July 27th, 2012 | 189 Entries

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189 Entries for “props”

  1. i’ve never thought of myself as an “actress”. Sure, i sometimes lie. i pretend i’m someone else. And people are my props. Sometimes they behave. And sometimes, well, you don’t want to know about those times

    By sharon on 07.27.2012

  2. the stage is a strange place
    people come and go, shakespeare said long ago
    but maybe they don’t
    maybe we’re all just props for the larger players
    or maybe there are no players
    and if all the world’s a stage,
    then this one is surely a tragedy

    By hollymarie on 07.27.2012

  3. Props are something that have to do with a play. They are very necessary in any show because they help to make the scene more real. Without props, the show would be very dull and often boring. Props are very useful for the actors to help get their point across and can often add humor or another emotion to the show,

    By Allie on 07.27.2012

  4. Props. Who can I give props to, and for what? My mother, I guess. Props to you, I didn’t turn out too shitty.

    By Carline on 07.27.2012

  5. they looked at him. he didn’t know what to do. he just did his thing. he became someone else. someone they never judged. he changed accents, he changed feelings, he changed actions. he was a funny guy that made everyone laugh, but everyone soon to forget him after everyone went to their old hierarchical ways.

    By a boy named francisco on 07.27.2012

  6. For once, he remembered. The curtain was just seconds from–um, it’s up. Shyt. The glass broke. As he muttered “I’ll kill him” under his breath, he segued poorly into the scene, ready for the admonishments for entering late.

    By Sasha Yedrysek URL on 07.27.2012

  7. Props.
    I used one in a play once when I was little. It was just a large, wooden cane with somebody’s initials carved into it. I played Mother Nature so they thought it fit.
    I didn’t think so.
    Who would carve up a tree just for walking?
    Mother Nature wouldn’t.
    But they convinced me to use it anyways. It was just a prop.

    By Emma on 07.27.2012

  8. Props is one of those words that can meet completely different things. For example, props in a play or movie are the items with which the actors/actresses interact to bring the piece to life. But you can also “give someone props” for doing something or coming up with an interesting idea.

    By Brynna Hargrove URL on 07.27.2012

  9. I do not like the use of props in shows. I believe props are cheap and diminish the general quality of any performance. Having said that though, props are sometimes necessary to fully convey an idea.

    By Juan Pablo Villarreal on 07.27.2012

  10. Oh snap. It’s timing me. I’m so unprepared. What am I supposed to write? It hasn’t given me a word. I just clicked and here I am like I’ve arrived in some other country just in time for battle.
    No battles though, just a teen and her trusty keyboard.

    By Emma on 07.27.2012

  11. Ah, okay. I’m getting the hang of things now.
    Props. I used one in a dance once. It was magical almost. We went from rags to riches, from buckets and cleaning supplies to fancy dresses and tiaras through super fast costume changes. It was just like a fairytale to me, like it was really happening. The props helped that.

    By Emma on 07.27.2012

  12. They were bossy, they were aloof, but they were actors, and the actors needed the props to be in the right places, at the right time. If not, it wasn’t they who blamed you, but the stage manager and the ” upper class” as we called them.

    By Ellie on 07.27.2012

  13. props to you
    who held me so highly before i was finished with myself
    even after a long time
    i continue to grow
    taking things lightly
    i guess i just wanted to show you
    what i could be

    who i truly could be
    for such a long time passed
    you stayed there
    after a long time

    By Sophie on 07.27.2012

  14. Props are used to represent some sort of object in a theatrical setting. They often take up the stage of a play or are used in movies. Props can be big or small, creative or original. They are also used in “Who’s Line is it Anyway”.

    By Ellis on 07.27.2012

  15. We won’t be used by you as props for your own happiness.

    By r0bz on 07.27.2012

  16. Props. We use props in many occasions. But do we realize how important they are? They may be small, but they are important. Appreciate the small things in your life. They may be the most important. =)

    By r0bz on 07.27.2012

  17. Props are used on sets for plays, they are used to hold things in place, and as an extra hand.

    By Forrest on 07.27.2012

  18. props are used to create a feeling. a feeling that normally gives you an image or an idea of the said idea. props create settings and lay the scene out for things like plays.

    By valeria URL on 07.27.2012

  19. I remember in spanish class, sophomore year, I was a prop in a skit e had do for the first week of class. I was a wall.

    By Alex on 07.27.2012

  20. Props give us a hand when something needs held up. Like our thoughts which often have no ground to stand on. Props give your thoughts grounding to a location in the form of a backdrop in stage performances. Mad props to props

    By ThunderFapper on 07.27.2012

  21. i give props to you for going so far in life i give props to my n for saying it like that props are given to all for speading love and peace wow this is hard i give to props to it

    By paige on 07.27.2012

  22. Everyone else was a prop to him. They added colour to the scene but he was the action, the show and the star.They needed him to breathe life to their lack luster existences and to him their presences were of little, if any, relevance to the life force that was him.

    By Leighsha on 07.27.2012

  23. We have so many materials, resources, props at our disposal. But that doesn’t give us the right to misuse them. Things have a purpose, and should be implemented accordingly. To do so otherwise would be abuse. They don’t deserve to be manipulated as such.

    By Ashi URL on 07.27.2012

  24. I don’t look up when he stops to stand beside me.
    “Is it weird…” he starts, and props an open hand onto the counter separating us. “…that I’m ok with it? With us not really being close anymore?”

    “Yes”, I say bitterly.

    He gives me a hurt look, and I see his hand inching towards mine, so I jerk it away to rest at my side. “Look, I know you’re mad at me and all, but it will get better, ok? Pretty soon you probably won’t feel anything at all when you see her and me together.” He gives me a weak smile. “I guarantee it.”

    I turn and leave. I’m not willing to make any such promises.

    By WearyWater URL on 07.27.2012

  25. props like in the theatre. tables chairs used to add effect to the scene. or props as in i prop the picture up on a easel or i give props to the person who created harry potter with is jk rowling. she is a genius. i love her books and because of her, i want to move to england.

    By Grace Kerr on 07.27.2012

  26. i am an actress. not a very good actress, but an actress none the less. i use props on stage, and they are like playing pretend when i was younger, but actually having the right tools to do it with now.It’s so fun to be able to just have whatever you want at your grasp! some people think prop is short for propeller, others “give props” to someone deserving credit. I know prop is just another way of saying “here’s what you wanted your whole childhood. have fun.”

    By Jenna on 07.27.2012

  27. Eu nao sei o que é props. mas se props tiver alguma a coisa a ver com preposição pelo menos eu posso dizer que essa é a parte mais difícil em qualquer língua que eu aprenda. Por que será, hein?! Por falar em línguas, antigamente eu tinha um pouco mais de facilidade em aprender línguas.

    By dafne on 07.27.2012

  28. I can’t even seem to fabricate a story based around one little word.
    There are too many facets, too many different directions,
    Too many possibilities to create,
    And if I choose wrong, then it’s possible I’ll never get the other choice again.

    So let’s choose to wait.
    Let’s choose all the possibilities.

    Let’s make the world our oyster, or our bitch (depending on how poetic you’d like to be at the moment) and make every single piece a resounding echo of a puzzle.

    By Siege URL on 07.27.2012

  29. I heard today that people are giving props to the Colorado killer, James Holmes for killing people in the theater. The sad news is these stupid people have made pages on Facebook encouraging him to do more next time or to release him from jail. How sad.

    By Annette on 07.27.2012

  30. Things that are used to perpetuate a feeling or scene. They are vital to the performance being believable. If used properly they can change everything. However too much dependency results in tad

    By Marissa Shortt on 07.27.2012

  31. “How dare you change these last minute!” The producer screamed at the director. Today was opening night for a student written one-act called ‘Me, Myself, and Others.’
    The fight becomes more elaborate as they bring up stuff that they’ve been holding in the whole production.

    By Amarie URL on 07.27.2012

  32. That sinking feeling came back over him. He knew that at any moment HE would be back and there would be escaping him. How he longed for freedom! Every time the stage lit up with those friendly faces he could’nt help but think about the warm homes they went back to….homes with more than enough space for him at least. After all, he was just a “dummy”.

    By Marissa on 07.27.2012

  33. The props in the play included a feather quill, a stuffed porcupine, and a red beret. I had looked everywhere for them and it took me ten hours before I found them i

    By Ayotunde on 07.27.2012

  34. …to that. way to go. awesome. amazing. nice. sweet. appreciate. proud.

    By Chelsey on 07.27.2012

  35. She held out her hand, her smile both patient and willing.

    “Just set this with the others, alright?”

    I took the makeshift tissue paper flower and set it on the right side of the stage, trying not to dwell on the phantom feeling of her fingertips against mine.

    By Savanna on 07.27.2012

  36. Muicales fun jumping. What my life seems to run on never knowing waht to do but just doing it. Using what you have and playing with it.Not caring what people think just having fun when your doing it.

    By Cassidy on 07.27.2012

  37. it is a movement with two peoples hands when you make a fist and bump eachothers fist. bros do it, all teens do it, its cool. you should try it, perhaps youll make a habit out of it, you know alot of hip parents do it aswell. maybe your hip to?

    By nathania URL on 07.27.2012

  38. I give her props, I said to myself. I waited to see if anyone heard me before I realized I said it in my head. Then I repeated out loud. “I give her props.” My friend agreed, “That was a bold move, but I am glad she did it.” “Me too.” I said.

    By one shoe on 07.27.2012

  39. At this moment, the 2K Fest Dancers are now ready to be dazzled in the stage. But there’s something they’re worried about. They forgot the props they made in their classroom. So Vera, the director, went up the room and get the props fastly.

    By Serenity Kelsey on 07.27.2012

  40. There are so many props that surround me that I can’t define. I see cardboard bodies and roughly painted on landscapes. But as I push my way through all the things I could never understand, I still can’t find you.

    By emlex on 07.27.2012