October 13th, 2009 | 455 Entries

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455 Entries for “pregnant”

  1. Pregnant with first born. Remember what that was like. Changes everyday. Feeling wonderful, scared uncomfortable, tired, fat.

    By Chris G on 10.14.2009

  2. I think I’m pregnant.
    No, I can’t be. There is no way this is true.
    My tears are falling and no one is around to hear them but you. Your mad I can tell. You don’t smile one bit. You just look at me like I’m disgusting. Turn your head and disappear with a grimace.

    By Tess on 10.14.2009

  3. to reach our target audience in the teen and twenties age ranges.

    By Anonymous on 10.14.2009

  4. I am so sick of feeling scared that I might be. Good thing I’m no longer in a sexual relationship and I don’t have to worry about it anymore. Not only am I not in a sexual relationship, I am not in any relationship, nonsexual or otherwise. Ha. Oh, life. I used to see all sorts of things having to do with pregnancy when I was in the midst of a scare. What is with that?

    By nopreg on 10.14.2009

  5. The flowering tree stood pregnant with plump, shining fruit, ripe for the picking.

    By Anonymous on 10.14.2009

  6. pregnant

    By venjtgf on 10.14.2009

  7. Women get pregnant when they have unprotected sex… not always though… blah

    By Anonymous on 10.14.2009

  8. it scares me

    By kam on 10.14.2009

  9. The dog was whining in the night.. It was pregnant. he knew it was.. he was just too lazy to get up and see to it

    By Anonymous on 10.14.2009

  10. Oh, the many ironies…

    By Heather Syncellia on 10.14.2009

  11. pregnant with thoughts of self-destruction.

    By Y on 10.14.2009

  12. He couldn’t bear it. Couldn’t understand why this was happening to him, he was supposed to be a man. It didn’t matter that he was born a different way, he was male and he shouldn’t be fucking pregnant.
    What’s worse was when Frank found out, he had grinned and cupped his hands around Gerard’s stomach, cooing “baby.” Gerard couldn’t have a baby, he wouldn’t.

    By underpants. on 10.14.2009

  13. like a ripe peach that is unwilling to burst and pread its seed, like a moon, like a full cup of water, like a balloon, like life, deep inside you, this is beautiful, and nautral and terrifying, and i want this life inside me so much, the expression of ultimate love

    By corinne on 10.14.2009

  14. uh oh – babies Not ready!!! This stinks !! Thank goodness I am not- would be nice sometime – beautiful women-

    By Jen on 10.14.2009

  15. Lady Gaga will get pregnant by Allison Bowman. She’s such a slut. I hate her. She stole Lady Gaga’s style, and she is a poser. She’ll never have success like Lady Gaga. She is a bad singer.

    By Logan on 10.14.2009

  16. Pregnancy is gross.

    By Allison on 10.14.2009

  17. curves. expanding every part of one’s life. making room inside and out for a new life.

    alien. wiggling and kicking inside, unlike any feeling before.

    By hohar on 10.14.2009

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    By oipok[l on 10.14.2009

  19. there she was glowing in the morning sun almost as bright as her pregnant belly bulged from otherwise brilliant body as she drank her starbucks

    By Anonymous on 10.14.2009

  20. Is still a word. Still it has 1233 for five just eight letters. Confusing. Words don’t make sense. Honesty. Pink. A test, plus or minus. A crucial plot point in many books. A part of nanowrimo but not for me. A life, something new. Newer than before.

    By aa on 10.14.2009

  21. a company formed by 9 members

    By martin on 10.14.2009

  22. Sie war schwanger. Die Horrornachricht. Mehr noch: DIE Horrornachricht schlechthin. Was sollte er jetzt tun? Und vielmehr: Was WOLLTE er jetzt tun? Was war mit ihr? Was wollte SIE?

    Schwanger. Das Wort geisterte in seinem Kopf herum, l

    By dude on 10.14.2009

  23. Her hand lay flat over the swell of her pregnant belly. “Finally,” she thought, “it feels real”. She felt the now familiar kick of agreement.

    By jg on 10.14.2009

  24. fat gain weight 9months children, i dont like chilren much actually but thats oaky i jsut cant deal with them from age 3 to about 18 cause they are just like me and my age group-annoying. babies are so cute though, and so i can deal. but i really can deal with adfsa

    By Anonymous on 10.14.2009

  25. Darling,
    I am pregnant. Forgive me.

    By Anonymous on 10.14.2009

  26. so far from where i want to be. Life ruining. horrifying. the beginning to the end. I wouldn’t know what to do. I mean i’d know what to do but how to handle it would be completely different. I don’t think i could be a good mom. i’m too selfish.

    By sally on 10.14.2009

  27. This was never meant to happen. As he heaved her bag into the back of her parents’ Ford Escort, (the one with no left stop light,) he looked up at the sky and then back over at her. She looked tired and had lost the glow that used to adorn her cheeks. She no longer belonged to him. Only the parasite growing inside her.

    By Bekkie. on 10.14.2009

  28. a test of strength that i fear greatly i would fail. I am not a good person for that job. being a mom takes so much and frankly i am too selfish. but at least i’m honest and know what i’d be getting into.

    By Anonymous on 10.14.2009


    By sin on 10.14.2009

  30. When my mother was pregnant, she felt quite strange, as if she had two personnalities in herself.

    By gwezheneg on 10.14.2009

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    By Anonymous on 10.14.2009

  32. sex god adam and eve pedophile peru cuba

    By Anonymous on 10.14.2009



  34. When I was pregnant the life inside of me filled a void I did not know existed. The beauty of giving life is amazing.

    By Ruby on 10.14.2009

  35. The fall was an unlikely pregnant season. The air was ripe with hope and promise. The canals of creativity channeling new experience seemed wide open, burgeoning with possibility.

    By pemberton on 10.14.2009

  36. wow. this one’s tought. jimmy raped me, at least i think that’s what happened. i think about it every single day. every day. i want that child. i don’t know why i blame myself because i mean it was already dead inside of me, and had to be taken out. i guess it wasn’t even a technical abortion. i just don’t know what to think about anything anymore. i miss that baby and i’ll never know it’s name

    By danielle vance on 10.14.2009

  37. The pause looked at the little white stick it clutched in its hands.
    “Oh, no!” it exclaimed. “I’m pregnant!” The pause shook its head in disbelief. “How can this be? I always use protection!”

    By You Know Who on 10.14.2009

  38. Oh… Dear… God…

    This can’t be happening. Pregnant? Me? But how…? And moreover, who?


    Oh… Dear god…

    Not him. Please, not him. Why, of all times, of all places, did it have to be him.

    What do I do?

    By Anonymous on 10.14.2009

  39. Why was she not getting pregnant, he asked himself. She was supposed to be at the most fertile time in her cycle. He checked under her hind legs to find that there was a deep scar that you would never notice unlessyou were a veterinarian.

    By Anonymous on 10.14.2009

  40. When Tess was pregnant, I couldn’t believe how moody and grumpy she was! I did my best to be supportive, since I have never been and probably never will be pregnant, and I cannot relate to how she felt. I was there during serious labor, so overall, I’m glad it was her and not me. The end result is now a year old and quite cute…

    By Denise on 10.14.2009