October 12th, 2009 | 337 Entries

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337 Entries for “pie”

  1. warm. soft. american pie. great movie. the first one was the best. actually i liked the second one a lot too. hm, i really like those movies. im going to add them to “fave movies” on facebook. that way all my friends can know how much i love american pie. yeahhh

    By ann marie on 10.13.2009

  2. Ah a pie. It is a wonderful food. You can fill a pie with fruit- apples, peach, strawberries rhubarb. Bake it in a oven. Yummy

    By Chris G on 10.13.2009

  3. I enjoy pumpkin pie the best. It is the only non fruit pie that anybody could enjoy. Pie is also a term describing lady parts, which I also enjoy. Sorry to change the subject from food to sex, but I’m thinking that if we could combine the two, that’s be kick ass.

    By Ben on 10.13.2009

  4. Once a upon a time the was this great big apple pie. the pie was so big that people would come from miles away to see this fantastic pie.
    One day a stranger came into town and said: “wow that is one giant pie. It looks so good I thick we should eat it.
    “eat it” said the mayor. If we eat the pie then no one would ever come here to see it.
    Well, you could make another one.
    That stumped the village. The didn’t think the could make it again because no single person person knew how to make a pie.
    The stranger started asking each villager what they knew about making a pie. One person said that there mother had taught him what the crust was made of, but he didn’t know how to mix them and with what.

    By John W on 10.13.2009

  5. like apple pie…lots of apple pie. Blueberry pie is disgusting. I think that cobbler, any kind of cobbler is gross. American pie was a stupid movie and then they made all those sequels and it got worse. Wow, it sucked.

    By christine on 10.13.2009

  6. Yesterday I had some great pie. There was pumpkin, raspberry, bumbleberry, and apple. My favourites are raspberry and pumpkin.

    By Eliza on 10.13.2009

  7. The snack was delicious, made the old way, with real fruit and real love. Looking up hopefully, she asked her mother for more.

    By Christen Dodson on 10.13.2009

  8. I love a lemon pie, my friend and i prepared one on Saturday, it was really nice but it was nicer to share that moment together, we have know each other since university and now that we are in London we are closer

    By me on 10.13.2009

  9. i make the best pie crust in the land. my secret? half butter half crisco. and i wear my grandma’s apron while i bake. i am a 21st century woman with part of my heart reserved for some time around 1951- i can see my grandmother in her farm kitchen, baking for the family. my maternal grandmother- a few hours north, doing the same. the legacy is passed on along with the aprons.

    By jb on 10.13.2009

  10. I’m going to turn you into a pie.

    Blood for filling, muscle and skin for crust.

    Bake you in an oven…and turn you into food.

    I’m going to turn you into a pie.

    Tasty, creamy, yummy-nummy delicious pie.

    I’m going to eat it all up, and then I’ll do it again…

    Until you’re all gone.

    By Jangles on 10.13.2009

  11. we

    By Anonymous on 10.13.2009

  12. Sweet like cherries, sour like lemon.
    You played your flavours like the piano, always black or white, no where in between.

    By shonalou on 10.13.2009

  13. i love pie. it tastes good. there are many different kinds of pie cherry, blueberry, blackberry, apple, etc. Why is pie so good. having a good crust is key to a good pie.

    By Joe on 10.13.2009

  14. it is delicious, my favorite one is banana cream, it is so good and tastes like heaven, i also like apple pie with ice cream and coffee. pies are the best because they are not as big as cake or as little as cookies, pies come in all kinds of flavors and are mostly served cold, the best thing about pies is that they are little enough to share with one more person, or you can stuff your face with one all by yourself,

    By Ana on 10.13.2009

  15. She sat on a small, squishy object that smeared all over her bottom and gave off a pleasantly sharp enticing smell. She tried to turn around to see what it was she had plopped down on…the mirror reflected the apple pie she had baked.

    By pri on 10.13.2009

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    By Amr Mokhles on 10.13.2009

  17. In the episode ‘Casablanca Cat’,Jerry wanted to leave a custard pie for Tom as the last of his possessions.When Tom wanted to have it,Jerry threw the pie at his face.

    By Dodo on 10.13.2009