April 7th, 2013 | 252 Entries

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252 Entries for “punished”

  1. just

    By dawit on 04.08.2013

  2. I thin i must be being punished for something i did in a previous lifetime with all the problems i’ve been having with my laptop recently. I was lucky as a child as i was never really punished – maybe because i was a goodie two shoes!

    By Sue M on 04.08.2013

  3. I don’t like this word at all…it’s sound scares me…but maybe sometimes some punishment would be strategically decisive…

    By Chiara on 04.08.2013

  4. ok

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 04.08.2013

  5. I don’t like word punished. its impact is very bed for kids and adult. Everybody so embarrassing when who give the punished. A lot of type of punished and act in different type of punished and different ways.accually punished and abuse are much closed if we punished anybody actually we have abuse that.

    By yasmeen URL on 04.08.2013

  6. When someone is found guilty aboutbsomething

    By Algiz on 04.08.2013

  7. I was punished because I didn’t know the rules to join the club and I started doing what I wanted around

    By aruka on 04.08.2013

  8. Learn english

    By Suela on 04.08.2013

  9. Punishment,Is a noun used to punish some one because of doing something un acceptable.

    By sargush on 04.08.2013

  10. I’ve never noticed before that punished has ‘pun’ at the beginning and ‘shed’ at the end. And ‘I’ in the middle. There must be a ‘pun’ in there somewhere.

    By me on 04.08.2013

  11. hello

    By abdu on 04.08.2013

  12. today is so happy, there a lot of fun.

    By htbear on 04.08.2013

  13. I wasn’t punished very often when I was a child. But the time that I cut off my sister’s ponytail was serious. I can’t talk about the punishment because it pains me to think about it but suffice to say that I never did anything lie that again.

    By Heather Fraser on 04.08.2013

  14. When he went home he was punished, because he forgot to clean his room yesterday.His father had to him to do so… His mother didn’t say anything!

    By Gitte Marie Duus on 04.08.2013

  15. I remember being punished as a child. I was spanked occasionally, as a lot of children were, but more often I was sent to the corner. I hated the corner. It was filled with spiderwebs, and my feet and knees would hurt from standing on the hard tile for what seemed like forever.

    By Amanda G. on 04.08.2013

  16. The serial killer was punished

    By Giovani on 04.08.2013

  17. the one who just make a terror must be punished

    By Nany on 04.08.2013

  18. if you don’t follow the laws you’ll be punished.

    By André Luis URL on 04.08.2013

  19. Nobody likes to be punished because it’s a wat to show our weakness. Our parents punished when we are children but today it’s bad to punish children

    By GloriaNieves on 04.08.2013

  20. you can say punished to point on some someone had made something crazy or unleagle

    By bayan on 04.08.2013

  21. My teacher punished me because I didn’t do homework.

    By Lz on 04.08.2013

  22. he got punished for cheating on his exam while teacher was looking the other way

    By rebel on 04.08.2013

  23. If you don’t follow the laws you may be punished. This gives a limit for the peoples.

    By André Luis de Jesus Santos on 04.08.2013

  24. Those who do wrong should be punished, but it is unfortunate that it is not always the same people who decide the punishment. Heck, it is rarely the same people who decide what is right and what is wrong!

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.08.2013

  25. He was punished for something he had not done! It was unfair. He was very angry with his parents for doing so. They could have asked him in detail what had really happened and only after having done so, to punish him, if they still thought it was necessary.

    It is awful to be guilty without any proofs and evidence, without even an intention to know the truth, how it really happened.

    By Alexander on 04.08.2013

  26. Punished!! Not a great word for school children in developing countries. It may not sound true, but believe me it it, that many school children from disadvantaged populations around the are beaten to discipline by their teachers. Child abuse is still a huge issue around the globe, however, organized beating in educational institutions is a centuries old story for North America or Europe.

    By Sana on 04.08.2013

  27. Every mistakes are punished with powerful force. But I don’t know why.

    By Fabiana on 04.08.2013

  28. she was punished for what had been done. she knew the time would come—just couldnt call when—where. the anxiety of knowing it would some day happen made freedom trapping. whats the use? she thought.

    By Safon on 04.08.2013

  29. punished are the withered fields that lie among us.
    punished are the dying animals that live among us.
    punished are the gnarled trees that give oxygen to us.
    punished are we.
    for we are the souls of hell.

    By Blue. Like the sky. on 04.08.2013

  30. did you punish him that so.
    don’t punish him like that.

    By dongrtien on 04.08.2013

  31. I can’t shake the image of his face before he did it out of my mind. What could push a person so far off of the edge like that? I can’t figure out why he chose to talk to me before he did it. Me, of all people in this world. Why didn’t I keep talking to him that night? He was probably looking for words of comfort but instead I ignored him… I shouldn’t have ignored him.
    Because now he’s gone.

    By Lara Peterson URL on 04.08.2013

  32. I struggle against my bindings, chaffing my wrists. “Damn,” I mutter under my breathe and then exhale shakily. It’s cold down here…wherever here is. It’s dark – I can’t see anything.

    By Kerry on 04.08.2013

  33. She was punished as a child and as an adult punished in return. No one knew why and she would take to the grave before letting anyone into her soul.
    It was not logical, that she knew, but it was more ingrained into her being than breathing. The loathe people felt for her was no match for the loathe she felt for herself.

    By Jenn on 04.08.2013

  34. i have punished because i have stolen money. It is memory for me

    By le ngoc tai on 04.08.2013

  35. Drinking under the age of 21 is punished in the USA.

    By sally reg on 04.08.2013

  36. Each strike of the lash was like fire lashing across her skin. It was a heated iron pressed against her flesh as it burned afterwards. But she could not stop it, could not let herself cry out. Biting her lip until it bled, she closed her eyes, and forced her body to loosen, until the next strike came.

    By Serryphae URL on 04.08.2013

  37. I am being punished for something i cannot explain. there is silence on the verge of being an answer, and i cannot help or do anything about it.the pain is too great. this is something i cannot endure alone. but i am alone. i am all alone, in an unwanted world, being punished for something i did not do and can not speak up against..

    By Daisy on 04.08.2013

  38. punished is the term to ban people from doing something which not allow the law or rule. people sometime doing something but

    By huynhtho on 04.08.2013

  39. People are always punished by themselfes, because they don`t think about what they do and how it will end and it always end bad if you dont think about what you are doing.

    By Bilal on 04.08.2013

  40. Some polititians deserve to be punished for their insane actions all over the world.

    By Abilio Accioly Bello on 04.08.2013