November 25th, 2011 | 119 Entries

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119 Entries for “president”

  1. Most people don’t like the president but it’s hard to get someone that everyone approves. I say dont hate. Our country picked him for a reason, trust our nation.

    By Drea URL on 11.25.2011

  2. The president of the United States is a very powerful man. Although I don’t want to be discriminatory and exclude women, historically, it’s always been a man. Which is a damn shame if you ask me. Girl power! Wow.

    By maggie on 11.25.2011

  3. corruption corruption corruption
    greed for money and worse, for power
    want want want
    climb their way to the top of the country
    anyone who has enough money and desire to run for president, probably shouldn’t be elected

    By Samira URL on 11.25.2011

  4. The presisdent. He’s killed millions of people. The president, not of our country, but of our group. Out house. Our ‘cult,’ if you enjoy putting it that way. The president, she hates the world. She hates her job. She hates blood. She hates blood and can’t wait to seek vengeance. The vengeance, she gains by taking lives. She finds people who are not afraid like we are. She finds people who don’t give a damn about life. These people, she gives them a reason to fear. I wish that we could fight back against her. Jacqueline.

    By Alex on 11.25.2011

  5. “I want to be president when I grow up, Mommy!” Little Ella chimed.” I want to make the world a happy place, no more frowning or meanies. And no more daddies going to war.” She added with an innocent smile. Her mother sighed, thinking of how much her husband has missed of Ella’s 3-year life fighting for our country.

    By Rose URL on 11.25.2011

  6. The president, she’s killed people. A lot of them. I mean, I suppose it’s a good thing. People. Dead.

    But death is the worst word. Besides Forget or Remember. Death is a definite word, a word that can’t be stopped. And I know that she’s only afraid, our president of the cult, but she shouldn’t kill the people that feared her. It’s just not right.

    By Alex URL on 11.25.2011

  7. tell me please i beg you on my knees send some help send some mind everybody is out and out of line

    By M.Z. URL on 11.25.2011

  8. Whether it’s in school or D.C., this title holds a lot of responsibility and authority; the type that I can never imagine having.

    By Michelle Chen URL on 11.25.2011

  9. Lol. Bill Clinton. That is all. No creative juices needed for this.

    By HumanKryptonite URL on 11.25.2011

  10. president? what is government? what is a democracy? what is the point?

    By t URL on 11.25.2011

  11. I actually really like Obama. Like, I don’t know much about politics, but he seems like such a jovial guy, really easygoing and fun, plus, a real family guy. I’d like to see him get reelected to see what else he can do for our country. Like give Congress a slap in the face.

    By Lola URL on 11.25.2011

  12. president? we don’t have the president in our political system but the word reminds me of all political issues that saddened me. the position sounds eminent, but the person in the position?

    By kaorita on 11.25.2011

  13. who is the president? sometimes i forget. oh yes obama. i am conflicted about him sometimes. president could mean so much. i am the president of myself. i rule myslef. sometimes. nope…always i am learning to be the president of myself and i like it. most of the time.

    By karly daquila on 11.25.2011

  14. mahogany desk
    mahogany smile

    little green toys on his desk
    colorful pins to profess
    his love to the world

    By Lola URL on 11.25.2011

  15. The leader–of a country, a company, any organization, really–needs to have skills, but he or she also needs to have others who are as skilled or better to help, because there is danger in thinking one person can do everything by themselves.

    By lil_nail URL on 11.25.2011

  16. President
    He is powerful and rich
    He has a lot of responsability
    He is the first ever african american one
    His wife has done more than him
    He has a funny name
    He only cares about change
    He is Obama

    By Hannah URL on 11.25.2011

  17. black man. El presidente. Cou de ta. Revolt. Revolting. Despicable.

    The senator sits on top of a throne of skulls. The skulls of kindergartens from Utah.
    Fuck Utah. and the proletariat.

    By Adam on 11.25.2011

  18. The presidents’ photos in the textbook all looked the same. No one was allowed to smile – that would be terrible. Who could take them seriously if they smiled? These were the people in charge of everything, and that meant they weren’t allowed to have fun. If they were, then they clearly weren’t fixing all the things that needed fixing. He stared at their portraits, wondering if someday he was going to stop smiling because he was a grown up.

    By cmsiena URL on 11.25.2011

  19. Where I come from, not very many people like the president. I like him for what he’s doing in terms of marriage and other types of things, while people that don’t like him focus on the care plans. I think he’s on the right track with the U.S., and we should give him another year to sort out our debt and other things.

    By Katlyn URL on 11.25.2011

  20. What’s the need? A people who can live together without selfish motive is a people who need not a single leader but a people who lead together as one.

    By Christian Zoll on 11.25.2011

  21. If I were president of the world, I would make sure that all the little children were safe, healthy, and happy….

    By Ninan on 11.25.2011

  22. president. the leader of the land. head honcho. or as i like to refer to him/her….the person who sits there and doesnt do what they are supposed to :) i thought being president meant looking out for everyone in your country. so why are there still straving kids? why are there people loosing their jobs? step up your game.

    By Stephanie on 11.25.2011

  23. This dull ache wins,
    This punishing is puny yet it punishes still,
    And with greatness it remains weak,
    It rules but there is nothing there to keep its hold,
    How can something so strong falter so easily?
    This pounds and pounds but it cannot hurt,
    So why oh why is it pounding?
    There is no use but it keeps going.
    If erosion is my death, than the salt is bitter.

    By Vareesha Khan URL on 11.25.2011

  24. “OK, Guido,” Sharon interjected, “you are now president of our book discussion group treasury.” Guido looked at Sharon as she continued and his face brightened, “It’s fine that you don’t read the books. It’s fine that you never bring snacks. But could you please let go of the Betty’s throat? She was in the middle of making a point about the bittersweet irony pervasive in ‘The House of Sand and Fog.’ “

    By richpee URL on 11.25.2011

  25. President, the leader o four nation. Does he represent leadership, poise, and prestige. Or a distorted political agenda? What do you see when you look at him, maybe that tells you a little about yourself?

    By Amy on 11.25.2011

  26. I don’t think I’d ever like to be the president. If anything goes wrong you’re the one to blame and if you make something right chances are people wont notice it for years and another president gets credit for your work. I’d like the traveling part but I don’t think that would off set the pressures. I’d rather live my like with less responsibility.

    By Bri URL on 11.25.2011

  27. presidents are things that i don’t really know about. i guess their leaders, but also listeners. they do what they want, but also what others in a group want. i volunteered for a vice presidential election in school this semester. i got voted in. i feel proud, yet still useless since its not the real president.

    By illustrious on 11.25.2011

  28. It is a great responsibility that is often squandered. They seem to believe that it was there birth right and not that it is their duty. They were chosen to be servant s to the people not the tyrants or the manipulators. It is something that has become so sullied and needs to be redefined.

    By River Ranter URL on 11.25.2011

  29. What used to be such a strong, central pillar of our society and of our beliefs has become the figurehead associated with corruption, ulterior motives and slanted media views. It’s sad that such an exalted position has fallen so low…from George Washington to LBJ.

    By CaptainCaelyn URL on 11.25.2011

  30. The president can do nothing without ridicule. No matter how big or how small, the public will not accept his thoughts, his beliefs, his existence as the president. Funny, he is not the first man to have his existence questioned. He is real, and his time is not up, but many can’t wait for him to vacate the throne.

    By Fender2010 URL on 11.25.2011

  31. The president is a symbol. He can’t save the world, but everyone can project their own frustrations on him and pretend he can fix or ruin their lives. Why anyone would want that job I could never imagine.

    By dan URL on 11.25.2011

  32. It seemed a useless title in light of what had happened. Marilyn sat at the desk, running her hands across the marred oak, the light streaming in through the window behind her. So many dead. So much chaos. That they could even imagine to pick up the pieces.

    She could hear the birds. How could it be so tranquil?

    “Madam President?” One of the aides by the door waited tentatively, lines of strain about his eyes.

    She couldn’t yet turn to face him.

    By Fluidfyre URL on 11.25.2011

  33. I see a word. It is at the top of the screen. Why am I doing this. What is the point? Who cares about this word seriously people. This is fun. TROOLLLOLOL its not. ha. Ugh hurry up timer…………….. almost done!!! =DDD

    By philtheseal on 11.25.2011

  34. haha.. member in class, at the end of the year, once all of our tests were done with and our teachers said “screw it, you all are on you own”? good times. i was playing this game, the first time you spoke to me and my heart droped, my checks get as red as a firetruck…or strawberry..that’s what u said you liked right?! guess your more fond of roses these days: beauty on the outside, but full of spikes and poison…. common and unoriginal as fuck, too.

    By katie URL on 11.25.2011

  35. If i were president
    money would grow
    the world would show
    little children would play

    if i were president
    jobs would be easy
    and pay would be great
    the sick wouldn’t be ill
    and all the bills would be paid.

    if i were president
    i would mend broken countries
    and robin hood to the poor.
    if i were president

    By Natty URL on 11.25.2011

  36. President Obama has done nothing for our country. He promised change, but it’s been 3 years! No progress. It’s too bad, I was hoping he’d show everyone differently.

    By Tacotime! URL on 11.25.2011

  37. tull og tøys og unødvendig og æsj

    By tk on 11.25.2011

  38. no……..

    By tk on 11.25.2011

  39. President. Our president. So many things to say. Not a lot of good things, though. Guess I won’t say them here. Half of the readers would rally behind me, and the other half would hate my guts. I wonder how many people are going to write about the president?

    By somebody on 11.25.2011

  40. I believe our president is one of the most down to earth presidents. He has also done something that most candidates would have never done. He gave LGBT people rights. Not all that we deserve but he has started and helped our movement.

    By Delaney URL on 11.25.2011