January 18th, 2010 | 215 Entries

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215 Entries for “clipboard”

  1. hard.brown.cardboard/!

    By brooke on 01.19.2010

  2. Clipboards were always on the school supply list. I remember treasuring my amazing transparent clipboard. I was a step above the rest with my ability to see the beige desks through my clipboard. I didn’t have to move it or anything.

    By Sam on 01.19.2010

  3. She tutted and tapped the pen noisily on the clipboard.
    “You know, you’re really not helping. You’re going to have to tell me the truth if we’re going to get anywhere with this.”
    I opened my mouth to object but gave up before a sound left my lips, realising the futility of arguing.

    By me on 01.19.2010

  4. clipboards are wrong
    and cold
    and mean
    used to write what is observed
    all the evils
    and all the naughtyness
    take me to the sports camp
    and record my long mile time
    I will run
    and the clipboard will record my failure

    By clipboard on 01.19.2010

  5. the photos are pinned on the clipboard and the pin pricks her finger. this small delay does not hinder her for long and before anyone can get her even a band aid, she is back, pinning things up on the cork. the work is genuine and shall have great success in the magazine.

    By paul on 01.19.2010

  6. She grabed the clipboard in a huff. “They just don’t give me a moment to stop, do they” she sighed. But the little dog

    By Liz on 01.19.2010

  7. clipboards remind me of science class when i was younger. I remember it was a huge deal when you had a sweet fucking clipboard that was see through or some shit. like plasma lime green. kids didn’t fuck with you, they knew you meant business. or you’d grow up to be a lonely nerd. thats why i threw mine away.

    By luke on 01.19.2010

  8. Clipboard beautiful clipboard mouths like dusk and dirt and slime clipboard oh clipboard be mine be mine

    By caroline Adams on 01.19.2010

  9. He wrote his name down on the clipboard wondering how long this would take. Afterwards he walked back to his chair head throbbing and sank into it. Soon the nurse called his name.

    By Chris s on 01.19.2010

  10. the pen clatters-clip-clatters against the cork clipboard and it’s a wonder that through the thick jungle of her mascara, she can still see me, uncertain and unhappy and weary and languid and high. she smiles and withers away into the lightbulb.

    By devin on 01.19.2010

  11. what the hell am i suppposed to write about using a clipboard. I DONT HAVE THAT MUCH CREATIVITY. this is total bullshit. RAGE QUIT

    By Anonymous on 01.19.2010

  12. Clipboards make you feel very powerful and in charge. People will take you more seriously and will listen to you if you have one. Generally, they’re used in elementary school for reasons unknown. As you get older, you use clipboards less frequently, but oh well.

    By Rhonda on 01.19.2010

  13. Clipping the board.

    By t on 01.19.2010

  14. I’m not sure if you ever looked up from the notes you were taking and so I became acquainted with the back of your clipboard. The way you held it just so, at a 50 degree angle. Just enough to let me know I wasn’t to speak, or see, or even think about what you were thinking. I relished the thought I still could.

    By Sabrina on 01.19.2010

  15. Are you a registered voter? Please sign my petition. He flipped the top sheet and handed me his clipboard to sign. Name, Address, party,

    By Chris G on 01.19.2010