November 10th, 2011 | 245 Entries

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245 Entries for “positively”

  1. woman, pink, good, great, french. grades.personality.late nights,wonderful,aids,sure,

    By Summer URL on 11.10.2011

  2. thinking positively has gotten me this far
    i didn’t get my mos i wanted for the marines, this sucks!!!!
    but i got to keep thinking positively about it
    keeping it positive in the marines is what it is all about
    i got aviation support which is freaking awesome
    that’s what my SSGT did and he is an awesome guy
    he always keeps me positive too!
    He is my role model now!
    i can’t believe all the things he has accomplished
    he always tells me, keep it positive
    stay motivated! that”s what keeps me going cuz life sucks
    it really does, there is no room for negative thinking
    always positive!

    By Jennifer Beebe on 11.10.2011

  3. i’m absolute. i’m positive. i’m done. these choices i’ve made aren’t working, and i need to change. but change is the hardest part isn’t it? change is the one thing nobody wants to do, and the on thing you can’t force someone to do.

    By Stephanie on 11.10.2011

  4. You can never be positively sure of anything, even yourself. You can’t trust your own emotions, much less another persons. Feelings can change so easily and promises are fickle.

    By Miho URL on 11.11.2011

  5. They were magnets, she was convinced, herself negatively charged while he, he was positive. She had no doubt. For everything she could consider negative about herself, all those nasty traits she tried to deny, he was there, balancing her out.
    They couldn’t part, no, she couldn’t let that happen.

    By Chelseyann URL on 11.11.2011

  6. There was “absolutely, positively no way an appointment could be scheduled.” That’s what the hairdresser told me over the phone. But I need to get my hair done for the show at 7.

    By kibi URL on 11.11.2011

  7. LOVE

    By vinit on 11.11.2011

  8. Andrea moved positively through the park before she made contact with Seth, who stood in her way. “Oh, hi,” she said innocently. “What are you doing here?” she asked.

    By Ashley on 11.11.2011

  9. charming delightful wonderful in the extreme. a veritable blast shopping in LA. love and rapture so i can capture the beat on the street where the feet go and meet

    By Aingeala on 11.11.2011

  10. i am positively one happy human being,
    with a lot to see and a lot to learn,
    but not from you,
    but from God Himself.

    By Jonathan URL on 11.11.2011

  11. I am positive. I believe in miracles that will positively change my life. I think positively. I dream positively. I talk positively. People think I’m weird. I’m just positive.

    By oneday URL on 11.11.2011

  12. Absolutely positively happy. That’s it. That’s all that matters. That what I want to be when I grow up.

    By sitara URL on 11.11.2011

  13. i hate the word “positive” or “positively” depending on the context. it’s the word here in Japan so hackneyed and shallow but lots of people especially women and ad agencies live the word. you don’t have time to think if what you are doing is positive if you lead your life with all your heart.

    By kaorita on 11.11.2011

  14. I am positively sure and completely convinced that nothing in this world is enough to lessen God’s love for me or to make Him give up on me.

    By Beautyfor_ashes on 11.11.2011

  15. I am positively certain I’m beginning to realize the reality of my life.
    I have an easy life. Daily problems are so tiny and every pain and agony don’t compare to what I could be facing.
    I am spoiled. Why do we live in a society that thinks every little thing we want should happen right away. What about the people that are still in need.
    I waste so much time. Facebook, tv, shopping…. why are we so distracted by these false senses of happiness? They are just ways to distract ourselves from reality, from the problems we push underneath the rug day after day.

    I want to change.

    By krk on 11.11.2011

  16. She was positively beaming when she came out of the exam room.
    “How’d it go?” I asked, though the answer was obvious.
    “Excellent!” she cried, flinging her arms in the air and jumping for joy.

    By Antonia on 11.11.2011

  17. Sometimes we look at such negative things in our life, but if we just look at the bright side, life would be so much nicer.

    By Kaycee on 11.11.2011

  18. happiness spread
    for all the word to see
    an outlook that is wonderful
    and spreads the right things
    an idea that it is purposefully
    made to make you smile
    and an outlook that things are great
    despite the facts or lies
    you can chose to live your life
    with the right attitude
    keep point of view positive
    you control your mood

    © LL

    By lauren URL on 11.11.2011

  19. It is always important to think and act positively. It reminds me of the Golden Rule and what can be found in the bible: Love others as you love me. It is a happy way of thinking. Have an attitude of gratitude as stated by a wise man recently. I can also say that I positively love my family first and friends too. My childen and grandchildren are positively the best and I love them unconditionally. Unconditinal love is positively the best way to relate to others. It is not always easy, but one needs to accept others as they are. You do not have to like everyone, but it is necessary to love them. One loves someone because, but you also need to love someome although. That is living positively.

    By M B on 11.11.2011

  20. Everything was positive to you. Sunshine, flowers, life.

    I’m sorry I killed them all.

    By Hana URL on 11.11.2011

  21. Negatively speaking one would love to whack Taeyeon across her lovely face. The girl was a nitwit, full of herself, everyone wanted to slap her. On the other hand, there was also this lady who seemed to dangerous to anyone in contact. Everyone expected things to mess up when these two people meet, however, something changed.

    Ever heard of negative times negative is positive? Yeah, that just happened.

    By -Sarah URL on 11.11.2011

  22. Positively not. I’m so negative about it that I mean positively no no no. I don’t feel at all positive today. Tomorrow might be different. In fact I positively feel that tomorrow will be a positive day.

    By E A M Harris URL on 11.11.2011

  23. When your mind runs off on a tangent. Unlikely, confusing, puzzling.
    Sometimes gets you further.
    Difficult to stay positively
    Positively correct

    By Rosy URL on 11.11.2011

  24. That is positively the strangest thing that I have ever heard of! Why on earth would you want to do something like that, when you already know the project is going nowhere, and is about to be cancelled?

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 11.11.2011

  25. amazing, good, easy, exceptable, getting through life with ease, get boyfriend easly if u r ….. y cant we all be?…..

    By kayla URL on 11.11.2011

  26. This is a very funny page. Just be positive! :)

    By Attila on 11.11.2011

  27. hello :-)

    By hi on 11.11.2011

  28. I can, I have infinite power, I am capable of all things, I have no doubt

    By Dan on 11.11.2011

  29. I positively hate that I’m at work today. Today is Veteran’s day. I work in an office building that closes most holidays except this one. Other businesses and clients we work with are out of office today, so why can’t we be? I’m not finding much to be positive about today.

    By Anita on 11.11.2011

  30. I want to go through life with a smile on my face. I believe that my work has value, and I wake up excited to face the day every day. The future shines, and I have hope that we all we create a more equal and loving world.

    By Ed URL on 11.11.2011

  31. When Mary looked down at the old barca lounger she tried to be optimistic. Perhaps it was just a transitional device, this piece of furniture. A transitional object like her pacifier or blanket had been. Yet she worried. Its slightly stained upholstery seemed to glare at her. The issue at hand, echoed the voice in her head, was not that it was a transitional object, but that lately her father had been forgetting that there had even been a transition. This morning he had even called her by his long dead sister’s name.

    By Chris_one1ii URL on 11.11.2011

  32. despite all the crazy stuff happening in my life these days, I have to think positively. I’ve got 0 positive blood, so maybe I should be like my blood and think about all the bright days to come. I just have to hold my head high, I must refuse to give up.

    By ellie griffith on 11.11.2011

  33. I need to frame everything positively. I tend to see the downside of everything. Really stupid. The world is a beautiful place and a positive frame makes life simpler and more rewarding.

    By elizabeth b URL on 11.11.2011

  34. I positively absolutely believe that positively thinking about positively wonderful things shall bring positively amazing things into your positively wonderful life and make you a more positively enlightening being

    By Dlc URL on 11.11.2011

  35. when you always see the good side of anything and just ignore the bad things about it; also you can be positive on something, which means to give it green light;

    By Suzana on 11.11.2011

  36. I wish more people had this quality. It would make working in a collaborative group much easier. I like to use this word as a goal in my life. There are times that I find myself not being positive and it brings others down and I hate that for them. Positively is a

    By Nancy on 11.11.2011

  37. i positively like this site. positively is when you choose to see only the good things about something;

    By Sue URL on 11.11.2011

  38. When I read something, I need to write it. It is always necessary for me. So I positively write about it. Do not confuse this with positive attitude . I do not have it. My attitude any

    By Usha on 11.11.2011

  39. positively perfect in every way, except not. how? YOU ASK HOW? that is not the question. the question is why the question is where the question is WHAT the question is only a question. i’m positi

    By Lorianne on 11.11.2011

  40. you are positively reinforcing my views of what I thought life would be what I thought my “discovery” period of the days and weeks and moments would look like a time in which I know nothing about anything and have no idea where I’ll go or end up I’m just there in time hoping positively that I’ll get out of this on top and more importantly feeling like I’m on top of the world so congratulations because with all you’ve done I think you’ve named yourself my escort through this portion of my life from the known to the unknown and I am absolutely positive that I wouldn’t want it any other way

    By C. Ritchie URL on 11.11.2011