January 3rd, 2019 | 33 Entries

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33 Entries for “syndrome”

  1. what exactly does “syndrome” have to do with me?? Do I have some sorta syndro

    By toni wallace URL on 01.03.2019

  2. the sydrom are a illness that most of the people have. that are vey commmon in medical presence. the are different types of sydrome. and some of the are very big sydrome

    By victoria on 01.03.2019

  3. Down syndrome. I have that syndrome. I don’t know anything else about syndrome omegalul. This website sucks what the heck is this like what kind of word is syndrome get a better website get a life and a job u guys suck like what the heck bro I can keep typing even though the time has run out like fix your game dude seriously fortnite is better than this i can just keep typing until i type a period Im smarter than all of you but syndrome is a dum word come on why not a word like china or somethin like somethin thats better than syndrome.

    By Yourmum URL on 01.03.2019

  4. she suffered from “hope springs eternal” syndrome
    until she didn’t
    until she finally realized that hope is not a strategy

    By chantemcb on 01.03.2019

  5. a cycle that you can’t get out of; an ongoing “something”; a mental state of entrapment; repetitive ; never ending; bad habits;

    By Jessica Berlier on 01.03.2019

  6. CRY

    By VITOR on 01.03.2019

  7. This is a very difficult word to write about because the topic seems to be very broad. And sad. And when I get to pick how I want to be sad, I tend to defer to doing nothing.

    By DM on 01.03.2019

  8. Marty died of toxic shock syndrome after getting surgery on his gallbladder, and everyone was stunned by it. We had never expected something like this to happen: Marty had been strong, healthy, and so full of life. To lose him so young and in so vibrant a state was too much for my mother, Patty, who packed a single suitcase and traveled to her home city of Winnipeg, where she lived for the rest of her life.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.03.2019

  9. This makes me think of the movie The China syndrome, though I have ZERO memory of plot, characters, etc. Syndrome. What makes a syndrome? How many pieces constitute a syndrome? What duration? Oh damn I’m asking QUESTIONS again. Drome. Drone. Syn. Sin. Sin drone. Ooooh, look out for the below-the-radar trajectory of the SIN DRONE.

    By Liz URL on 01.03.2019

  10. She felt the familiar flashes of light on the sides of her eyes and tried not to wince. Wincing only made the whole thing take longer. She stared, motionless, up at the blank ceiling, want this to be over, to go about her day. Once a month was too often for this to happen. There had to be a way to reduce the frequency of treatments.

    By Bridget Grace on 01.03.2019

  11. a condition or sickness

    By Paul Beth on 01.03.2019

  12. Después del síndrome de abstinencia intentó reponerse desgarrando las habitaciones del cuarto oscuro en el que estaba encerrada la mente del escritor angustiado por la fatalidad que escondía entre si.

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 01.03.2019

  13. I have a syndrome that makes so i forget things easily but i take pills to help with that everyday and i remember things fairly easily so i thank te Lord and the doctors everyday.

    By JesseMowry URL on 01.03.2019

  14. I have a syndrome that makes so i forget things easily but i take pills to help with that everyday and i remember things fairly easily so i thank te Lord and the doctors everyday.

    By JesseMowry URL on 01.03.2019

  15. I have a syndrome that makes so i forget things easily but i take pills to help with that everyday and i remember things fairly easily so i thank the Lord and the doctors everyday. For everything they did to help me but it was mostly God but i still thank the doctors for taking time to help people like me everyday so it really a blessing.

    By JesseMowry URL on 01.03.2019


    By SANDIE on 01.03.2019

  17. The looking after one owns space/neighbour thing appears to be a sydromne. Give me a house where I live just on my own (no noisy neighbours who think its okay to play their music aa\s though theyre living on a six acre block, people taking up two parks where one would be ok, notes in the lletterboxes not signed but causing irritation and suspicion …

    By Karin Bull on 01.03.2019

  18. Its like a disease people suffer from. it often a special case of disease. Often suffered by both adults and children. Could be chronic or short term. But mostly chronic

    By Doyinsola on 01.03.2019

  19. I have a syndrome, a syndrome of laziness, pasiveness, somebody who expects life to fold into itself, giving me memories and people with which I can fill it with, I wish wish wish I was better than it, but it is of my control.

    By luxlisbon on 01.03.2019

  20. There once was a kid who was a little slow. They said he had a syndrome, but he didn’t think so. Everyone called him crazy just cause he was a little hazy. He didn’t understand it and neither did I.

    By Emma Miller on 01.03.2019

  21. There is a syndrome I’ve heard about that makes you sleepwalk all the time; you fall asleep anywhere and then you get up and move around. Have you ever hear of that?
    Narcolepsy, maybe?
    No, it’s more than that.
    Somnambulism, then.
    No, not that either.

    By Jenny Yacovissi URL on 01.03.2019

  22. never ending.
    although it forces me to my end.

    die, die, die.
    the syndrome chants.

    die, die, die.
    over and over

    it will never leave.
    and i will never leave it.

    the syndrome
    lives. it exists.

    By alex on 01.03.2019

  23. please. please please please.
    no more ache and pain.
    no more.
    please please please.

    oh the ache.

    i need an end.

    it won. and i
    will die.

    By reese on 01.03.2019

  24. the syndrome hurts.
    it aches
    it pains
    it kills.
    it beats in my head.
    die, die, die.
    worthless, worthless, worthless.
    stupid, stupid, stupid.


    the syndrome killed me.

    By notthatbinary on 01.03.2019

  25. syndrome, i don’t no
    I have to break some

    By Andréa Cristina do Nascimento Cardoso on 01.04.2019

  26. syndrome

    something wrong with something good

    By Sarah on 01.04.2019

  27. I not speeak inglish,my dad never heve a syndrome.

    By vitor on 01.04.2019

  28. That is a syndrome of our society today. It bleeds and cracks and wilts and withers while holding it’s fingers in its ears and pretending not to notice the sickness dragging down the walls.

    By Kristan A Ladner on 01.04.2019

  29. Ellie was off. Nobody talked about it, but everyone knew. She was certain. From the slow slide of their eyes to the floor when she spoke to the way people went out of their way not to see her, she understood that her kind of different was no good.

    By DarkJanuary on 01.04.2019

  30. Syndrome. Such an ugly word for a certain person, certain condition. I suppose it’s not as bad as some, but it still marks, claws, and leaves a ravaged person behind.

    I know it’s not “monster”, not “demon-touched”, but still.

    I’m a person, not a syndrome.

    By Sparklespirit on 01.04.2019

  31. every day the stays the same
    the repeated repetition
    worsening condition
    bordem broadening
    syndrome situation
    lost all sensation
    or realization
    life is changing

    By matt m on 01.04.2019

  32. I need a syndrome to come through to destroy my castle or test it’s strength and sturdiness against the enemy.

    By JesseMowry URL on 01.04.2019

  33. the boy awaited the night to hear about all the cool things his other self ranted about. Lonely and suffering through space and

    By sarah on 01.04.2019