January 6th, 2015 | 84 Entries

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84 Entries for “pressing”

  1. The appointment was perilously close, everything needed to be got together and placed in some kind of logical order. The cards were on the table and waiting to be dealt. The panel was in place and waiting for the applicant to arrive. Time was definitely pressing now and we waitea

    By John Yeo URL on 01.07.2015

  2. The lid of self-doubt has overtaken my life and presses against my ambitions leaving me in a pool of broken dreams, broken hearts, disappointment. The 3 things I oh so desperately wanted to avoid. Mother, please forgive me for not being able to break free from the dark shadows that have lurked behind me since I was a long boy. The pressure just caused me to snap into several pieces like the Berlin Wall; I was destroyed in front of the world.

    By Edwin Charles Fletcher Green on 01.07.2015

  3. Daybreak, caffeine intake, shower, dressing, pressing, pressing on towards the goal, running on your hamsterwheel, nighttime, bedtime, pressing the pillows with weariness

    By Jane on 01.07.2015

  4. As I was on that date I knew I had more pressing matters than how this date was going. He talked and talked and talked! I couldn’t get a word in.

    By Liberty Brouillette URL on 01.07.2015

  5. i’m pressing against my esophagus in a desperate attempt to convince my body that no, i don’t need the air, no i want the oxygen and my body thinks otherwise
    and i want to remind it that I AM IN CONTROL HERE
    and nobody else
    and my decisions count for something
    if i will it so
    it happens

    By sunshinedaisies URL on 01.07.2015

  6. The red head needed urgent medical attention, that much was certain, but pressing harder wasn’t stopping the bleeding and no medic was near to help. She couldn’t say anything to the small girl that would make the situation better, and though she smiled at the child as though everything would be fine, she knew her eyes betrayed the sadness she felt.

    By Windsinger on 01.07.2015

  7. “The nights of all my youth pressed into one glass of water.”

    By Intuition on 01.07.2015

  8. pressing deadlines
    aloof as always
    expecting reliability
    that never comes
    it never rains
    when the cold sets in
    the snow never comes

    By katiekieran URL on 01.07.2015

  9. I don’t know what “pressing” means! It’s something urgent?

    By Jess silva on 01.07.2015

  10. pressing what im going to try not to commplain

    By teagan URL on 01.07.2015

  11. Time, pressing for time, always in a hurry, can’t get your stuff together. Problems I can’t fix. Scared of things that will happen

    By Krista on 01.07.2015

  12. I was pressing the keys on the keyboard in and it was making letters appear on the screen. Why do I have to press the keys in?

    By Jarrett on 01.07.2015

  13. His grubby hands held hers over her head as he grunted in her ear. She kept her eyes on the ceiling and counted the crude swirls in the stucco. 4, 5, 11… She prayed he’d be done by the time she reached 30. Her sanity depended on it.

    By Soft URL on 01.07.2015

  14. When we consider our to do list the pressing matters often take precedence. While we should be focused on the important over the urgent this is not usually how life works.

    By Tracey on 01.07.2015

  15. Pressing. Irons. It’s a pressing matter. Fooly Cooly is an early 2000s anime in which the world is threatened by an evil that will press out the wrinkles in our brains.

    By ruthie on 01.07.2015

  16. My brain was pressing down my skull as I walked down the hall. Marie was standing at the end of it, staring me like I was ablazed in blue flames. Still, I loved her like never before. She said: I’m sorry, I can’t love your fire.

    By Walter Kovacs on 01.07.2015

  17. Sometimes it feels like everything is just pressing down on my chest and I can’t escape and I can’t breathe and I can’t live and I can’t love and everything is just painful. I’m scared even more of everything becoming numb.

    By Justice on 01.07.2015

  18. Her heart was pressing on her chest, and it’s beat was growing stronger each day for this man she loved. She could feel him even though he wasn’t there, and she knew he was the one she wanted, and who she would continue to wait for no matter what.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 01.07.2015

  19. I gasped and felt a crack.

    “Perfect. Just freaking perfect!”

    Shock was evident on my face. “How the hell is this perfect? I pressed so hard that it cracked in half! Now there’s no way that this fence will be fixed on time.” I groaned and looked at all the broken fence planks that lay in a pile.

    “Sarcasm my dear friend. Now we’ll be grounded for life.”

    By Natina on 01.07.2015

  20. Kelly had a pressing issue. Her brother was dieing and she couldnt help him.He was the only thing she had left. She couldn’t help him.

    By Alexis Day on 01.07.2015

  21. There are so many issues that are pressing the american people that they don’t understand. while these low gas prices might be nice at the pump right now, they’re not going to be when you get a pink slip because the energy industry doesn’t need your (or your spouses) company’s services because its not economically feesable to drill any longer. Think about it. Think about the fact that we’re buying the majority of our petroleum from outside countries instead of from our own workers. Everyone keeps saying buy american – so let’s buy american!

    By Kish on 01.07.2015

  22. It was something I had to do immediately, but I had no interest. The closer to the time of when I had to have it done, the more time I wanted to wait to see if I could do something in a shorter amount of time than is allotted. It wasn’t smart, but it felt like a challenge I wanted to take at work. Something interesting. Something far more interesting than the work I was presented with. An excitement to whether I’d have something to present on time or not.

    By Miss Mallory URL on 01.07.2015

  23. I kept pressing and pressing the button, but the elevator wouldn’t move quite fast enough. He stormed towards me, yelling my name and I just kept pressing. As he reached his long, bony fingers out towards me, the elevator began to close, but it was too late.

    By Katnaps on 01.07.2015

  24. There’s an urgent matter that just came up and I’m dropping everything.

    By John Cutler URL on 01.07.2015

  25. It is pressing, the idea of time. How fast it goes, and how much one has to accomplish in such a short life span. Goals, ambitions, the drive to succeed. Yet life is so short, and so unexpected. How can we overcome something we have no control over?

    By DayDreamin' Fool URL on 01.07.2015

  26. Her fingers tracked the knobs of his spine, tracing them like they were precious jewels. He felt as though his lungs were going to push out of his skin, moving towards her warm breaths.

    By Chloe on 01.07.2015

  27. pressing is something you press like a leaf and playdoh

    By ava on 01.07.2015

  28. My mistakes, pauses & inconsistencies are pressing down up on me like a comforter that’s 10 times too heavy.
    Weighted down, I search for the way out. Why is this thing so big? Why can’t I find an edge, an escape?
    I regret so many things, I realize… and this comforter of my own choosing is suffocating me. Where is the way out?

    By offendreaming URL on 01.07.2015

  29. Pressing on my chest. Pressing pressing the weight of your words. 2 tons of passive aggressive. My chest piece on the verge of cracking. too much. too much weight.

    By Raven Byerly on 01.07.2015

  30. My heart pressed against my chest, the pressure building up along with my anxiety. It couldn’t be. It wasn’t possible. Why and how could this happen? My life was about to take a major turn that wouldn’t only impact my life, but others and the world’s fate.

    By Jacob on 01.07.2015

  31. I pressed myself up against you and all I wanted to feel was warmth, but darling, the ice in your veins chills me to my bones and my soul.

    why is it that I ever expected you to match the fire in my heart?
    You are too cold, and I am too hot and we both fall apart.

    I’m still waiting for the feeling of your hands against mine, darling.

    By L.M.P on 01.07.2015

  32. I felt myself press up against you but you didn’t cave, all I was looking for was for you to melt the ice I found in my veins.

    But you were too hot, and I was too cold, and we both fell apart.
    So maybe that’s why I wake up in the morning and take flaming hot showers
    and drink coffee until my tongue burns off, because it tastes like you.

    By L.M.P on 01.07.2015

  33. Pressing issues
    wasting time
    measured in clicks
    and wadded tissues.

    I’ve always had this mindset
    that stops me from diving in
    when the water looks cold.

    By asavas on 01.07.2015

  34. “Press down on it!” Sophie was shrieking. “Press down on the wound! You can’t let him bleed out! You can’t!”

    I looked at her. “He’s a DOG, Soph.”


    “A STUFFED dog.”

    “Then where’d the blood come from?”

    “My hand. You bit it, remember?”

    By FrenchThePotato on 01.07.2015

  35. the news was pressing. it seemed to be ever so. i wish it would end. the war. the terror.

    By raychel bahnick on 01.07.2015

  36. He saw her standing there, he thought about asking her out, the pressing feeling in the back of his mind. Should he? He loved the way her hair looked in the wind. He thought what it would be like to run his fingers throught that hair. He didn’t care if she said know. He might as well try.

    By Kirby on 01.07.2015

  37. Pressing into him. Pressing thoughts. I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing, but I know its very important. They all expect something. If they keep pressing it will suck

    By Haley on 01.07.2015

  38. I really want that right now. I know that I do, I just can’t get the words out of my mouth. The expectation is far greater than what I can give. I just want to make him happy. The pressing of his voice makes me want to show him all the truly beautiful things

    By Haleynoise on 01.07.2015

  39. the air was pressing against my chest. I could hardly breathe. it felt as if someone was sitting on me. or pressing against the glass out of curiosity. what’s inside. I can’t see. it’s cold. fog from breath. pressing bodies together. love. pressure. pressing chest caving in. pressing matters hurries have to finish life or death

    By lisa on 01.07.2015

  40. The walls, how pressing. There pushing me down, im pressed, no where left to go.

    By Ari on 01.07.2015