November 25th, 2011 | 119 Entries

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119 Entries for “president”

  1. Lower case. Why? Is it a clue? Not the national President or any Head of State. A club President. Or maybe a clubhouse president. Jimmy was president of the club. This was mostly because the clubhouse was in his backyard and had been built by his dad and him. Well, mostly his dad, but he had hammered in that nail right…. there, and his dad had let him drill holes in a piece of scrap wood with the electric drill. Steve was vice-president because he was Jimmy’s best friend, and Billy was treasurer because his parents were rich, both of them, even though they didn’t live together any more. And Mikey, Jimmy’s little brother, was secretary, because their mom had made Jimmy let him in and none of them knew what a secretary did except that it sounded like a girl job.

    By Bill G URL on 11.25.2011

  2. ok.

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 11.25.2011

  3. I cannot think of a title that less meaning in my life. I don’t know anyone that fully trusts the current president of the nation we live in, and I sometimes doubt that my college community will be able to rely on me. I hope I can prove myself wrong.

    By Alice on 11.25.2011

  4. He received the call around 4:30 that morning. Russian missiles had been launched and were heading in the direction of the u.s. embacy. He had to hurry. The president ran from the oval office, towards the jet waiting around the corner of the exit. He knew the world needed him now. And he needed the world.

    By sage URL on 11.25.2011

  5. One day I will be president… One day I will visit the moon… One day I will wake up next to you, and you won’t be hand-cuffed to the bed, nor drunk out of your skull… Most importantly one day, I will give you the moon in a little black velvet box. … and I don’t care how many people I have to lie to, to get it either….

    By aubrey URL on 11.26.2011

  6. She is running for President? Look out world, I am running for the door! She has caused enough difficulty as it is, we do not need her in office,in any capacity, but least of all as President!

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 11.26.2011

  7. a person governing a state or country.

    By Omar on 11.26.2011

  8. There’s so much wonder in the world that I can’t help but stop and stare. And I love it. I love the dew dropping from the leaf that goes to feed the soil and I love the Etch-a-Sketch illustrations that birds’ wings make. I am the president of this backyard. Me of the Jungle.

    By Myona on 11.26.2011

  9. The president stood before the microphone. He looked into the eye of the camera, knowing he was addressing the nation he led.
    With words he hadn’t prepared, actions he didn’t perform, he changed the course of the nation.
    Some cheered, some solemnly celebrated, and some mourned. One way or the other, that night would never be forgotten. He delivered the conclusion to a horrific tale that had started ten years before.

    By Chelseyann URL on 11.26.2011

  10. Politics is politics. There are no words to describe the inevitable filth government sprinkles over every participating soul. Like a fine layer of ash, the process marches onwards. It must. It will always persist, it will never be clean enough.

    By Charles Park on 11.26.2011

  11. who is our president dear? What shall we do knowing that? what are you doing dear? Do you love me in this quick moment. What about your opinion about our future

    By laxmi on 11.26.2011

  12. obama

    By Antonia URL on 11.26.2011

  13. I was watching tv when the president appeared on screem and told us that the nation was going to be seriously attacked by some very strange creatures coming from a distant Planet

    By inma garcia URL on 11.26.2011

  14. When I grow up I want to be the president of the United States.

    By URL on 11.26.2011

  15. The president is supposed to be imposing, powerful, r at the very least strong. maybe not strong of body, but with a healthy intellectual appetite. He is a man who can send people to the moon on a word, and if you tell me he has no drive, no desire, I will show you someone that is half a man.

    By TheBlueFool URL on 11.26.2011

  16. being in charge must be so overwhelming at times, it would be a job you could never get away from it would include co-workers that became your family because the lived and worked in such close quarters the president should take that job

    By KCochran URL on 11.26.2011

  17. King of the country, that person on top swinging his great big metaphorical hammer around ordering this and ordering that, a little crush here and some smash-em-up in a 3rd world country….

    By qwyrxian URL on 11.26.2011

  18. I would want Bayani Fernando to be president of the Philippines one day.

    By Diane URL on 11.26.2011

  19. I am the president of the United States of America. I have control over you, but not myself. Could that be true? Must I watch over all these people and protect them and do the right thing when really I can hardly get up in the morning with a good idea of who I am.

    By Olivia URL on 11.26.2011

  20. Barack Obama is the president of the USA. I don’t know a lot about him, except that he’s from Hawaii and won the Nobel Peace Prize and wants do something abouth the health system in USA. Everybody in Norway loves him.

    By tone URL on 11.26.2011

  21. Why hasn’t a woman been president? Why is it such a novelty that a woman would be capable of running a country? Why is it hard for a woman to become the leader of anything? It’s always a guy as the president, girls get to be VPs, if they’re lucky.

    By Rwerner on 11.26.2011

  22. Why, Mr. President!” He said, his mouth hanging open.
    “No, I’m not the president,” Grimley said.
    “Aww what a shame, you look just like him.”
    “Hmm and what if I were really him?”
    “Well, I’d shake your hand of course!”
    “And now that you know I’m not?”

    By Cully on 11.26.2011

  23. I was president over them all. They worshiped me, and everything I said. Except for him. He hated me, out of jealousy. He wanted to bring me down. Well, he managed it. And now I’m no better than them, am I? I hate this.

    By Laura URL on 11.26.2011

  24. It had been only five hours since he had first met Jemima, the security chief of the President of Mushrooms. “We have to be very careful”, she had told him in a bar in a less than glamorous hotel, not far from the Dark House, “Of toadstool infiltration”.
    “I hear that” replied Ronald, as the barlights reflected gaudily off the war medals attached to his lapel, the ribbon of his Purple Seed almost glowing under their bright hue. “If there’s one thing this country doesn’t need, it’s more toadstools getting under our roots. Damned weeds that they are. Need to keep our country pure.”
    That was five hours ago, and now, in a mildly humid room upstairs in the hotel, they were getting to know each other a little more closely, doing what mushrooms like to do best. As she spread out the compost and closed the curtains to make things more romantic, he undressed in the bathroom. Everything she was doing right now was breaking protocol, but the stress of her post had gotten to her, she needed time to relax, and not everyone could be a terrorist. She turned the light out. As the energy-saving bulb in the centre of the ceiling glowed its ghostly shade of white before extinguishing completely, she swore she had noticed, in the corner of her eye, Ronald adjusting the wig on his head. She hadn’t even been aware he was wearing a wig. But in that moment, she thought she saw the briefest of flashes of bright red speckled with white spots. She said nothing, and the light in the room faded completely.
    The room was almost pitch black as Ronald made his way to the giant tray in the middle of the room where she was currently digging herself in nice and deep. Had their meeting really been pure chance?
    He had seemed so nice, though. A little desperate, but nice. Not your usual army guy, for sure.
    Ronald crunched his way onto the tray, she could feel him shuffling deeply in next to her, the compost lifting round her sides a little more. Soon, she would be utterly prone. She had to think fast. Where was her gun?
    As Ronald shifted a little more, she felt the touch of cold metal as he pressed in beside her.
    That wasn’t her gun. It was his.

    By Gordsthoughts URL on 11.26.2011

  25. The president of the organization really holds all the responsibility and also sets the tone. I have observed so many different styles of leadership, and it depends a lot on the personality of the president. But some are more effective than others. I’m not sure what my style will be when I am president in 2013.

    By elizabeth b URL on 11.26.2011

  26. When I was little, I was convinced that I would be the first female president of the United States. I didn’t understand what a president was supposed to do, or how you get to be the president, but I was convinced that I would do it and be awesome at it. Now I’ like, “LOL, who wants to be PRESIDENT?!”

    By Zoe URL on 11.26.2011

  27. He was suppose to be the promise of America however he hasn’t lived up to his promise so far. It is so unfortunate as the entire country had such high hopes for him. I wonder what his legacy will be?

    By Laurie on 11.26.2011

  28. Take a few steps in the right direction,
    but we will always look the opposite way.
    When we look behind us, we see the past
    that wasn’t created by you. But we blame you.
    We always will. Because our group is too big
    to look forwards in the positive direction.

    By Emily URL on 11.26.2011

  29. overrated term used in hip hop. seriously, calling yourself president? and you’re not Jay-Z?

    By mad pupil URL on 11.26.2011

  30. The president of the United States is currently Barack H. Obama. And he is awesome. I was allowed to vote for the first time when Barack was on the ballot. I hope he is the president for a 2nd term too. There is a card game called Presidents. The president has a tough job probably no time for card games.

    By Sonja on 11.26.2011

  31. I’ve never been so scared in my life. Gun at the ready, I waited patiently until she came in front of me. Right in front. Why could she not see me? Why couldn’t she see me about to kill her. I sighed and shot the woman, wincing as I did so. Scared.

    By Alex URL on 11.26.2011

  32. Thank us with sincerity and give us a badge.
    Make me feel like I am part of the whole.
    Fill our people to the brim with hope for tomorrow.
    Break us at the moment we least expect it, Mr. President.

    By Marcus McMahon URL on 11.26.2011

  33. I’d rather be right then president one man said, drumming with a tune in his head. Oh, how crazy this man can be. But to be president would be hard and job most will never hold. important and idolized in many ways. I rather be right then president too.

    By Jasmine H URL on 11.26.2011

  34. “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

    By Mel URL on 11.26.2011

  35. I’m not alone because the TV’s on. I’m not insane because I take the right pills. This is the world we are fed. We are the generation that has no great war, but rather ours is a spiritual one. We fight our minds against what we are told, we like to believe we have trust but in the end it’s just us. Leaders don’t lead. Kings are dying as presidents turn corrupt. I don’t understand this place anymore.

    By Saskia URL on 11.26.2011

  36. someday,
    i plan on being the president.

    or better yet,
    supreme lord dictator of the world.

    i like the sound of that.
    it has a nice ring to it.

    and honestly,
    the world would be a better place.

    you’re welcome.

    By sarah marie URL on 11.26.2011

  37. The person at the head of the executive branch of a country’s political system in a democracy. The person whom everyone holds responsible for all of the things wrong in the country, even things that are beyond the powers of the President. Not all democracies have a President — some countries, like Canada, have a Prime Minister (PM) — other countries have a President and PM, like India, where the PM holds more power than the President.

    By Shaunak on 11.26.2011

  38. authority, power, responsibility, overseer, representative, mutable, promises, foreign relations, enigma,

    By Laurel on 11.26.2011

  39. there once was a boy named apple
    he was kind of a little asshole
    he went around town
    and made everyone frown
    that’s why apple’s not invited to parties

    By helen cooper URL on 11.26.2011