my mouth with his hand. I removed it and said
    “Why not?” HIs blush deepened and he muttered
    “Becuase we’re two boys… it’s wrong…”

    By Carly URL on 04.25.2011