March 31st, 2011 | 522 Entries

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522 Entries for “purpose”

  1. like something strategic and determined at the same time. I have to do this if I fail it’s not good enough. 1000 pressups in ten hours, may have my practice run tomorrow but pretty knackered considering the time.

    By Jack URL on 03.31.2011

  2. She wanted so badly to have a purpose, but she couldn’t find one in herself. She wasn’t a mother, wasn’t a sister. She wasn’t a colleague or a girlfriend or an employee. She was floating in nothingness, not above anyone or below those around her. She was a whisp of air among the people that had somehow, miraculously, found something for which they were meant.

    By Rebecca Shilling URL on 03.31.2011

  3. Yesterday, I bought a new Dickens book (new only to me, of course) just so I could mention it casually in our conversation. I wanted you to know that was a deliberate move (well, I love his writings too, so that helped).

    By Nathalie (@spacedlaw) URL on 03.31.2011

  4. many seem to wonder what their true calling in life is, but will we ever find an answer. who puts these preconceived ideas in our heads that we must fulfill out some prophecy before we die.

    By Charles on 03.31.2011

  5. To live is to have meaning. More than the clouds in the sky. More than cotton candy at a carnival. To fulfill something that reaches beyond our mind. To not only achieve, but to feel. And, to feel something real.

    By Krista De La Rosa on 03.31.2011

  6. I think everyone wants to have a purpose. Maybe they don’t know it. Maybe they even say that they don’t. But I don’t think it is possible to not want to have purpose, even if it is hidden away deep. You don’t even have to be actively working towards that purpose to have it, or want to have it.

    By Carrie URL on 03.31.2011

  7. is something we all strive for. We don’t know what it is. I haven’t found mine yet. I am a journalist living in nYC and I confuse purpose with pourpose which is another misspelling of animal.

    Priests seem to have it but they abuse it and end up molesting little boys. Many people are fine without one that serves others and instead are content living selfishly pleasant lives, on beaches in places like Hawaii and San Diego and Newfoundland and nice places like that.

    By Hannah URL on 03.31.2011


    By CARLA on 03.31.2011

  9. Who are we to believe we are sent here to only achieve one thing? one ultimate goal that was inscribed in our genetic makeup… i wonder

    By Charlie B. URL on 03.31.2011

  10. the purpoe oflive it fully. we need to taing with oife as it comes our way and realize that there’s a purpose for everything. there’s a purpose as to why things happen, why we meet the people we do, and why life happens the way it does.

    By aleda URL on 03.31.2011

  11. i’d always wondered what my purpose in life was, and it’s pretty cliche but i guess the purpose is to find your purpose… right? i don’t know, there’s always that want to help others, this is what you want to do.. but in the end it all sounds so selfish. are you selfless becuase you’re selfish? because YOU WANT to help others?

    By arianne URL on 03.31.2011

  12. Everyone wants a purpose. Some people say it’s to help others. Others say it’s to help themselves. Still more say there’s no purpose.

    What’s my purpose? I’m not too sure, I suppose. Perhaps it’s just spreading the word that purpose sounds like purple, and thus purpose could mean writing in flawless purple prose.

    Or something like that.

    By purple on 03.31.2011

  13. i licked your face on purpose.

    By Grace on 03.31.2011

  14. The thing that’s always intrigued him about her is the way she commands a room, as if she can walk in and somehow take control. She, more than anyone he has ever known, has a clarity of purpose that makes him want nothing more than to get close to her, to know her.

    By kel URL on 03.31.2011

  15. The purpose of life is never clear. I do not believe that there is ever one purpose but many ways to go about solving your goal. Life though does have a purpose whether or not it is clear to you. So continue on and you will one day discover it.

    By Kristian on 03.31.2011

  16. I believe that one day a purpose will be completely revealed to me, but for now I will be content without knowing my purpose in life. I believe that there is a purpose for everything regardless of circumstance. Although things may not be apparent reason is always behind it.

    By K.S.F. URL on 03.31.2011

  17. What is our purpose? Is it simply to pro-create and die? What purpose has such a meaningless life? What is the purpose of war? What do we accomplish? What is the purpose of love, when it only brings us heartache and pain, as no one can be trusted. We have no purpose.

    By Blythe URL on 03.31.2011

  18. I have no purpose or a reason to write about this word. I know its meaning, but I can’t think enough to actually write about it. Right now my mind is filled with The Sims Medieval and thoughts of the 3DS. Yes, gaming has taken away all my brain cells.

    By Bel on 03.31.2011

  19. i don’t feel it. i haven’t found my place. will i ever have purpose? i don’t know…. doubt it. i think we all should feel it. to be happy. maybe i’m not happy. that’s scary. might not ever be happy. i have faith i will be… one day soon. maybe when i’m gone from here.

    By Ale URL on 03.31.2011

  20. Alles auf dieser Welt er fühlt einen Zweck
    Alles auf dieser Welt hat einen Sinn

    Alles auf dieser Welt-
    doch was genau ist der Zweck meines Daseins?
    Was ist der Sinn in meinem Leben?
    Welche Bestimmung hab ich zu erfüllen?

    By Anuri URL on 03.31.2011

  21. We have no purpose here on earth that we know of. Sure people can talk down to other people, like they know everything, like they own everything, but everyone–world leaders, religious icons, homeless guys–we all might believe something, but we all know nothing. I haven’t found my purpose yet and I doubt I ever will.

    By kira on 03.31.2011

  22. so should i talk about what? nothing matters anymore, since im happy and i have everything i need right on this world. As the song would say, “what a wonderful world” :) Time is almost running out, and im just trying this out .. so i guess it’s all .. wait .. 1 more dot to go .. aight .. cya

    By Bruno Moita on 03.31.2011

  23. I did it on purpose. I laid down on the train tracks. I don’t regret it at all. If that man didn’t come and pull me off, i wouldn’t be alive right now. And he made me realize that my life has a purpose. And its to help other people. I got this.

    By McKenna Larson on 03.31.2011

  24. I wish I had a purpose. I sort of feel like I’m floating around. My purpose used to be andrew. I miss him. But it should be Christ. to spread god’s word. And I’m working on it. But I need his help. Funny how by his I meant Christ, but my thoughts went to Andrew. ugh. Not so funny. sad.

    By Meredith on 03.31.2011

  25. i’d always wondered what my purpose in life was, and it’s pretty cliche but i guess the purpose is to find your purpose… right? i don’t know, there’s always that want to help others, this is what you want to do.. but in the end it all sounds so selfish. are you selfless because uyou’re selfish? because YOU WANT to help others?

    By arianne URL on 03.31.2011

  26. purpose…. it drives us, it shapes us, it controls us.

    By Weston URL on 03.31.2011

  27. A purpose… no two are the same. We choose our purpose and it dictates the way our entire life moves. In that way a purpose shapes and guides us in our life.

    By Weston URL on 03.31.2011

  28. come with me
    i will show yo
    to live today
    and the years to come.
    with aim of the sun
    and cool beauty of the mon
    come see the purpose
    for which you were born.

    By Butterflies of time URL on 03.31.2011

  29. the purpose of anything is just to do. If you do it you will never regret it, and that fulfills its own purpose. Not everything has a purpose besides simply doing whatever it is and enjoying it, and things that do have a purpose you don’t always enjoy but you often enjoy the end product.

    By Ali on 03.31.2011

  30. Every man needs a purpose. Every action should have a reasoning behind it and every word spoken should have meaning. Sometimes things happen to us that we don’t understand. But even the worst of things had a purpose. And thus, you must find that purpose within yourself because a life without purpose is not a life at all.

    By Neha URL on 03.31.2011

  31. we have no purpose we are monster and the world is royally fucked. welcome to the end of the modern era. welcome to america.

    By Ryan Rhone on 04.01.2011

  32. There is one purpose in life. To survive. That is the instinct of all animals on this planet. To live, to eat, to survive. That is our purpose. There is nothing else. We may love and feel and find occupation but that is truly nothing. Survival is our purpose.

    By Stephanie Winter on 04.01.2011

  33. A leaf in a puddle relies on inertia
    The mindless direction, invisible purpose

    By EndlessMusing URL on 04.01.2011

  34. i don’t know my purpose in life. i just want to travel and write and i want to do all the things in the world though i don’t have the time. and i think the red tea has deviated me from my purpose in life

    By saiha on 04.01.2011

  35. The tall man strode towards me with a sense of purpose. His gaze held mine, but I had no clue who he might be. I watched him cut a swathe through the other mourners, his eyes never dropping from mine.. ‘I have something that I must tell you,’ he said, gripping me firmly by the elbow and steering me out into the dark and empty hallway.

    By alison cross URL on 04.01.2011

  36. my purpose is unclear. my purpose is never ending. the meaning of my life is a journey, not a destination. when i find my purpose, i’ll be home for the first time.

    By Shelby on 04.01.2011

  37. What’s the purpose anyway. I can be sober all I want on my own, and I can sponsor myself if I have to, thank you very much. It seems the only way to appease the old fucks out there who’ve chosen sobriety as a way of life, is that I must fail before I can ever hope to succeed. The only way I can get any respect from the sober elders is if I slip up and go back to the sauce for my solutions, just like they once did. Well I’ve got news for them, they don’t know me. Maybe I will go back out and get smashed, just so I feel like I can belong to their little club. But then again, I think not.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 04.01.2011

  38. My purpose in life…..isn’t that what we all wonder? What am I supposed to do? What’s my goal? Was I created for one purpose? Or are there many things I’m supposed to accomplish. It’s an interesting thought. Maybe one day I’ll figure it out.

    By adtanner URL on 04.01.2011

  39. the purpose of this.
    to write something bliss.
    my purpose in life.
    is confusing.
    the stars.
    my future job.
    everything fits.

    By Bridgette Brown on 04.01.2011

  40. There is no purpose but what we make. No god can give us purpose, no boss, no bureaucrat. Only our spirit. My purpose it to write. This is only the beginning.

    By Josh F. URL on 04.01.2011