July 13th, 2010 | 224 Entries

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224 Entries for “lease”

  1. it’s saying that you’re just borrowing.
    sure, you can say that you own the thing.
    you can cruise around in full confidence.
    but deep down,
    you’re just lying to yourself.
    which can be sadder
    then the lie itself.

    By NuSol URL on 07.14.2010

  2. I always see commercials on televsion saying that I can lease a car for $249 a month. I don’t care about the lease price. I want to know how much the entire car costs to own it.

    By Corinne on 07.14.2010

  3. As he signed his name and looked at the keys on the desk, waiting for him, he could feel a thrill of victory. The cabin at the lake was perfect.

    By Trish on 07.14.2010

  4. To lease: to rent or to temporarily borrow at a set price. My family leases our house, and we have done so for eight full years. Leasing is a great way to build up your credit score, assuming, of course, that you pay in full and on time. Leasing a car seems like a great thing for young people; you get to pay a cheap bill every month, and get a new car every couple of years.

    By Tawna on 07.14.2010

  5. wouldn’t it be great if you could lease a big limosine for a dollar a day with a swimming pool in the back of it and lots of champagne. Not really sure if you can get limos with swimming pools though, that could be a problem.

    By Ben on 07.14.2010

  6. As the cell door opened and then slammed behind him, he felt a budding sense of hope. For the first time in his often tumultuous twenty one years he has been given a new lease on life. He plans to make the most of it.

    By tina on 07.14.2010

  7. The day had grown stale and I found myself wishing for something new. A redo on to this story or perhaps a new story all together. As I stared into her empty eyes I understood the value of her day to day and found a new lease on life.

    By Misty URL on 07.14.2010

  8. almost expired, they took one more joyride through the mountains, trying to jumble anything they could for a souvenir. the car had been too good to them over the years, it was hard to think they would have to start all over again.

    By cmdeme URL on 07.14.2010

  9. The lease for the building was up in thirty-two days. Jeremy hadn’t thought about it for a while. He was just glad to have enough money in his pocket to buy a quarter-pounder with cheese, fries, and a cherry cola from the burger joint around the corner, let alone soak up the knowledge that he might get through his first entrepeneurial endeavor without folding on the lease.

    By Ryan on 07.14.2010

  10. I thought I had a new lease on life. It seemed like the worst was over; now I was ready to move on. In the movies, they always hit you then with the twist: They pull you back into hell. I was not going to let them do it to me.

    By Tori L. Ridgewood URL on 07.14.2010

  11. I signed a six month lease on a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment with my mom. I hate this apartment. It has roaches, gnats and is too small for all of my mom’s crap. I can’t wait to be out of this apartment.

    By Shanna M. on 07.14.2010

  12. “Oh, I forgot to mention” I said looking up from the paper, “our lease is about to expire. What do you think of staying here another year?” it was just a passing comment, but she stopped and looked at me with discomfort.
    “Actually, I was thinking about a smaller place…”
    “But here is just the right size for the two of us.”
    “That’s exactly what I mean…”

    By Rai X URL on 07.14.2010

  13. Our relationship, I just don’t want to break my lease. I have spent so much time and money. I need for you to sign the agreement with me and keep our love from getting evicted out of our hearts.

    By Sherry on 07.14.2010

  14. It was like a shackle around my ankle. I was bound to it, like a prisoner. They lenched every dime from my wallet without thinking twice. My house was now a jail cell…and it would consume me…

    By xstyn URL on 07.14.2010

  15. Lease was yesterday’s word too. What’s up with that?

    By LManns URL on 07.14.2010

  16. She took a deep breath. The metal was cool against her skin, and she winced as she pressed the jagged edge into her palm. So it was real.
    She looked up at the building where she would be living for the next 4 months.
    A semester in Manhattan.
    It was happening.
    She signed for everything that she was hoping for, everything she would learn, and everything she would become.
    She signed up to follow her dreams in the lease.

    By hopeinajar URL on 07.14.2010

  17. Rent. Last year’s rent. Rent. Rent. Rent. I would do a show for that musical! AIDS! That is all.

    By Mariana C URL on 07.14.2010

  18. My heart is not on lease. You can’t use it when convient, and regard it went it’s not. It just won’t happen.

    By Avery URL on 07.14.2010

  19. I’ve got a new lease on life, but my landlord is kind of a bitch. Her overweight, smelly, badly-dressed figure looms over my important life moments and instills in me the lack of self-confidence to tell me I’ll never accomplish what I set out to in my rent agreement.

    By Ryan Quinn URL on 07.14.2010

  20. i wll buy a house tomorrow if i would have the money, but i do not think th ebanks are going to give any money. However, I will try something else. How about going to the bank wth a mask on my face?

    By Theresa URL on 07.14.2010

  21. i bought a lease for a condominium down the street the other day. i think it was the best decision i’ve ever made in my entire life. you know the funny thing about buying a lease is that you have a partial sensation of ownership because you dont actually own anything.

    By blah on 07.14.2010

  22. an agreament by which a person exchanges property for a period of time in return for payment in return

    By juliana on 07.14.2010

  23. The lease on a car is a much better deal than buying the car (unless I can pay cash, that is). The lease enables me to turn the care in and get a new one every three years, for hell sakes.

    By John URL on 07.14.2010

  24. Lease. What a bittersweet word for me to see. It implies landlords, roommates, bills, beginnings and endings, and all the memories in-between. I have both positive and negative associations with “lease,” but it is certainly of dire importance to the twenty-something.

    By Jamie on 07.14.2010