May 22nd, 2011 | 557 Entries

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557 Entries for “pretzel”

  1. I was eating a pretzel in a park in New York when a well-dressed, scarved woman approached me and said, “Please come with me, you are wanted.”

    By Nicki on 05.23.2011

  2. You know, a pretzel to me is a small, crispy cracker with salt on it. The ones I see on USA shows are really large baked things. So why are they so different? Where did the pretzel originate? Hmmmm.

    By Dayle Morrison URL on 05.23.2011

  3. store bought pretzels.
    homemade pretzels.
    chocolate pretzels.
    cheese pretzels.
    pretzel crackers.
    pretzels and ranch dip.
    cinnoman pretzels.

    By Brooklyn URL on 05.23.2011

  4. Oh your salty curves make my lips tingle and my mouth water. But alas, on the side of the world, you don’t feature as part of street vendor’s offerings. I can’t buy the real you, only your dried, crunchy, bagged friend. It’s a pretzel despair over here..

    By Chaz URL on 05.23.2011

  5. There is something odd about a pretzel, an acquired but ever changing test. Perhaps a pretzel is a person objectified… You are acquainted with them in a social environment, and then discard them after they serve their purpose.

    By nabster121 URL on 05.23.2011

  6. She lay twisted around him like a winding path. Her hair rose lightly, as it caught on her wine stained breath.
    She was beautiful in her disarray.
    She was wondrous in her cacophonous jungle of being.

    By Divya URL on 05.23.2011

  7. Pretzels are like starfish. While they may not regrow when you tear them apart, at the very least you will end up with more than one pretzel, as one pretzel ripped in half is two pretzels. God damnit pretzels suck.

    By Bill on 05.23.2011

  8. twisted salty mustard coated brown warm and filling – oh my blood pressure…

    By tom on 05.23.2011

  9. i just love pretzel. It tastes so good that i dont know what to say in its name. It has such a good aroma, everytime my mother cooks pretzel it just rejuveniates me. I just losse my senses and just go on to eat it till it ends.

    By Alok Sharma on 05.23.2011

  10. Yeah…….. i really like pretzels and the giant ones are awesome(i like the cinnamon and the the one with the cheese inside)!!

    By lawfullx URL on 05.23.2011

  11. The chocolate one, I want the chocolate one mummy!

    What chocolate one, the doughnut or the pretzel? Quick, time’s almost out…

    The knotty one, I want the knotty chocolate one mummy!

    By Amimee URL on 05.23.2011

  12. They are soft and salted. I use to eat a tiny piece from my friends at MPH. Those were the fun days. I still see people walking around school eating them. They are not appealing now to me. They are just baked dough, you know? Dip them in cheap cheese and call it delicious.

    By Paige on 05.23.2011

  13. I want to be like a pretzel. A yummy tasting contortionist filled with cheesy goodness. Hmmmmmm. I’d probably eat myself. Or would I? Or would I nibble at each corner and then in a fit of rage break myself apart and eat myself from the middle. Soooo man

    By Katerina on 05.23.2011

  14. Yum… Pretzels are good and I like to eat them especially with beer. I see why they leave them on the bar in bars because they make you thirsty and you want to drink more beer. I personally like to drink beer anyway.

    By rachel on 05.23.2011

  15. Pretzels are yummy. They are salty and sweet all at the same time and make me extremely happy. I love to eat them whenever it’s a hot day outside. With a large pepsi in one hand and a pretzel in the other, you can’t go wrong. I love going to a fair and getting the giant pretzels. They’re so much better than any other kind. Sometimes i put sugar on them.

    By Sunni on 05.23.2011

  16. I always thought pretzels were small brown hard American crisps until I came to Germany Now I know they’re fluffy brown hangover cures that were sent from the Teutonic Gods to help me on a Monday morning.

    By Claire on 05.23.2011

  17. They are salty and twisty and they are baked in the oven. I used to sell them for my elementary school, Oakland Avenue Elementary. They are amazing but you can not eat them without something to dirnk or you will get really thirsty. I don’t want to stop typing about pretzels because they are awesome!

    By Nikki on 05.23.2011

  18. I always loved the way the salt hit my lips, the slight burn. It was all good in the end. That is until you choked and things went sour. I never knew anything else though. It was always that cycle: eat, enjoy, die. Just like life. Ain’t that a bitch? But no matter what, you always love it. Always. Even when you’re about to die.

    By Harsimar Dhanoa URL on 05.23.2011

  19. Life is made
    for pretzelled people
    who can twist and contort and bend
    with the demands of others
    without snapping
    themselves in half

    By SprawlingInk URL on 05.23.2011

  20. well i know that pretzels are salty. And they killed my mother, I am sad.

    By Gustav on 05.23.2011

  21. new york city pretzel stand are amazing and i love them so much. they are so soft. and salty. and delicious. YUM. ahhhhh i love pretzels. are they belgium? or like…jewish? or german? huh. i wonder. actually i dont care at all.

    By dylan on 05.23.2011

  22. These Pretzels are making me thirsty, dijo Kramer cuando hablaba sobre una película de Woody Allen con Jerry y George. Entonces apagué la tele. Sabía, de antemano, que esa noche yo tampoco aparecería en la película de Allen, pero, de alguna manera tendría el derecho y la capacidad de golpear al genio neoyorquino con un sandwich con jamón.

    By m.Isaac.VR URL on 05.23.2011

  23. Soft, fluffy pretzels, sprinkled with sesame seeds or coated with cinnamon. Pretzels with just the right amount of crunch to the exterior and just the right amount of chewiness within. Pretzels dipped in chocolate or smothered in sugar.

    By linette on 05.23.2011

  24. I wrapped myself into a pretzel on the yoga mat and cried. Peace had gone and sorrow saturated my soul. When did the world I knew leave me behind? Or did I leave it?

    By Jocelyn URL on 05.23.2011

  25. dog

    By rosie on 05.23.2011

  26. The crunch of pretzels filled the air, as did laughter. The tang of lemonade was drifting through the breeze. The kids clomped down the grassy hill. They danced and sang. The aura around them screamed summer, so they did too. They wanted the whole world to know they were young and it was summer.

    By Meghan URL on 05.23.2011

  27. salt shapes carnival shore blah blah i don’t get the point of this i hate writing

    By asdf on 05.23.2011

  28. Pretzels are just like love, sweet, but in a moment a mouth full of teeth come to grinding it.

    By MiltonRGVentura URL on 05.23.2011

  29. salty crunchy twisted thoughts with sounds like baseball stadiums full of hot-dog eating peanut-littering jersey-wearing humans. so many human, sweaty and sun burned. like pretzels

    By Hannah on 05.23.2011

  30. lucky salty is attractive in its own idea, less satisfying when tasted tan the actual lust of it. Baby, actually adults prefer them. cocktails, glasses, smokes, salt … paris,

    By Alexandre Tucci on 05.23.2011

  31. giant salty american thing, also found in packets when they’re much smaller. daoughy. i had one in a mall in florida when i went for my 10th birthday, it was good. shortly after me and my mum lost my uncle and had to make a security announcement. pretze;ls are good, remind me of curros.

    By alice berry on 05.23.2011

  32. I have never seen a pretzel.
    Or tasted it before.
    I imagine it must be delicious;
    to have such a wonderful name.

    (and yes I do have a childhood)

    By bellrie URL on 05.23.2011

  33. it’s this yummy thing, made for peanutbutter or so. i suppose it’s like a candy. anyway, a friend of mine told me about it today and here it is

    By Vilmante on 05.23.2011

  34. pretzels are weird. they remind me of america, which isn’t one of my favourite countries. they’re salty and doughy and usually a bit too big to finish, unless you’re talking about the little crunchy ones in packets – those i like.

    By alice berry on 05.23.2011

  35. I love a pretzel dipped in chocolate its something about the salty flavor and the sweet flavor mixed together that hypnotizes me. Who knew a simple pretzel could be so tasty? Or that pretzels with plain chips is a decadent treat. You should try a pretzel…

    By Kindra on 05.23.2011

  36. The sun burned so hot that day that there were no clouds in the sky. I could feel it on my skin: my cheeks, my neck, my arms, my legs. The roar of the roller coasters shook the ground under my feet and even with the rush of wind as the trains flew past me, I could still feel the hit of the sun. I always got so hungry at amusement parks–no matter how much I ate. After this ride, I wanted a hot pretzel.

    By Aj URL on 05.23.2011

  37. It makes me think of those new m&ms, ya know. The ones that are covered in chocolate but then shock you with a satisfying crunch. Well, when i was in college, my mom sent me a package of new candies. It was the only thing that took the bitterness out of my parent’s divorce.

    By Kimberly Weaver on 05.23.2011

  38. pretezels are really good, when people go to the mall they always get them. Children like to break them apart into pieces. Hard pretzles are fun to eat the inside out without breaking the outside heart shape. i remember learning that at the swim club when i was a little kid

    By Lizz Harley on 05.23.2011

  39. pretzels are fun when u knw what they are

    By fauz on 05.23.2011

  40. My mouth. It feels like things are currently dying in there. Dry and crusted. Nasty vapours. I cough that shit out, but there’s nothing. No phlegm, no rodents. Just a tickle in the back of my throat. Doctor?

    By Josef A URL on 05.23.2011