August 6th, 2012 | 252 Entries

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252 Entries for “puncture”

  1. i punctured my heart one day on a rose, which is ironic if you think about it because a rose is a gesture of love. But not this day, this day it was love rejected, lost, a cold thorn in my side.

    By Steaphan Markotany URL on 08.07.2012

  2. I was trying to hang a picture when I punctured my finger. The picture wasn’t worth the puncture in hindsight. I would have been punctilious to avoid the puncture and the picture all together.

    By Ryan on 08.07.2012

  3. She felt them puncture her neck and she knew she was screwed. “Warren, please, it’s me. It’s Kay.” Her voice was panicked. His bloodlust was getting the best of him. She knew what it was like to drink her blood, but he couldn’t drain her. It would be the end of both of them if he did. “Stop…. Please… Just…. Let me go….”

    By Meghan Gabehart URL on 08.07.2012

  4. I feel like my heart is punctured in many different areas. By you, by the drugs, by the noise in my mind at all times. My heart has been bashed in bit by bit, piece by piece, and at some point, there will be nothing left but dust.

    By Halle on 08.07.2012

  5. As she bent down to pick up what I dropped, I saw it. Two puncture wounds on her neck, I gasp. “What?” She asks as she hands me whatever it was that I dropped. My mind is focused on those two puncture wounds. Everything that I’ve ever saw around her has been a blanket of dark and evil and she has wrapped herself in it. “Why are you wearing that scarf?” I ask her. Her eyes glaze over and she says, “I don’t really know.”

    By Vanessa URL on 08.07.2012

  6. Tyre puncture…. I don’t even know how to drive… not even a cycle… What the hell will i Do if there is a puncture… I know I am sounding irrelevant… but still…. I need to learn how to drive… very soon…. and I am going to do that very soon….!!!

    By Dipti Gosavi on 08.07.2012

  7. the definition of this word is to pierce with a pointed object Example : There was blood coming out of the wound from where my archenemy had punctured me with a needle. This was also the name of a movie.

    By Mica on 08.07.2012

  8. stab, jab, awl, needle, wound, neck, hole, go-through, pierce, punctuate, pun,

    By Lauren on 08.07.2012

  9. My finger was punctured
    by the nail–
    not the kind that grows on it,
    but the metal kind.
    the kind made of iron and
    pointed in a direction that usually means
    that it is going into a piece of wood.
    this time however,
    it is in my finger.
    i look at it;
    it wobbles back and forth
    i look up and
    give a big yell

    By t44 URL on 08.07.2012

  10. Puncture is quite a tough word to write about, I have nothing to say about it that isn’t ridiculously cliche. Yup, that’s it.

    By Cecilia Garza URL on 08.07.2012

  11. tyre gets punctured. puncture means when the air from that rubber tube called tyre bursts out. puncture is checked by putting tube in water and air bubbles come out.

    By Kayur on 08.07.2012

  12. wounded by sharp
    flying object
    puncture wound
    tin cups and flag sticks

    By bstone on 08.07.2012