December 14th, 2014 | 77 Entries

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77 Entries for “polo”

  1. Underwater, things look blurry. Don’t play water polo with glasses. Don’t. You might hurt someone. Or their ego. If they’re a dude. So WATCH. OUT. Y’ALL. NO POLO STICKS. ON THE BALLS. WATCH.

    By Will on 12.14.2014

  2. I wore Max’s polo shirt to the park, where I met Stacey. She looked more than a little worse for wear. I wondered how long it had been since she had slept for more than four hours, or eaten a solid, nutritious meal, or managed to find at least an hour or so just to relax. As it happened, I had offered to visit her for said “relaxation” time. Now, the more I looked at her, the more I realized just how unsteady she was.

    “I’m going to leave here as soon as possible,” she told me when I sat down on the bench, “and I’m not looking back.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.14.2014

  3. ripples of blue
    chlorine clean
    in antiseptic waves
    at the
    of a galaxy

    By mkt on 12.14.2014

  4. They were playing polo when he realized that he didn’t belong here. It was his parents country club, he didn’t want to be a member. He didn’t care about polo or anything else in the club. He felt so out of place, he threw himself off the horse.

    By shannon URL on 12.14.2014

  5. I wore a polo shirt every school day for 13 years. Now that I don’t have a uniform, I’ve discovered that I actually like polo shirts. They elongate my torso and the collar is oddly comforting. The nostalgia and the comfort within it help me.

    By Antoinette Radcliffe on 12.14.2014

  6. There was a polo team hanging around the village, looking for a field to play in, but they could only find one mallet, and they decided to use it on their captain. He’d been bragging for too long about his penchant for dominating the game, so they felt his time had come. It was a gentlemen’s sport, but bragging was unbecoming, and so they decided to brain him.

    By Rmund on 12.14.2014

  7. The moment I put this in my mouth, the mind and the flavor, the refreshing air that circulates inside my mouth. ! True polo is a mint with a hole.

    By throughmyeyes on 12.14.2014

  8. Polo t shirts in a mess at the department store. Stripes and solids all over.

    By Tori on 12.15.2014

  9. The first thing he thought of was white. What the rich wore, what the rich played, sitting on top of their goddamn horses. Horses that no one else within the same district could afford, horses that a lucky few (well, somewhat lucky) could come into contact with. Watching his employers play, he brushes a horse just a little harder than he should, watching in jealousy.

    By nihlus on 12.15.2014

  10. Swimming, shirt, Niall, one direction, sport, solo, water, waves, t-shirt, Marco polo

    By Anon on 12.15.2014

  11. Polo had no way of knowing what her rider wanted her to do. The girl on her back was rigid. Should she climb out, or remain stock still in the rush filled water? Surely neither. There was a reason they’d come here. It was hot. Best to roll.

    By Erica on 12.15.2014

  12. I wish I could have been Marco Polo. I would like to explore the world in the same way he did. Learning about cultures I’ve never heard of before. Meeting powerful people I’ve never heard of before. What an adventure. Too bad there isn’t a place that hasn’t been explored yet on this world anymore.

    By Alice Shina on 12.15.2014

  13. But you see, I was never good at sports. My dad tried to teach me basketball, and I just couldn’t aim. In PE, I remember shooting all the airballs and not being able to perform a single pull-up. I guess all that “potential” had to be distributed elsewhere, wherever that is.

    By Ashi URL on 12.15.2014

  14. I can’t think of anything to say about this word – I hate the sport, never cared for the candy, I don’t wear name brands or covet this line of clothing (waspy, boring, flat) – oops, my time’s up.

    By sharon on 12.15.2014

  15. It was sunday morning and he was watching polo. Sarah was sitting in the kitchen, she stared at the rainy window like hope was an unknown word now…

    By Fernanda on 12.15.2014

  16. I sat anxiously waiting by the goal posts. This was the final Polo game of the year. If we didn’t score in the next five minutes, we would lose. It was our final game as seniors at Westbourne High, our final chance to prove ourselves.

    By Hannah on 12.15.2014

  17. Polo for men , a scent, polo , a game played by royalty, polo a glorified golf shirt. If you want to ride a horse and use a big stick to hit a ball and smell good and look good while you are doing it then gooooo POLO!

    By Tracey on 12.15.2014

  18. marco…………polo……………polo . or like polo brand t shirts or a terrible deciese.

    By teagan URL on 12.15.2014

  19. did we ever consider polo to be something worth trying? the snooty image of a royal figure, trotting like a statue, was all that crossed our mind. never the graceful horse, the smooth jolts every now and again, and never the adrenaline of the speed. we were wrong, as usual.

    By eloise on 12.15.2014

  20. When you find you calling, you feel like there is nothing more natural to do. If someone would forbid you of doing what you love, they would look at you and think you’re a crazy person. You just want to do what you love, like Ralph Lauren and polo shirts…

    By Hanna-Kristel URL on 12.15.2014

  21. A shirt a game on horse back on beautiful green turf. Beautiful horses and wealthy people sunny skies

    By Sandy on 12.15.2014

  22. “MARCO. POLO.”

    Long days at the pool, eyes shut. I searched for my friends, yelling out, “MARCO.” They responded in unison, “POLO.” I moved towards them. But I never found one.

    I still haven’t.

    By lindsey on 12.15.2014

  23. Spring became summer, and Dave went to the storage boxes to get some polo shirts to wear instead of his sweaters. A flood of memories washed over him just as the scent of the mothballs did. A thousand moments from his married life flashed before his eyes in an instant. Even down to the minute details, he had lt his wife run their married life, trusting her. And he was pying the price now.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.15.2014

  24. he wore polo—everything. she hated it until she loved it–until mere sight of the horse would cause a caving of all other senses. she could smell him—hear the low rumble of his voice—feel his hand on the small of her back—taste his shea butter flavored skin—that horse showed her who he was.

    By Safon on 12.15.2014

  25. Marco polo is a game that you can play with a group of people or just one person. Either works. the object of the game is one person has to close there eyes and count to well what ever number you choose. but they have to keep there eyes shut and they run around trying to tag whatever person they are near.

    By chloe on 12.15.2014

  26. Polo is a type of men’s caloune.

    By paityn on 12.15.2014

  27. in the pool i play
    wondering about the day
    that will come after the next
    one game so simpale
    yet confusing to play

    By lauren on 12.15.2014

  28. We were enjoying our vacation in Kentucky. We went to the country club where there was a polo match going on. How they keep from hitting each other and the horses with those mallets amazes me!

    By Tonya on 12.15.2014

  29. “Marco!” I yelled out, searching all around me with my arms, trying to find Andy. “Polo!” He yelled back, Laughing, “You’re never gonna find me!”
    He was to cocky for his own good.

    By liz URL on 12.15.2014

  30. We played marco polo all day tell it was time to get out of the pool.

    By Caelan URL on 12.15.2014

  31. When me and my friends at the pizza, Jim, the busdriver started turning the bus around.
    “I forgot my polo shirt at home, kids. We’ll have to turn around.”
    As so, with that, the bus made a complete U-turn and made it’s way back home.

    By LeBlanc@Canada102 on 12.15.2014

  32. He grinned at me. “Well, I think it looks cute.” When I raised my eyebrows, he smirked, turning away. Inwardly, I sighed. It did look cute. Everything looked cute on him, even if it was some pink polo that made him look like the obnoxious rich kid he was.

    “Hey, you going to play polo at your daddy’s country club?” I called before realizing he wasn’t standing two feet away from me any longer. He had gone on to talk to one of his other friends, and once again, I found myself wishing that I could just find the right thing to say for once.

    By tentwelvefourteen on 12.15.2014

  33. Polo is a sport. I’ve never played it. It looks like fun tho. It has 4 letters in the word. It rhymes with hello. It can

    By casey on 12.15.2014

  34. what i would give for time to ride a horse – it has been so long and to feel the power and enjoy the sunshine would be wonderful. we tend to spend our time facing those things we don’t wish to do rather than embracing those we miss…

    By bg on 12.15.2014

  35. She sat on the sidelines of the polo field with her straw hat on to keep the sun out of her eyes. But something caught her attention and she looked up only to gaze into the eyes of a dark haired man smiling down at her.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 12.15.2014

  36. i don’t know much about this except you are riding a horse and hitting a ball with a stick or something, i don’t know… anyways, its a sport, i think.

    By Eden on 12.15.2014

  37. Touch me like the mist off a waterfall.
    And with such gentleness, I’ll hear you whisper once again, “No, not there either.”

    By Ghost like Swayze URL on 12.15.2014

  38. she goes around like that too often. in nothing but my polo shirt and her underwear. bare legs, bare arms, even in winter around the below-freezing house because we’re both too cheap to turn up the heat. of course i myself don’t mind. i do mind when she forgets what she’s wearing and answers the door like that.

    By Aura on 12.15.2014

  39. Stepping hesitantly out from behind the bedroom door, Elsa cleared her throat. “H-how do I look?” she asked, choosing to ignore the nervous hitch in her throat.
    It was comical really that, or all her desire to embrace this new world, the clothing was proving to be her most challenging obstacle. Pants, for woman never mind a queen, was all but unheard of in her land and the shirt without sleeves – a polo, Ruby called it – while undeniably comfortable, left her arms feeling scandalously bare.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 12.15.2014

  40. It came in one of those carboard boxes I knew would come every Christmas. It smelled of distance and packaging tape, of my mother’s efforts to ensure the box remained in tact. If only the airplane would fly my family home instead of another box of shampoo and polos.

    By aasupremo on 12.15.2014