September 14th, 2010 | 187 Entries

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187 Entries for “punch”

  1. I like to punch the wall when I’m angry. It gives me a release, I feel better when I punch something and my temper is rising. Boys punch a lot in hockey and football. They do it to let out their anger also./

    By Allison O'Neill on 09.15.2010

  2. when i was younger i used to punch my brother all the time. on television there are lots of people who punch eachother. i like to drink punch when i am at a party. even though i am a young adult when i get mad or stressed or angry i sometimes like to punch things in order to release the stress.

    By cody cavagrotti on 09.15.2010

  3. right before this class i passes my sister in the hallway
    she punched me
    i dont know why she punched me i never did anything to her
    it hurt

    By Kasey on 09.15.2010

  4. I like fruit punch.

    By Lily Trujillo on 09.15.2010

  5. Punch is sitting on the table as I choose a chocolate covered strawberry from the heaping pile. I take a large bite, not caring if the chocolate gets in my teeth or that I look ridulous. My date left already and all I want is something to make me smile. The chocolate doesn’t really do it though: it’s dark chocolate- bitter and hollow, just like me.

    By Emily Masters on 09.15.2010

  6. would you like to drink some fruit punch? i think that fruit punch is really good, there are many uses for this word for example, somebody is able to punch somebody else with their fist. this hurts and depending on the strength it can ingure the person. i dont like to get hit with a punch but i rather be able to enjoy drinking fruit punch.

    By Kayla Alward on 09.15.2010

  7. I love to think about punching someone that I was really mad at throughout the day in school. Even though it is not the best way to go, it is sooooo good to think about doing it.

    By Shanel Garcia on 09.15.2010

  8. He was angry and felt as though he couldn’t help himself. so he stood firm and punched.

    By Jackie Bryers on 09.15.2010

  9. wham, that punch hit me like a freight train.
    Dont get any closer, please
    My black eye swelling,
    i could feel my heart beating at an abnormal speed
    i will get you back

    By Perri Vingan on 09.15.2010

  10. If you do give me punch for this really small fault, then I’ll give you back the strongest punch in my life, to wherever I want, even to your face.

    By HyunPark on 09.15.2010

  11. im apunch u in the face. so hard u willll dieeeeeeee. yee boi how u like me nowwwww!!!! just kidding, im not a violent person. i like all people

    By gabe on 09.15.2010

  12. When the school bully punch me in the face, I fell backward with him towering over me. His strong physique blocking the sunlight and my jaw gushing blood.

    By Anna on 09.15.2010

  13. Ouch! that hurt! Why did you punch me? You’re such a bully. You’ve given me a black eye. Bully!

    By Frankie-lynn Ferone on 09.15.2010

  14. I just finished reading The Old Man and the Sea and honestly, I’d rather be punched really hard in the face than have to ever, EVER, read that piece of crap again.

    By Pandy Fackler URL on 09.15.2010

  15. i want to punch you in the face you horrible person. you are so hideous and annoying and you think your awesome because you are fat. jk its all good, lets be friends eh?

    By Adam Morcos URL on 09.15.2010

  16. I’ve punched people, when I was youngit was in fights with my little brother. Apparently now, its when I’m in some sort of weird and insanely unlucky turn of events. Usually it involves me walking in a dark alley in New York and some guy tried to pickpocket me. When they succeed, letting them get away isn’t any fun. No sir. I get my stuff back. Always. I don’t lose, and more importantly, I don’t miss.

    By Josh Taylor on 09.15.2010

  17. i want to punch wein in the face. then i will feel bad and get her a nice cup of tropical punch. and spike it. wein will flaunt that hott bod on the dancefloor. bottle blond hair, fake key necklace and all. LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By allie URL on 09.15.2010

  18. punch

    By Perri Vingan on 09.15.2010

  19. “Don’t drink the punch.” That’s what everyone tells you: if the punch is in a collective bowl, don’t drink it. No matter how thirsty you are. No matter how pathetically boring and unadventurous you feel. “Don’t drink the punch because somebody may have spiked it.” So the question for you is, when someone spikes the punch, will you drink it?

    By Mindy Gorin on 09.15.2010

  20. Ouch! That hurt! Why did you punch me in the face? I wasn’t even ready. I thought we were counting to three. You cheated. My eye is already bruising. I can’t believe you would do something like this. How am I going to explain this to my mom? You’re gonna be in so much trouble. I’ll get you back, just wait, just wait.

    By Frankie-lynn Ferone on 09.15.2010

  21. hcnup is punch backwards

    By allie URL on 09.15.2010

  22. i want to punch my allpal in the face. JK i love her even if she pours punch on me. she loves blowing kisses at me which i think is rather odd since we’re just friends..anywayz i’m totally punching her in the face just not today because she has a cute outfit and blood shouldn’t be on such a pretty shirt. o byez !

    By hayley URL on 09.15.2010

  23. The punch connected with great force, sending me sprawling to the ground in an instant. “How dare you,” she growled at me, her now bruised fist shaking in anger. “What gives you the right?”

    By Chuppers URL on 09.15.2010

  24. adam likes to drink punch by himself in the corner of his basement while wearing my glasses..lawlz !!! adam r0x the punch bowl ;]

    By hayley URL on 09.15.2010

  25. hi guys

    By Adam Morcos URL on 09.15.2010

  26. Sometimes life just hits you like a punch to the gut. With all the tragedies in the world, one was bound to get you sooner or later. Maybe that’s just the way it goes.

    By Jo Kovac URL on 09.15.2010

  27. Punch? Ouch! That hurt! Please don’t do that again. I didn’t mean it, I promise. That wasn’t very nice. I should punch you back. . . but that wouldn’t be nice, so I won’t.

    By GreenDucktape URL on 09.15.2010