August 6th, 2012 | 252 Entries

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252 Entries for “puncture”

  1. I rode my bike over the rough road. I had to catch up, I didn’t have a choice. I zoomed across many stalks of grass and boulders but one tiny rock was the problem. I punctured my tire. I fell to the ground as I watched her get away. I’d probably never see her again, she was gone.

    By Tanya Vora URL on 08.07.2012

  2. John always punched holes in the notes his teachers gave out, and everything he printed, but his ruler/hole puncher could only handle 3 pages at a time, so it always took a while. It was just one of many ways of procrastinating.

    By Holden URL on 08.07.2012

  3. He ran towards him with the broken glass bottle gripped in his hand. He aimed it at his throat, but he dodged the awful punch. Running around like dogs, he tackled him and aimed the glass at his throat, pushing down the glass, the pressure puncturing his skin.

    By Autumn Hayley URL on 08.07.2012

  4. There was a red balloon sitting in the dark empty room. Everyone had left; the party wasn’t as successful as Jeanne had planned. One thing led to another, and suddenly everyone was fighting and arguing with vicious ferocity. And now one lone balloon was left. All the others had been popped and punctured with acrylic fingernails and plastic forks.

    By natalie on 08.07.2012

  5. A puncture is when a hole, sometimes big, sometimes small, appears in your wheel. This can be caused by sharp objects being struck into the wheel. This can happen by accident, or as a malicious act that someone has committed on purpose.

    By Ec URL on 08.07.2012

  6. opening, a healing, a wound, a nail, a thumbprint and finger, a hole, blood, guts, tetanus and then some, a balloon losing air, and a tire losing air, a car, a lost dream, a ragged violent end to something, abrupt holes, ending quickly, dreams are punctured, a violent word, something used to quickly end something, something that we do not have control over, a surprise

    By The Bruiser on 08.07.2012

  7. I’ve had puncture a lovely hole in my mind to grasp creativity! All’s well that ends well! I think puncture is quite amusing and is much more fear inspiring then the word punch

    By Wissam Mehanna on 08.07.2012

  8. sie hielt den atem an und ballte ihre hände zu fäusten. der stich kam wie erwartet von links, der schmerz durchfuhr sie wie, nun ja, eine nadel. sie schrie auf und bekam ohne verzögerung einen schlag auf die rechte wange.

    By maninkka on 08.07.2012

  9. Boom.

    All the air left in one fell swoop.

    And all that was left was the casing.

    The body that once held the fullness within.

    Now sagging and folded in within itself.

    Wondering how and when it had ever been full.

    Questioning the cause of the puncture.

    Knowing it doesn’t really matter now, anyway.

    By Teresa on 08.07.2012

  10. if only i could burst a puncture through the wall, if only i could take all that rage out all that suppressed anger and just with one punch with one volcanic eruption with one breath … its all gone

    By farah on 08.07.2012

  11. Needles. All she could think about were those damn needles. The marks up and down her arm, each hole and bruise on her skin a show of who she was before. Never again… right? Make them fade away. Battle scars to forever show.

    By Juliana URL on 08.07.2012

  12. I was there in the chair. I think it was November. 1994 or so. I had been through a couple of bad months and was coming back from assignment in Alaska where the salmon had started to turn on itself. There was a bloodbath of salmon everywhere. Fishermen were going broke. It was cold, but not as cold as it would get.

    By Bryan URL on 08.07.2012

  13. It has so many different meanings, all seeming negative. Puncture the skin with a needle, watch the bruise form. Puncture the lung, watch your life fade away. Puncture a balloon with something sharp, watch it go away. What is positive about this word? Unfair.

    By Juliana URL on 08.07.2012

  14. hole paper clothes dress skin wall water sneakers television pool bracket


    By Jeremy Bauman URL on 08.07.2012

  15. She’d never experienced a fatal wound of any sort. Yet, when that sword was driven into her side, she knew this wound was unlike any other. It was awful, and it stretched against her organs and plumetted its way into her body- never leaving room for a breath.

    By Derp on 08.07.2012

  16. I was playing with fynn and yossi one day. Rodeo was there too. Bored of playing with legos I suggested that fynn show us his archery. We shots a few arrows. Pretty good for an 8 year old. He shot a hole in the pool

    By Ella URL on 08.07.2012

  17. Once upon a time I got a puncture in my bicycle tyre. It wasn’t the best thing to happen, as I had to ride to Dorchester that day with my friends. But my Dad fixed the puncture after an hour and a half and I got to Dorchester. I was extremely happy that I got to go, as it was a fun day.

    By Eloise Levien on 08.07.2012

  18. My heart was punctured. While the world continued to spin around me I could do nothing but stare. He stood there smiling at me like nothing was wrong. Who did he think he was. With her of all people!

    By Ella URL on 08.07.2012

  19. A puncture is…. I have no idea what that is.

    By Zachary Williams on 08.07.2012

  20. needles. i hate needles. i remember one time i had to get blood taken because i was sick and they didn’t know what was wrong with me, and i was like “I’M GOING TO FAINT” and they were like “no you aren’t.” and then i fainted.
    i showed them.
    next time they’ll believe me.

    By Meg on 08.07.2012

  21. my tyre got smashed!!! why me???? now im stuck in a ditch in Arizona! wait no, im in Portugal! wait what?? am i dreaming?? :s tme up!

    By Starmix URL on 08.07.2012

  22. Puncture is a type of wound. You receive it from something being pressed into your skin, such as a nail, the best way to clean a puncture wound is to sterilize and then wrap.

    By Miranda on 08.07.2012

  23. Puncturing a tire is not something that is pretty funny, it’s rather uncomfortable and idiotic, we should have tires that is not inflatable, and do not need any air, like a swamp like substance that could hold a car, that would be godly.

    By Mahitchima on 08.07.2012

  24. He punctured a hole on the balloon. It flew up, up, and up into the air. He heard the cry of the owner of the balloon.

    “My mama gave me that! She’s not gonna wake up anymore! Give it back!” the boy cried.

    He just looked at the boy and knew how he felt so he punctured the balloon to let the boy know it’s time to let go.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 08.07.2012

  25. you pierced my tongue
    with your kiss.

    it makes me look playful,
    happier than i am.

    in moments of quiet,
    it provides a cool relief;
    when unwanted,
    it infects itself with pus.

    some holes close up
    but never heal.

    i still taste you in my mouth
    every day.

    By h. b. URL on 08.07.2012

  26. Puncture.. a needle going into my body. The blood flowing. The pain releasing. Cries coming from a child in the room across the hall. I wanted to cry but was to embrassed. 24.. no longer a baby. The pain fades and the needle is gone. A glow in the dark bandaide covers the puntured wound. I leave the room and see the small child from across the hall with a sucker.. where’s mine?

    By margeaux on 08.07.2012

  27. I was driving this week when my car suddenly got puncured by glass on the road. It was a long day and everything wasn’t how I expected it would be.

    By romi on 08.07.2012

  28. I just got on to the metro and am standing waiting for the doors to close. Then someone slides in right as the doors close and i think to myself, ‘Alright!!’ but then he stands too close and punctures my personal bubble.

    By Dio Fox URL on 08.07.2012

  29. she laid under the tree, staring at the puncture wound in her leg. The blood flowed out freely, unhindered even by a turnicit. Her throat burned from shouting for help…

    By Jessica on 08.07.2012

  30. The doctor was badly slurring his words, and she misheard the explanation as a punctual wound–as if all splinters led to nasty infections.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 08.07.2012

  31. Puncture. Punctured. My heart, punctured with a million sharp knives. Piercing. My wound, spilling memories, thoughts, feelings, helplessness. I’ve been punctured and there’s nothing I can do about it.

    By robbiehadd URL on 08.07.2012

  32. it has been awhile since the puncture happened but I’ll never forget it. I fell on a needle that had been used by junkies and they threw it away on the playground where I hung out. after my routine on the monkeybars, I fell off and landed right on that stick.

    By rick on 08.07.2012

  33. needle, knife, pain, The puncture wound from the scalpel has not yet healed, but time will do you a service. Do not puncture the baloon, you will lose it.

    By Ashlynn on 08.07.2012

  34. if one is punctured in the heart it is a terrible tragedy. for someone to have that type of power over you is powerful and scary but lovely and intriguing at the same time.

    By syd on 08.07.2012

  35. I remember when it happened, like it was yesterday. The fall. The land. The bleeding. The waking up and not knowing where I was. The night of the incident. The next morning. Everything vivid and alive in my memory.

    By Ashlynn URL on 08.07.2012

  36. The Tyre went Ppussss and we all went ooHhhhh Nnoooo.

    By Sowparni on 08.07.2012

  37. Piercing the veil of personality gains access to your inner self a wound that you will never recover from.

    By Rae on 08.07.2012

  38. If you puncture your tire, while driving, it is most likely because you ran over a sharp object. Pull over immediately. Look in the trunk for the spare tire. Make sure the emergency brake is on. Find the jack and read the manual if you have never done this before. You could also flag someone down for help. You can call AMA if you are a member as well.

    By sv kuzma on 08.07.2012

  39. since I forgot what this word means I ‘ll just tell you guys my life story. so it begins when…(59 60 ) submit

    By Sergent BuzzkiLL URL on 08.07.2012

  40. The hill fell before me like a giant slate. Wind passed over mt forehead and shoulders, reminding me of my new found freedom. Then, slowly my bike began to thump and feel heavy. My tire was punctured, deflating as quickly as my descent. I applied the brakes gently and steadied myself as I came to a halt. A nearly perfect day had just turned sour.

    By Lisa Heule on 08.07.2012