September 12th, 2010 | 143 Entries

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143 Entries for “den”

  1. She craved the warmth of a warm den, with a fire crackling and meat cooking on a stick. Yet she kept trudging through the knee deep snow.

    By BasedOnFiction URL on 09.13.2010

  2. A place where one goes to get away from the troubles of life…to forget the hardship and stress of the day been and plan the days ahead…dark, warm and inviting only to oneself.

    By Ben on 09.13.2010

  3. The cub scurried out of the prickly bush and ran to its mother, who eyed the offending plant suspiciously, its eyes narrowed. The leopardess licked the top of her offspring’s head, peeling away the small leaves stuck in its fur.

    By miatetangco URL on 09.13.2010

  4. I sat in my little den all day today. My brain was fogged by 5 o’clock and the harsh light of day was confronting. I shouldn’t stay away from reality for long periods of time…

    By Annabel J M URL on 09.13.2010

  5. The mother bear stirred in her footsteps. A cold breeze made its way through the trees, blowing softly against her thick fur. The warm season was coming to an end. She pawed at the soft ground idly, knowing that it was time to start providing for herself. With the colorful leaves and the autumn, she knew that winter was coming.

    By Tai URL on 09.13.2010

  6. I don’t really have a den or know anyone who does. I believe that the homes that foxes live in is called a den. Say? Does that mean they should have called it “The Playboy Den”?

    By Chris2913 URL on 09.13.2010

  7. She pulled aside the strings of african beads that hung in the doorway of the den, ignoring the familiar swishing as they settled back into place.

    By murph419 URL on 09.13.2010

  8. Ey, kennst du den? – Ne, du? – Ne, ich auch nicht. Aber der sieht voll süß aus. Oder? – Na ja, ich weiß nicht. Ich steh’ nicht so auf… Striche. – Wie, Striche? – Na, schau doch mal, wie dünn der ist! – Mh.

    By chRIsTinA URL on 09.13.2010

  9. dens are usually in places that we human beings can not find . I think they may be the last places that are not polluted in this world

    By Brenda on 09.13.2010

  10. Walking into the lion’s den is only fun when you’ve brought the lunch.

    By Lauren Elizabeth on 09.13.2010

  11. The place of refuge for David and his men was tiny – four feet wide and three feet high.
    a definite cause for claustrophobia.
    Yet, in that cramped, damp space,
    hearts were strengthened, courage grew.

    By Alene URL on 09.13.2010

  12. I sit in my den
    hungry and restless
    alone without kin
    i breathe until breathless

    forever I watch,
    I’m a lonely sasquatch

    By Joe URL on 09.13.2010

  13. I am in my den. Only, it doesn’t feel happy and safe and sound and I don’t feel like a cute little fox.I feel like an ogre, unlovable and too big for everything, with one eye looking clumsily out on the lonely world. This is my dirt world.

    By Tyler Ann Klein URL on 09.13.2010

  14. type of cattle found mainly in Africa and Asia

    By Maansi on 09.13.2010

  15. I’d like to have a den—a “room of one’s own—as coined by Virginia Wolfe. I’d want it to be a haven, a shelter from the storms of family life and work, and the world when it all just gets too crazy to bear.

    By Andie on 09.13.2010

  16. I had den yesterday. I guess I’m just anxious and the site hasn’t updated yet. Oh well. I’ll be back.

    By Amanda on 09.13.2010

  17. it’s waking up knowing that the need to function isn’t really a need, its a want you have to care for and treat delicately.

    it’s that fragility that you spend hours contemplating because function has became an option but deteriorating seems far too cliche.

    it’s knowing somethings wrong and not fixing it; not because tomorrow is too far away, but because it is so damn close.

    it’s time better spent towards working to the top instead used to make yourself the worst.

    it’s being awkward, not because your social skills are undeveloped but for the very fact that breathing like a normal person makes your skin crawl.

    it’s hands you can’t forget but you totally regret

    it’s allowing todays to cease, yesterdays to move, and being scared of the next second.

    it’s going to sleep with teardrops falling on your head and whispering, ‘that doesn’t mean that I am dead.’

    it’s your grotesque, naked reflection that vividly replays in your mind as you go to lunch

    it’s what you’ve finally admitted to becoming: yourself

    By Alyssa Johnson on 09.13.2010

  18. My friend bought a wolf at the same time he had his backyard landscaped. One day he came home and realized that she had built a den in the corner of the yard. No one told him when he bought her that she was pregnant and she built the den for her pups. At first he was mad that she had destroyed part of his landscape until he realized that this is what wolves do. Then he was fine with it.

    By Peaceable on 09.13.2010

  19. In the den that is you arms I felt loved, safe, protected. And now as I lay out in the cold I remember that happy place and my heart aches. Maybe some day I will return to the loving arms of a beautiful person but until then I lay, forgotten in the snow of loneliness.

    By Moira URL on 09.13.2010

  20. come,
    hide from the elements.
    kick your feet up
    next to the fire.
    Let’s vibe together.

    By NuSol URL on 09.13.2010

  21. I’ve made my way in to this deepness. Warm fuzz and crackling. Writing of my days with you.

    By Josh on 09.13.2010

  22. I remember the childhood romps around the den, wrestling with Daddy until Mom called us in for dinner: happy days, before things got serious and life took over.

    By Jo Kovac URL on 09.13.2010

  23. twat sucked Obama is a whole lot worse

    By Tyson Smaldone URL on 09.14.2010