January 4th, 2019 | 22 Entries

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22 Entries for “puppies”

  1. these are just small dogs, as in recently born dogs. I call them doglets, but that is just me. I enjoy puppies. My own dog was acquired as a puppy, but he was one of probably the only breed where they suck when they are puppies. All other dogs are nice and good looking when they are born and young.

    By tomas on 01.04.2019

  2. Ugh. Really? Okay, okay. How about some hush puppies? The fried dough balls, yeah. Oh, or the horrible horrible shoes I wore as a kid, the Hush Puppies brand — hideous, lumpy, made of some kind of pleathery substance, nothing but clod, clop, clod, even a kid like me knew they were hopeless

    By Liz URL on 01.04.2019

  3. lil dogs
    lil cats
    lil pets
    cute pets
    young pets
    juvenile pets
    little pets

    By Jay Bourne on 01.04.2019

  4. Tumbling brown fur, damp noses, floppy ears, warm breath, and

    By TessE on 01.04.2019

  5. I love puppies. Puppies are great. Puppies make everything better. When they get bigger, they are big puppies, and when they get old, they are old puppies. I call them old puppers, though. I pet them and hug them, but only the latter if they like it. I love puppies of all colors and sizes. And they love me, too.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.04.2019

  6. When I went looking for my missing shoe I was pretty sure it would be in one of two places….in my closet where it belongs, or in the jaws of my very fuzzy little monster. I didn’t have to go far to find that my second guess was, in fact, correct. Perched on his equally fuzzy puppy bed laid my adorable little jerk and my slightly chewed, slightly slobbery work shoe.

    By Reba on 01.04.2019

  7. Despertó rodeado de decenas de cachorros. No recordaba cómo había llegado a esa habitación. Una lámpara roja bordeaba la silueta del exterior. Afuera se escuchaba el sonido de un afilador de navajas. Un cachorro le lamió la mano. Él se levantó y salió…

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 01.04.2019

  8. After burying Alice and Danny, Carl kept the house immaculate. Always freshly vacuumed and dusted, each room looked like a real estate agent’s dream. It was sterile and perfect, and slowly driving him insane. So he went down to the ASPCA and found another family to make his house a home again.

    By DarkJanuary on 01.04.2019

  9. Puppies are the most adorable creatures in the world with their floppy ears and their velvety noses that rub up against your arm, leaving behind a wet trail. They always push their heads up against you and their fur rubs gently against your skin. They have the biggest brown eyes that plead for only your love and attention.

    By Erin on 01.04.2019

  10. Puppies deserve love and so much more. The cruelty of humans is a nightmare to them. Innocence in their eyes and wagging their tails in excitement. What did we do to deserve them?

    By nin on 01.05.2019

  11. They seemed all innocent at the beginning. Even their teeth didn’t hurt. But that wasn’t the case at all. Mostly nurture, but Ray just wasn’t a good father. Thought that meanness and violence was the way to approach the world.

    By Bryan URL on 01.05.2019

  12. I miss seeing the puppies at Debbie’s Pet land, though I am glad that we have done away with commercial pet stores. If I went to a shelter, I know I would come home with a dog and/or cat.
    Puppies keep us young, active and hopeful.

    By Robin Stein on 01.05.2019

  13. Tiny paws and eyes wrinkled shut against the hot sun, the puppies tumbled over themselves to reach the edge of the box – freedom promised.

    By Sarah on 01.05.2019

  14. “Open it.”

    He nudged the box gently with his foot, giving her another of those crooked grins. She eyed him warily. Knowing Aidan, it would probably contain a rattlesnake or one of those ugly monster masks he’d loved scaring her with so much. And yet – it had been five years since that had last happened. Maybe he’d matured since then?

    Taking a deep breath, she undid the flaps and felt her breath catch as she laid eyes on the two puppies nestled at the bottom of the box, wrapped in a checkered flannel shirt she recognized as one of Aidan’s.


    “Oh?” Aidan teased cheekily. “Is that a good sign, or should I just -”

    “No, no, Aidan, they’re … perfect.” She lifted one puppy out of the box, heart practically melting as it nuzzled deeper into her arms. “He’s perfect.”

    By fox_face on 01.05.2019

  15. calm, soft, teething, work, long night, Harper, sweet, training, toys, food, love, friend, loyalty

    By Christine Baker on 01.05.2019

  16. Littering the streets of a well worn town were markets and merchants abound. Footsteps kicking up dust as small puppies ran in and out of the people’s legs, playing and pouncing as if not a care in the world.

    By Jordan Ashley on 01.05.2019

  17. She felt the dog’s warm breath on her neck and she almost burst into tears. She felt so loved. She hadn’t had warmth like this in… who knows? In a very long time, at least.

    By Bridget Grace on 01.05.2019

  18. I have never obtained a puppy as my mom is allergic to their fur. But I would love to have one. They are cute, friendly and loyal. Sometimes when I was suffering from people, I just wonder whether interacting with real humans are anyway better than with the lovely puppies. They never lie. They never betray. They never go away. But people do.

    By Ana on 01.05.2019

  19. I love dogs so it is only natural that i think that puppies are one of the cutest things on the face of this earth. Any time a puppy comes running up to me the endorphins rush through me, with their little wobbly steps and their big eyes an even bigger excitement. One day I’ll have a puppy of my own.

    By sox on 01.05.2019

  20. The box full of squirming puppies sat beside the lemonade stand.

    The puppies liked it out in the fresh air, their mother liked that she got to see the grass again for the first time in six weeks. The neighborhood children liked it being full of new pets, slightly sticky with the summer heat and spilled lemonade.

    It was leaving the box that the puppies didn’t like.

    By Sparklespirit on 01.05.2019

  21. I used to have a puppy, but he became an old man. That dog taught me so much about love… and loss. I used to have a best friend but now he is just a memory–sometimes sweet and sometimes bittersweet. Grief never truly runs its course; it just becomes more insidious–I’ll be washing the dishes or getting ready for work and then BAM! It hits me and the tears flow.

    By Jessia Forsythe on 01.05.2019

  22. puppies are small dogs. We used to have 3 puppies at home.I forget their names now. We had a picture where they were lined up sitting together and we took apicture. Twas a really cute pic.

    By Lynda on 01.05.2019