March 1st, 2014 | 61 Entries

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61 Entries for “puppy”

  1. there was once a puppy who had lost its way home. it look in a lot of places, behind butchers’ shop, and followed the familiar looking cats but none could lead him to the wooden crate where sh had left his sick mother.

    By najma on 03.01.2014

  2. A black an ugly thing she was. Saw her at a temple on my son’s second birthday. She was starving. A leg was hurting. The next day I went and brought her home. She’s a lovely dog now. Lovely and loving with a warm nose.

    By nilooka URL on 03.01.2014

  3. “He’s the type of guy that acts nice in your face but will go and kick a puppy behind your back,” Marcia whispered, pointing at the new guy who’d just arrived at the school last week. He was tall, blond, and had a pretty nice smile whenever he felt like showing it. I rolled my eyes at her and closed my locker shut.

    “Marcia, you haven’t even talked to him before. How do you know what he’s like?”

    She scoffed. “Ally, trust me. I know these types of people. Stay away from him.”

    “I’m a pretty good judge of character too. You don’t have to get to know him, but maybe I want to.” I said as I shoved past her, heading in his direction.

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 03.01.2014

  4. All the pictures that go with the stories of unfathomable cruelty to animals LALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU so I drop my money in all the hats of the fearless, the warriors, the saviors TAKE THE MONEY AND SAVE A PUPPY OR TWO OR THREE because I can’t look in their eyes if I can’t take them away to a world in which I engage them, allow them to be all their sweet puppy souls can be MAY ALL YOU SICK ABUSERS GET WHAT YOU GIVE and I’m only one person is what I say and maybe that makes me just as bad…

    By Miss Alister URL on 03.01.2014

  5. Puppy’s are cute and adorable – they love life – A puppy makes you happy, they are an inspiration. love em!

    By Steve Mackenzie URL on 03.01.2014

  6. The small canine chased after the toy mouse time and time again. it seemed an endless game, both worthy of his attention and wholly fulfilling.

    By smr on 03.01.2014

  7. My little Lauren skipped around the house for a while, hopping on the couch and then looking for her misplaced dolls. She was especially energetic today and to my discourse, I had wished I hadn’t have turned my back before she drank my whole can of soda. The child could not seem to get to the door without smashing into it but it never deterred her from reaching up to the handle. She could just quite reach now after a few months so she did, but I did not stop her as I saw a calm curiosity in her I had never really quite witnessed up until this point. The bright sunlight filtered the colors of her face and dress, she shielded her eyes and progressed in a slow, proud embarkation out of the confinement of our house. All was silent for a while and I started to worry since she is usually quite loud and spunky. Okay, this silence was becoming a little drawn and I had to hurry and see that she had not gone too far or into something she shouldn’t have. As I walked out, she was right there, just beyond the corner and on the ground lay in decay a rotting puppy, maggots squirming and one of it’s eyes had already been chewed away.

    By Putso on 03.01.2014

  8. Has anyone lost a puppy? I’ve found one by the diner. She’s a small little pup, with lots of fluff, and is really quite the whiner. She likes to eat roast chicken and run around my yard, but my mother might throw me out of sight if I ever let down my guard. Because my mother doesn’t like dogs, you see, and she’d put the pup back on the street. Has anyone lost a puppy, so it can have better food to eat?

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.01.2014

  9. Puppies are warm and cuddly. They pee on your lap, lick your face and wriggle like crazy. Careful you don’t drop him on his head! Oh so snuggly! Love it, love it, love it. Some day he’ll grow up to be a special companion for a special someone. Puppy is potential and love and fun incarnate. Puppy in my arms is a joy indescribable.

    By KittyMm755 on 03.01.2014

  10. “I can’t believe you never got a puppy. I promised you’d get a puppy!”
    “When did I promise that?”
    “When you moved off campus, and then I was suppose to live vicariously through you, coming over and petting it all the time.”

    By April on 03.01.2014

  11. Puppy love is so much magical than anybody can every understand. It is nothing more than a little dot in everybody’s history but it changed them.

    By Maddy on 03.01.2014

  12. I love the smell of puppy breath and puppy paws. There sweet smelling like freshly mowed grass. Totally satisfying.

    By Bobbi URL on 03.01.2014

  13. a wet-nosed, wiggly mammal who’s job it is in life is to make people think they are the cutest things to walk planet earth. Give me a cat instead.

    By NothingButAir on 03.01.2014

  14. Puppy. Puppyhood. Puppies. Floppies. Boppies. A noodle, a doodle, a who do, a you do, a yahoo!

    By Intuition on 03.01.2014

  15. There was a small hole in the barn door, and as I passed a nose poked through. I bent down to see who’s nose it was, and it was the nose of my collies puppy.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 03.01.2014

  16. His warmth was and adorability was that of a puppy. Why does he have to be so damn cute? I thought to myself. We sat on his long board snuggled up together with a sleeping bag around us talking for at least an hour. Well fuck. This ruins all my plans for not falling for you.

    By Brooke Tuinei on 03.01.2014

  17. I was walking home alone, as always. It felt good to be unencumbered by people and their issues. This was my time. Or so I thought. I hear little footsteps besides mine. I turn to look around and saw a cute little puppy walking beside me, its face turned up towards mine. I scooped it up and continued my walk home. Perhaps another soul to walk home with isn’t so bad, after all.

    By kate-anaïs on 03.01.2014

  18. i wish i could have him again, for he helped me. his long ears and waggling tail made me forget everything i was trying to put behind me.

    By eleanor on 03.01.2014

  19. Puppys are like machines, they are so good looking. When bats looks like puppys the will have wings on their back because they

    By Daniel Ekaas on 03.01.2014

  20. Happiness is a puppy. Only if it is a little female one, like a black pug, or a chocolate brown daschund, or a black french bulldog.

    By Kacie on 03.01.2014

  21. He looked so cute, looking up at me with his adorable puppy dog eyes. I just had to take him home. He just had to be mine.

    By Tania on 03.01.2014

  22. I always wanted a puppy. Or so I used to tell myself. A little bundle of fur all my own. Something to love and lick me when the days turned gray. I never got one, though. Because puppies aren’t just belly rubs and photo ops. They’re nips and pee puddles and obedience problems, too. Puppies are real life boiled down into a compact package.

    By Margaret Locke (@Margaret_Locke) URL on 03.01.2014

  23. He came bounding down the stairs wagging his bushy tail as drool flew out of the side of his little puppy mouth. The new dog curled up against my one year old son on the floor. They has become the best of friends. Lately they’ve been almost inseparable.

    By Destiny on 03.01.2014

  24. I used to write about puppies a lot when I was younger. Usually named Crystal and best friends with a kitten called Rosie. They always went on great adventures, exploring the forest and running across faeries.

    By Rae on 03.01.2014

  25. My puppy will always be my puppy… even when he grows old and no longer chews everything in sight. He has stolen a piece of my heart and will forever carry it with him. He makes me smile when I am sad, makes walking into my home an exciting event, makes my son smile from ear to ear, and fills our home with love.

    By Katelyn on 03.01.2014

  26. The age of innocence, of youth, of naivete, where things can still ignite this sense of wonder of the world, evoke bursts of emotions within your chest that make you feel warm and fuzzy.
    Before it jades you.
    Before the cynicism hits like a tidal wave, crashing over you head, tearing you away from all that is pure and ideal.
    Tearing you away from the bubble that held you like a warm embrace and kept you from the biting colds of reality.
    Shoot the puppy.
    Because you’re dead inside.

    By Ieatdeepheat on 03.01.2014

  27. Puppy looked over with his sad betrayed eyes thinking about how much he had been fortunate until now. With a few half steps he slowly made his way to the edge of the cliff. Looking over with tearful eyes he couldn’t help but to also feel a pinch of happiness. Happiness that it was finally all over and that he could leave the world to fly high above the clouds.

    By Sergio on 03.01.2014

  28. Puppy stood high among the clouds with his paws hitting the floor and making it puff up like dusts of smoke. Coughing, he decided to step a little lighter next time around

    By STNL on 03.01.2014

  29. i like my puppy and you like it then why dont you understand that my mother told me that it is ok then we have to wait for a long time my new year friend is melisa forever and she is so pretty we have to understand that she is the best she lives farther from here it is no problem in fact
    when finish this

    By julio on 03.01.2014

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    By Ricardo on 03.01.2014

  31. She followed him like a puppy. Ever since he found her, she was devoted and loyal. He made her laugh, cry, and always made her fell wanted, like she belonged. She had never felt that way before. Usually, he was warm and welcoming, although some days he was strange and distant, cold even. Those were his bad days.

    By NoOne6 on 03.01.2014

  32. She looked up at him with those sad, puppy-dog eyes, as if she knew he would forgive her. He said nothing, and walked out.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 03.01.2014

  33. Bark

    “Oh, a puppy!” Katie squealed in delight as the dog toppled over the open box into her lap. Jason and his wife smiled at the sight and quickly snapped shots of their daughter’s bright eyes as the puppy continued to smother her in happy licks and yips. The Christmas tree’s lights sparkled, dazzling the scene with its splendor.

    By Rosheen on 03.01.2014

  34. lloyd is the best dog ive ever had. he is a beautiful chocolate lab and hes one of the only dogs ive ever loved this much. I wish i could get one just like him in a few years for kb and me. i dont think i could ever get another dog besides a lab. they are by far the best dogs in the world. I used to put my lab through so much and he never once got upset or bit me or anything. I mean I put tshirts on them, clip on earrings, cut its hair. nothing. it was awesome

    By CJ on 03.01.2014

  35. Sunday morning,
    sky so pale,
    you walk into the living room
    only to find
    bare walls and the old sofa
    you found sitting on the curb.

    When you look at the furniture,
    all you see her sitting there;
    her eyes burn two holes into you,
    and like a basilisk,
    she’s turned you into a statue.

    Don’t leave,
    I can change,
    I love you;
    you tell every excuse under the sun
    to make her stay,
    but she’s tuned you out.

    She’s out the door now,
    and she’s getting inside the car.
    You run outside
    but she pulls out of the driveway,
    and there’s nothing you can do.

    Now, you sit on the sofa
    and stare out the window.
    Like a lost puppy, you
    just sit there and wait
    and wait;
    in case she comes back.

    By issabelle on 03.01.2014

  36. I had a puppy once and we named it Zoey, it was a great name until, we found out it was really a boy. Who checks that kind of thing. Never assume, thats what I learned. As well as always check.
    Thats good also. We named him Chui, he was so confused.

    By Cody on 03.01.2014

  37. This was the 14th puppy I’ve seen today. I walked downtown earlier with no intention of seeing puppies. Here I am, 4 hours later, broke, no pants on, and puppies are coming out of goddamn nowhere like AIDS or tacos

    By lucy on 03.01.2014

  38. I wish I had a puppy. Someone to love me whenever I come around. Someone to love me no matter what. Puppies are so loving and I think that’s what I need right about now.

    By Teresa URL on 03.01.2014

  39. And there, on her doorstep, was a puppy. All big eyes and russet colored fur, it looked up at her from a pathetically little box, a small handwritten note taped to the side. It couldn’t have been anymore cliched.
    Or effective.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 03.01.2014

  40. Little guy had his very own cozy rug near the fireplace. I also had to make sure he didn’t whiz on the carpet, if you will. Plenty of food for his energetic and active lifestyle. If I had a puppy.

    By ManiYani on 03.01.2014