April 15th, 2010 | 337 Entries

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337 Entries for “coaster”

  1. I set my cold drink of Diet Pepsi on the coaster, to keep my table from getting sweat rings.

    By Jana on 04.16.2010

  2. Life is a rollercoaster? Well, that’s cliche. Ridiculously so. Sure everyone’s a little bi-polar. But can we please use some originality? Although, maybe this is talking about a cup’s placement. That could be. A cup coaster. To protect our wood. Wooden tables that is. What is the importance of that? I think the rings look snazzy. Vintage even. That table’s loved. The owner’s were loved. People came, drank with them, and ruined their table.

    By Amanda M.freakingE. URL on 04.16.2010

  3. Coaster. Toaster. Ist der coaster einer, der an der coast entlangf‰hrt? Sowas wie ein Strandw‰rter? Oder ein Boot, das nur f¸r flaches, seichtes Meer geeignet ist? Das absaufen w¸rde, f¸hre es zu weit nach drauflen, dorthin, wo all die Gefahren lauern, Seegang und Haie.

    By Lisa URL on 04.16.2010

  4. i am drinking a huge red smoothie. my mom gets really mad because i put it on the wood not on the coaster and now she’s scolding me. pointing at the ring my delicious smoothie.

    By amy McMurchie on 04.16.2010

  5. dad likes to bend them at bars and such. i always forget to use a coaster, until the condensation drips down my glass and makes a puddle which inevitably leads to watermarks on a nice finished area. its a shame really, of coasters were built into tables or surface we would not forget

    By ash on 04.16.2010

  6. the rolaer coaster was way too scary for cindy. she was only 8 years old and going so fast made her extremly sick. She allways felt like she was going to fly out of one. Her 17 year old brother alex made her ride one, and thats how it all began.

    By Kaitee on 04.16.2010

  7. Once some where and some time ago, I was blessed with the words, “If you’re coasting through life, it’s because you’re going downhill.” I take it to heart and to each of my journeys as it gets me through each day and struggle.

    By Miggles on 04.16.2010

  8. for my beverage you’re the foundation. for my adrenaline you’re a whore. buyer of tickets get the next fix but so subtle when your but a table topper.

    By d'gruv on 04.16.2010

  9. Constant spinning, loveless winning. Little time to speak what you know, before you scream with hate for your decision to join what people say is fun. Scream you lungs to a pulp, and let your words go as unheard as they always have been in the coaster of life. All the listed wishes for an ending just grew, as you wish now for this thrill you never wanted to finish soon before the silence is permanent.

    By Jenna Rose on 04.16.2010

  10. Coffee mugs are supposed to sit on coasters. Other glasses too. But nobody uses them anymore. They’re irrelevant to my life, at least. My parents never took with coffee tables and the one I have now is more of a small table I use to eat off of when I watch television. I like the Daily Show – I watch it every night. I usually eat popcorn when I watch TV. But I don’t drink coffee when I watch – my French press broke and I haven’t replaced it yet.

    By Ryan on 04.16.2010

  11. I never thought the tea would stain… I never knew how much that table cost you… If I could go back I would… I never thought you’d over-react that much… You didn’t need to slap me… then kick me… then punch me… until the darkness drowned me.

    I woke up in a pool of blood… That’s what I get for not using the coaster.

    By Nia on 04.16.2010

  12. Coasters are for people who don’t like cup rings on their very nice coffee tables. People who use coasters also like area rugs, tea cozies, and very clean white cloth napkins.

    I am not a person who uses coasters.

    By Mollee on 04.16.2010

  13. the mug was on the table, tht annoyed me. that this jerk wouldnt even bother to use the coaster that was sitting right there on the table. he had done it to annoy me.

    By R Davenport on 04.16.2010

  14. rollecoasters are really cool. but I never had one. I wish they were sold near my house, but got dissapointedd every xmas: they never came. It was hard to see them in other kids feet, by I think I got over it. Not quite.

    By bruno on 04.16.2010

  15. That’s what they call him (around the water cooler anyway). He’s not making huge waves around the office. He’s not making enemies per se. He’s not offending anyone. He’s not improving the business by leaps and bounds. He’s a coaster.

    By JA on 04.16.2010

  16. Life is a roller coaster. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. Usually, the highs don’t last very long, but not to worry, the lows will pass quickly too. :D

    By Erin on 04.16.2010

  17. so i put the wet glass down on her table. no coaster. she was fucking pissed man. I mean i really never saw her get so angry over anything.
    Thats’s when I knew. That she knew, about me and her sister, of course. So i knew something needed to be done.

    By Ben on 04.16.2010