November 25th, 2011 | 119 Entries

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119 Entries for “president”

  1. Leader?

    By Kristen Suzanne URL on 11.25.2011

  2. The word president just reminds me of the government overall and how much I hate it. Which just brings me back to thinking about him. We were both such anarchists together.That always seems to stand out to me. The fact that someone’s an anarchist.

    By M URL on 11.25.2011

  3. The hole in his mouth hurt, but not as much as the latent psychoses in the three days since the extraction. He was president, he told himself, clinging to an iron railing. President. The rail slipped beneath sweaty palms. President. Behind him, no security detail watched.

    President, he whispered to the owl in the oak tree. And the bird flew into his open mouth and ate the mouse out of the hole his molar had presently vacated. He closed his mouth. President. And the bird began to claw its way down his throat…

    By RS Bohn URL on 11.25.2011

  4. President lives currently in the present day. He used to live in the past, but that was before they found that time machines built before the year of 1972 had a severe defect that would cause them to spontaneously expand to the size of the universe and encapsulate all time; very uncomfortable for a finite being such as the president.

    By David John URL on 11.25.2011

  5. the president of the USA is Barack Obama. I don’t really associate so much when i think about him, but i do believe that he is a kind man with a nice smile. he is infact quite caring in my head, and i think he does a fine job. he usually wears a suit.

    By sofie on 11.25.2011

  6. “The next president of the United States…Milo the cat!”

    I rolled my eyes as my brother carried our large orange tabby into the room, humming a very awkward theme song. I threw some popcorn at him in response.

    “What are you watching?” he asked.

    “V for Vendetta on demand.”

    He snorted. “You a communist?”

    “No, I’m an anti-fascist. There’s a difference.”

    He sat down beside and Milo squirmed to get away. In the corner of my eye, I saw my mother cooking in the kitchen.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.25.2011

  7. How nice would it be
    to be the president of this desolate world
    To further destroy every living soul
    That it once inhabited
    To set fire to every infuriating thing
    It ever touched
    How nice it would be
    to be the president of this desolate world..

    By xIzzi Monroe URL on 11.25.2011

  8. The president of the united states is brown skinned. He is brown skinned because he looks that way. No one wants him to have a different colour, people should be like that with everyone. Skin colour does not matter. It does really NOT matter.

    By Sigrid U URL on 11.25.2011

  9. The president is in the United States

    By Kathy on 11.25.2011

  10. Presidents are at the mercy of corporations.

    By Mike Rotch on 11.25.2011

  11. i can’t be president i can’t take control of everything in such a way i was not meant to be president but I don’t want to be president anyway

    By C. Ritchie URL on 11.25.2011

  12. A big man who are wise and weelknown. Like Barack Obama. Can also be a women. The white house. Take big risks. War. For his country.

    By Selma on 11.25.2011

  13. It’s hard to be a president. It is a huge responsibility. You need to take big risks. Barack Obama is maybe the most powerful man in the world today. And he is just an ordinary man.

    By sssl URL on 11.25.2011

  14. It’s some people’s dream to become a president but it’s lost a lot of it’s worth. In a democratic society it’s a popularity contest; the more votes you win the chance you become a president is heightened. But whether people listen or not is irrelevant.

    By Michelle O'Connor URL on 11.25.2011

  15. The president looked up. He smiled. “Good morning, Americans. Today is Thanksgiving.” He continued to smile, even though he felt his wife’s hand on his shoulder. “Do you know what that means? It’s a time to be thankful for what you have. I’m thankful for my life, my country, and my role here as president.”

    By Amanda URL on 11.25.2011

  16. President

    My favorite modern-day president? Bill Clinton. Smart. Articulate. Someone that works well with others. I even like that he plays hard … or at least he used to. He’s charismatic. And he does what he can to put the welfare of the many above the welfare of the few.

    By CameoRoze URL on 11.25.2011

  17. “And today, is a new day, for a new change. I watch this world, I watch it crumble, and I’ve had enough of all this fake selflessness. No more, I can’t take it! I bid to rid all peace in the world, and replace everything good, with evil! If we can’t all be good, let’s just all be bad, we all no we’ve got it in us. I am no Satan follower, but I present myself as Satan, you see, I’m the only one who can put things right. Bow down to your new leader, Satan!”

    Oh, no. God, no!

    By Simone? URL on 11.25.2011

  18. He’s almost like the president, the freaking president! But he’s not. He’s the president’s son. Which is almost maybe worse. There’s no way I can go through with it. All of my training, put to waste, all because I’m afraid of a 15 year old boy. Well, not afraid exactly. It’s just, I never imagined myself kidnapping someone so important, or so, well, adorable.

    By Julia URL on 11.25.2011

  19. someone responsible of great thngs .. gotta inspire ppl .. and take a leading role on everythng in life .. he should be protective .. yet hard on those who desrive it .. he is the one everyone look up to to solve their problems

    By Rema on 11.25.2011

  20. obama is sitting in his awesome white house when suddenly bush calls he says hello new president how do you like MY seat obama goes like fuck off bitch and just hangs up lol

    By Yara on 11.25.2011

  21. The president is the one who is supposed to guide our nation through the crises that we face. Yet, we haven’t had a president that has done that in years. It’s sad really.

    By Alex Cornell URL on 11.25.2011

  22. you own me. you control my mind, order my heart, decide my destiny.
    you are my president; the president of my heart’s empire.

    By Farah Jaradat on 11.25.2011

  23. Image, stature, appearance. Loving the public, why don’t you love me? He can’t help but wonder why or how and even when. Pick up that seal of approval and stamp it on me, but it’s vanishing into thin air.

    By Julia M URL on 11.25.2011

  24. To preside over the matters of manners and things suchlike. It is unprecedented to know of the proceedings that take place between me and that there yonder president. Precious, I know.

    By Mickey Willard URL on 11.25.2011

  25. The president walks into the room before I leave, and I restrain myself from rolling my eyes. I don’t need some good luck speech. And I won’t win this for my country, or me. I’ll win it for Faye, and Seam. I don’t care about anyone else. I don’t see why I was picked for the hand to hand combat, and my heavy armor just gets in the way. I ignore the president and walk into the arena, instantly blinded. I take one deep breath before the bell, and when the sound comes, the first thing I do is take it off. The crowd gasps when they see my braid, which was tucked neatly underneath my armor.

    By Squeakable on 11.25.2011

  26. The president of the chess club is your best friend. Check mate.

    By Melissa URL on 11.25.2011

  27. ‘Excuse me, Mister President…’
    ‘I’m busy, Tess,’ The man sits at his desk, deep in though. He’s not a young man by far, but he looks older than he is. A wise man.
    ‘But sir-‘
    ‘Sir! There are… things. Things outside. I…I don’t know what they are.’
    ‘I know.’
    He finally looks up from his desk. The first thing Tess notices is his eyes.
    They’re pitch black.

    By India on 11.25.2011

  28. The president walks into the room before I leave, and I restrain myself from rolling my eyes. I don’t need some good luck speech. And I won’t win this for my country, or me. I’ll win it for Faye, and Seam. I don’t care about anyone else. I don’t see why I was picked for the hand to hand combat, and my heavy armor just gets in the way. I ignore the president and walk into the arena, instantly blinded. I take one deep breath before the bell, and when the sound comes, the first thing I do is take it off. The crowd gasps when they see my braid, which was tucked neatly underneath my armor. I ignore them, and take a first glance at my opponent. Then, I satisfy my nerves with a deserved gulp.

    By squeakable URL on 11.25.2011

  29. presidents are very important people that do important things for the country mos of them are corrupt but they do good things at least for us to be in a better place. I really dont like talking about them but well.

    By estefania URL on 11.25.2011

  30. The president of the new world that hath formed from the scraps of the old, paced his study. All was choatic disorder, but that’s what happens when people panic. It turns them into wild rabid animals with no sense or morals, with only the need to SURVIVE. His presidency was useless, he himself was useless. He, just a few of the remaining pieces of the shattered government, was unlucky enough to be appointed as new president. Unfortunetly the old one had died, unfrotunetly for the new president and the old one, but unfortunate for none else.

    By Solanaceae URL on 11.25.2011

  31. Sitting at the head of the long table, the president sighs. The board talks around him about finances and such, but all he wants to do is go to the beach and make a sandcastle.

    By Si URL on 11.25.2011

  32. Canada doesn’t have a president. I prefer it that way, even though a prime minister is essentially the same thing. I’m experiencing writer’s block on this one. Nothing to say on this topic. In the least.

    By b3mused URL on 11.25.2011

  33. I’m an ultra-Liberal, Obama-loving Democrat. Those words would make people hate me. It’s a shame we don’t have a country in which everyone feels free to express him or herself. I just realized that I didn’t use the word “president” in my writing!

    By beowulf URL on 11.25.2011

  34. It wasn’t just the day to be the president, but to be presidential. He felt supremely happy as he sat down at his desk, picked up his pen and tapped on the intercom to summon his advisors. It was eleven am and there were at least five key decisions to make.
    And then, as he absent-mindedly scratched his foot, he realised. He wasn’t wearing the presidential socks. He turned his foot to look at his socked ankle and saw they were a simple pair of green stictehd argyles that offered nothing. He froze as the door opened, shook down his trouser leg, and wondered how quickly Sue could get there with the socks, and how he could stall the meeting.

    By Sam URL on 11.25.2011

  35. “Well, if anyone wants to be president of the united states all he has to do is to fall into a ravine full of shit and cactuses and come out smelling like a bunch of roses, ” Jensen thought to himself. “And if anyone deserves to be president of the united states by those standards, well, then, it should be me.”

    By chole URL on 11.25.2011

  36. The president. The very word sounds fake. They, more than anyone else, were a mask, You can never tell who they truly are, what their real beliefs are, or what they truly intend to do. And it only grows worse as they’re time in office pregresses. They become corrupt by the power and the money, and may not be the person you once elected at all.

    By GertrudeTheAwesome URL on 11.25.2011

  37. He’d never been interested in politics, and didn’t give a rat’s ass about who would be elected president, just as long as he didn’t screw up the country more than it already had been.

    By e.c.rider URL on 11.25.2011

  38. Power
    The White House

    By Anne URL on 11.25.2011

  39. Tall and regal, you come from the best stock. Bred to lead, bred to perform, bred to lie. You embody all of us, the best and the worst, and yet you are not like any of us. We can’t afford to walk in your shoes.

    By Soft URL on 11.25.2011

  40. The President doesn’t really have much power when you think about it. I mean, he has Veto and social-standing. But the legislative branch makes the laws and the judicial branch enforces them. He’s not unlike the Queen. o.O

    By Emily URL on 11.25.2011