January 17th, 2010 | 552 Entries

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552 Entries for “pour”

  1. me some water. cold icy water. so pure its invisible.

    By daph on 01.18.2010

  2. The sunlight draped over the kitchen on this warm August day as she poured a glass of lemonade for her husband cutting the grass. She smiled and wiped her hands on her floral apron. She was happy with him and with her life. She picked up the glass and headed into the backtard.

    By Halle on 01.18.2010

  3. The rain poured down in sheets. Forming a wall of water, but to Niven’s mind, and sharp eyes, they were individual droplets; too fast for the normal human to see. They all blurred together. Then for a brief second, stopped.

    Niven raised his head; it hovered over his crossed arms.

    It couldn’t have stopped

    By Gouldin Lion on 01.18.2010

  4. Pour money down the drain. Pour alcohol down the throat. Pour your life into your work, into your kids, into everything but your dreams. Pouring rain like tears on the surface of a broken world. Happiness pours onto the soul, from the smile of others, the laughter of children. A pour of sugar, a pour of salt. Pour another cup of coffee.

    By Ciandi Patry on 01.18.2010

  5. As he poured his drink, he reflected on his past. Where has he been, what has he done. One word came to his mind. Nothing. He became distraught at the thought, and pushed it out of his head right before he went back to work at his wonderfully dull job, but couldn’t help but think how things could have been different.

    By Chris Hagstrom on 01.18.2010

  6. Pour. What exactly can I say? It’s the quintessential method of measure, not just physically, but psychologically, as well. How is that glass? Half-empty or half-full? Depends on if you’re drinking or pouring. Hard to say, really. So many different ways to see it.

    By Jack on 01.18.2010

  7. it was falling so hard and cold he disliked the rain and couldnt fathom it but somehow these bleak and wet days were her favorite so he had promised to always stand in ti so they could be together at least once more

    By LunarStar on 01.18.2010

  8. The ruthless swirls of grey invaded the crisp, cool blue of the august sky. Pellets of summer downpour drenched my freckly skin as my eyelids caught individual raindrops with each lash.

    By shea on 01.18.2010

  9. Pouring rain and I love how rain looks on streets at night, with the lights reflected in shapes that don’t make sense. Pour a drink, drink your daydreams away, drink away the monsters that keep you up at night. Pour your heart out, put your heart away, don’t think those things, get some sleep, dear. Listen, listen.

    By name on 01.18.2010

  10. Man why did he have to be making this?
    “Orihime is this enough?”
    “Nope keep going kurosaki-kun”
    “Oh…okay you can stop now then”
    “You should have told me that before” he groaned chocolate batter all over his shirt

    By LunarStar77 on 01.18.2010

  11. The pain pours down my car window and I am 12 years old watching my father say goodbye to his mother on the telephone because he is about to spend the next five years of his and my life in prison. I can’t

    By Anna on 01.18.2010

  12. I pour my juice, I mix it with water because now I am old and can not take the sweetness. I pour it into my glass and sometimes it tastes good. Sometimes the pour maybe bad, or something and it is not like when I was a kid

    By Avenwall Kullings on 01.18.2010

  13. pouring out your heart to someone doesn’t require reciprocation. i learned this the hard way at fifteen. its funny that i can’t write something fictional about these things. but whatever. point being: dont pour your heart into unfamiliars cups. they might have a trick bottom. the world is out to see your heart spilling on teh floor.

    By kourtney on 01.18.2010

  14. He poured her a glass of orange juice and handed it too her. She took it and got up from the table, walking over to him and giving him a long kiss.
    “Good morning.”

    By luna on 01.18.2010

  15. pour, like chocolate chips into cookie dough, like jews into a oven, rock a-by the merry go round until we choke to death over lustful martyrdom and crashing planes. you silly peace activists, we’re at war for the people who died, we want to honor them and avenge them, let’s kill more for them!

    By The Founder on 01.18.2010

  16. pour a glass of lemonade on a hot day. not the storebought kind but the real thing. too late it isnt appetizing with all the cold weather lately, but maybe it’s finally warming up.

    By alk on 01.18.2010

  17. When it rains it pours, and the downfall of emotion she was displaying was drenching me to the skin. Old grievance after old grievance was placed at my feet, until I thought the pile would bury me. Who knew one person could hide that much hate for so long? I wondered, waiting for the next secret to spill.

    By Sarah on 01.18.2010

  18. i wanted to pour my love all over him.

    By Vegas on 01.18.2010

  19. I would pour my heart out to you tonight
    But the lines are busy and the hour is late
    There is no time in this spinning maze
    No time to return, that is
    Life is a dizzy spiral that goes round
    But never stays in the same place
    And we have lost touch with the space
    Around us, with the heat in our own fingertips
    I wanted to whisper to the wounds of the heart
    To shake it all into nothingness
    Then make it whole again
    I wanted to erase the pain of yesterday
    And replace it with bliss
    But this is not the way things work
    This is not the way I planned
    And I am standing here with an empty hand
    And an open heart, and the need to start
    All over again

    By Teal on 01.18.2010

  20. she laughed. he poured sand out of his shoes, red in the face looked up at her. “we made it” he breathlessly exclaimed, a gleaming grin streaked across his face. She shook her hair a golden mess of blond, more sand pouring out, sand sand everywhere.

    By Niki on 01.18.2010

  21. ill pour it all out, youll drink it up… but what i never expected was that you would drain me dry…
    ill pour it out and youll drink it up…
    i cant give anymore, you could always take more than enough…
    leaving me barren and dry, shriveled and patheitc, you sit plump with with my devotion…
    ill pour it all out until there is nothing left, youll lap it up with out a seconds hasitation… youll drain me dry… ill have nothing… No big surprise there

    By Anonymous on 01.18.2010

  22. the water gently poured from the beautiful ceramic pitcher into my clear glass. it was cold and refreshing. calm and serene.

    By lindsay on 01.18.2010

  23. pour me some love and ill pour you some of me. ill pour you a drink, ill give you some tea. pour me your heart and ill pour you my soul, meet me halfway ill be down below. pour me your crys and ill wipe them away, be mine forever for pour it away.

    By Katy on 01.18.2010

  24. pour it all in me inside cascade down my inner self my fuel and my life and light my life will pour unto you as well and we will know and see your love and i will know you once more

    By guterz on 01.18.2010

  25. pour baby girl that was there seated in the corner of that pour neightborhood. I would like to give her a penny but i am also pour, you get it right. Both of

    By G. Rain on 01.18.2010

  26. pour on the love, enrich the soul by giving. it matters how you interact with the world, you can make it better or worse by what you do. so pour on the love, it is the best thing you can do for yourself and everyone else.

    By Kinzie on 01.18.2010

  27. pour me some love, pour me some passion, pour me something more than than I already have. Or pour me some potion to know how to use what I already have. Just don’t make me poor.

    By M.abrego on 01.18.2010

  28. I poor the molten rock into the cup &drink it. It’s hot as hell. But I like he pain. I continue until it is gone. &I feel it cascade through my veins. I’s nice, I like this feeling of hatred.

    By Lindsey on 01.18.2010

  29. I pour out my heart to you. into your ears my words come and hit your eardrums and go to your brain where they ferment until you are no longer mad at me. at that time you will pour out yur apology to me and i will accept it.

    By reagan on 01.18.2010

  30. poor people need jobs. por favor? please give all of your donations to the man in the alley with the black jacket and the white rock. leave your dignity and your complaints at home.

    By randall on 01.18.2010

  31. there was a pour little dog. the dog didnt have much money! the dog poured lemonade! pour dog shouldnt do that pour work

    By Anonymous on 01.18.2010

  32. outside, it began to pour. the rain spattered accross the windows like tiny bullets that couldnt break glass. the wind whined loudly and wove into the trees as it did. this was deffinately the worst storm yet.

    By Miranda E. on 01.18.2010

  33. pour from the cleavage of mother’s nectar, simple warmth and comfort clings. Then softly it coats the inner lining of empty hallowness.

    By M Mayhugh on 01.18.2010

  34. pour your heart out onto the floor..

    By sat on 01.18.2010

  35. Pour the water all over the floor. Scrub and scrub and scrub. Clean out the ashes in the fireplace. Vacuum the rug and scour the pans. Where’s my fairy godmother when I need her?

    By Scott on 01.18.2010

  36. pouring down the window,drip,drippig,drop.
    silent,echoing in the silent night,like tears staining a clear,clear, world. silent,sparkling,glittering universe in each droplet.
    destoryed,spattered,gone as they pour down the window.

    By aliznwonder on 01.18.2010

  37. One day I decided to pour myself a glass of lemonade but it was too sugary so I poured extra lemon juice in it. Then it was too sour so I put in more poured in more sugar from the bag. It was too sweet once more so I poured in some water and then it tasted great so I poured my mom and dad a glass too.

    By Jacqueline on 01.18.2010

  38. I would love to pour my heart and soul into my writing but I feel as if I am inadequate – that someone will surpass me in writing ability and frown upon my feeble attempt to compose.

    By Bobby on 01.18.2010

  39. i pour my heart into everything i do just as the rain pours down the windows. it pours through my life crashing and booming like ocean waves. the syrup pours over the pancakes..chocolate chip.

    By esperanza on 01.18.2010

  40. I like to pour milk and see it form that shiny little stream as it enters my cup. I like that “pour” and “poor” are homonyms. Right now I would love to pour some hot tea into my mouth

    By Gio on 01.18.2010