September 13th, 2010 | 145 Entries

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145 Entries for “pouch”

  1. He had a little pouch where he kept all the things that mattered most to him.

    By elizabeth URL on 09.14.2010

  2. kangaroos hold their babies in it to keep them warm.

    By sidbabe URL on 09.14.2010

  3. that kangaroo has her baby in her pouch.

    i put all my money in the little pouch so it’s not all over in my purse.

    By jo. URL on 09.14.2010

  4. The baby joey felt safe inside of the mommy kangaroos pouch because that was where he had been most of his life and he felt protected there.

    By andrew URL on 09.14.2010

  5. A pouch can be used for many things. In the olden days, it was used to carry food and items back and forth from villages. Now, it can be used to carry little things like phones and things.

    By Justin DeVeny URL on 09.14.2010

  6. She put the money in her pouch as she walked away from the store.

    By wright URL on 09.14.2010

  7. A small pouch filled with treasures dangled from her small wrist, bumping occasionally into the ragged skirt that hung from her slight frame. She was determined to deliver this secret. But would the imam understand?

    By Shine All Over URL on 09.14.2010

  8. Ill put you in my pouch forever to run and listen to Biggie in our pokeball with Liam Neeson fighting Darth Maul in a movie thats not even Star Wars where we’ll jump down into the ocean and lose ourselves in that pouch scariest of places.

    By Mickael on 09.14.2010

  9. Old people wear fany pack pouch’s, hold all their things

    By nicole URL on 09.14.2010

  10. there are many types of pouches chew pouches, backpacks, pouches for kangaroo babys, gunpowder anything can be used in a pouch. almost

    By blake on 09.14.2010

  11. He carried with him a small pouch in which he kept a pinch or two of tobacco. If the journey became too difficult he would stop and rest for a bit, smoking and gathering his strength.

    By Pandy Fackler URL on 09.14.2010

  12. All the people I know could fit inside a pouch of a kangaroo. Keep in mind that those pouches are expandable so I’m sure I could fit quite a few people in there without too many elbows and knees getting in the way

    By tkroache on 09.14.2010

  13. She picked up the pouch and was surprised by the weight. It was heavier than she thought. And then, right before the bomb went off, she thought, oh SHIT!! I should have told him I loved him.

    By Heather on 09.14.2010

  14. I know this place, it’s located near my hip and if I want to, I can put anything inside it.

    By jayme on 09.14.2010

  15. He was born with a pouch. Just a little slit in the skin, below his navel, two folds of skin that formed a small pocket. He didn’t mind so much, as it became convenient to stash stuff there through his pubescent shenanigans and, if he thought about it, it was a lot better than, say, a curly tail or an extra eyeball. He mostly kept it to himself, until the day he met his soulmate. Nervously, in bed before making love for the first time, he showed her his pouch. She laughed, took whipped off her skirt and with a flourish, showed him her two vaginas.

    By ThomG URL on 09.14.2010

  16. As long as they don’t check my pouch I’ll be fine. As long as they don’t see it, or frisk me, or call me up for a random search, it’ll be okay.

    As long as long as long.

    I hope I get away with this.

    By Jacob URL on 09.14.2010

  17. She raced down the hall, hoping for an exit. The black velvet pouch in her hand felt heavy, but there wasn’t a chance she would leave it behind. At the end of the hall, she pushed her way through the door marked “Exit” and found herself in an alley. She turned toward the street and ran.

    By djs URL on 09.14.2010

  18. i need a new coin pouch. all my change gets lost in the bottom of my purse and i can’t get to it when i really need it. i’d like to be able to ride the bus with out holding the coins in my hand at the stop.

    By MAD on 09.14.2010

  19. kangaroo’s sit in one. I once made one of of cloth for my slushie. thats when things were good, i had friends and a girl i was chasing. now im stuck in a relationship that i am not happy in and she will probably cheat on me and never tell me. I hate today.

    By R.E on 09.14.2010

  20. Pouch cotatoe. Nein. Falsch. Chips beim Fernsehen. Die machen dick. Hat die Wissenschaft festgestellt. Vor allem Kinder. Die sitzen dann nur noch auf der Couch vor der Kiste und verblöden und lernen kein Englisch. What a shit.

    By Lisa URL on 09.14.2010

  21. I often wish I had a pouch, like a kangaroo, where I could keep important things like my cellphone or wallet. Carrying around a a purse is a literal pain in the neck. And I don’t trust pockets—too many times things go through the wash.

    By Andie on 09.14.2010

  22. I often wish I had a pouch, like a kangaroo, where I could keep important things like my cellphone or wallet. Carrying around a purse is a literal pain in the neck. And I don’t trust pockets—too many times things go through the wash.

    By Andie on 09.14.2010

  23. Kangaroo’s keep their young in a pouch for protection at the most vulnerable stages of the young.

    By Brownie on 09.14.2010

  24. I looked through the pouch to try and find the right charm. Finally, found it! I pulled it out and said the banishment spell that went along with it to rid the demon in front of me.

    By Rosetta Quinn URL on 09.14.2010

  25. This was yesterdays word, right.

    By Hannahem URL on 09.14.2010