April 19th, 2010 | 254 Entries

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254 Entries for “castaway”

  1. he died a little that day. The day his raft floated out to sea without him. They had always planned on returning home together, now he had been abandoned by his only friend in the world.

    By Daniel on 04.20.2010

  2. Castaway 50, 51, 52 a loop at a time. the start of a stich resembling the beginnings of her sweater. that will be given as a gift of love to her best friend.

    By heather on 04.20.2010

  3. Lost on a deserted Island. The lone survivor attempts to find shelter food and water. He feels all alone; in outcast on an uninhibited island.

    By Andrew on 04.20.2010

  4. and once he had reached the beach he thought to himself- was it really worth it? the solitude that he had craved for so many years… the isolation which was finally his…

    all he had to pay for it was the loss of pipi- his beloved dog.

    By teresa on 04.20.2010

  5. The clouds swept off of the end of the beach, and the man buried his head in his knees. 10 days of intense heat had left him rather annoyed.

    By N on 04.20.2010

  6. this is a film with tom hanks in, i think anyway, in it he has a friend which is a volleyball called…argh i cant rememeber. Sometimes i wish that i was a castaway then i could get some peace and quiet and i could just paint lots of wherever i was stuck. I would have to have a donkey though.

    By Louis on 04.20.2010

  7. I saw a moving movie staring Tom Hanks, called Castaway. I don’t think I’d survive like he did, I would probably die and be buried in the sea. Swept away and my boyfriend would marry and forget about me. Forever.

    By Aspen Murray on 04.20.2010

  8. castaways? sown sand on summer beaches, driftwood cast along the shore in the depressing line of muck that forms the tidewave mark. sydney beaches, lush and white and wonderful, full of people hotly sunning themselves. it leaves you warm all through, you know, completely and utterly bathed in heat, down to the very tips of your toe-bones and the very ends of your hair. you glow with heat and warmth, and all the live-long day you shine like a candle and people cuddle up to you when you walk into an air-conditioned room, because, ‘you’re warm’. it’s the gift of the earth, and my smile is never as bright as those days when my skin worships the sun.

    By isolde URL on 04.20.2010

  9. the guy on the island, stuck, castaway from all life, stranded. Will he ever be found? Only time will tell. Ever boat that passes by he screams, “HELP HELP”, but noone hears him. As days go bye starvation starts to set it, He starts to go crazy with lonliness. At one point

    By Brandon Henry on 04.20.2010

  10. Sampson. Or is it Simpson? He was a bloody volleyball. The castaway was lonely. I am lonely. I need a bloody volleyball.

    By Jillian on 04.20.2010

  11. Ive already done castaway, and enjoyed the 60 second testing, but now I want another word and there isant one, a whole website with just the word castaway? quite a waste id say, but wait, here I am again still writing about the SAME word, not the story you ment for it to be did you? not the one about tom hanks, or the

    By Brandon Henry on 04.20.2010

  12. Lost, the show

    By Madison on 04.20.2010

  13. I was on the air during the same time the famous castaway, Gilligan, was on the air. If I had known, I’d have bionically jumped across the sea to his island and saved them all.

    By oneword URL on 04.21.2010

  14. i was on the air during the same time the famous castaway, gilligan. if i had known, i’d have bionically jumped across the sea to his island and saved them all.

    By Steve Austin URL on 04.21.2010