September 27th, 2011 | 393 Entries

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393 Entries for “playground”

  1. the playground at the schoolyard was packed with the returning students when school began that day
    some were returning and others were new to school and a bit nervous and scared

    all in the teachers rounded them all up and gave the needed comfort and consoling

    By she53lly URL on 09.28.2011

  2. I was in the playground, playing with my toys in the sand, when all of a sudden, he appeared. He was tall, black and gruff looking. He was scary, like boogie man scary.

    By Kendra Hicks URL on 09.28.2011

  3. I remember the cliques that existed in the playground. We made the little house on the playground our clique’s “headquarters.” We used to stuff ourselves into it to talk about “important” things. There is nothing important to talk about in 3rd grade lol

    By Mel URL on 09.28.2011

  4. I was swinging on the swings, regaining my childhood. Playgrounds, the best thing that was ever invented. I know that someone out there didn’t have the option to come here everyday, but I was lucky enough to be able to.

    By Kendra Hicks URL on 09.28.2011

  5. The playground was full of sand, huge piles of it. The children loved to play and run around on top of the big piles of sand and gravel. They made sand castles and built cute little princess’s out of leaves and sticks. Some days the children never go out to the playground, and it makes them so very sad.

    By Ashley on 09.28.2011

  6. The kids ran around in circles on the playground, their screeching voices louder than any sound I’ve ever heard. Perhaps drinking that much tequila last night was a bad idea while my child was sleeping. I love my baby, but sometimes I just need to drink away the stress of having him.

    By Cass URL on 09.28.2011

  7. fun and relaxing environment where anyone can let themselves be free.
    there are swings, sand, grass, a places to ran. The ground can sometimes be wet or dry and I must get creative in order to play. Parents and children can enjoy themselves in the playground. It’s very exciting, because each person can get exercise. I enjoy going to the playground, because I ran and seeing all those kids rejuvenates me. I get a lot of energy and feel like I can accomplish anything I want.

    By Valentina Kibuyaga on 09.28.2011

  8. Children on the playground. Their shrieks and laughter are so jarring in my moment of grief. The image fades to an image from forty years ago: my sister and I on the playground shrieking and laughing. And today she was buried.

    By elizabeth b URL on 09.28.2011

  9. The mind is a vast playground for imagination. We do not need anything outside of ourselves to create entire worlds and fictions to amuse even the most blase of travelers. The simple act of closing one’s eyes and turning inwards opens vistas of opportunities to explore.

    By Kati on 09.28.2011

  10. I came back to this childhood memory every couple of years. Came back to this aweful playground, full of unwanted memories from a horrific past. I just want to start over, what a life, what a life.

    By Liz on 09.28.2011

  11. the playground is silent
    it calls to me, screams out
    “remember when you were lost
    and i was your island of refuge
    when i was all you needed to recoup
    i listened to all your woes
    dried all your tears
    come round again and cry some more
    i still love you
    and i know you’re not done crying yet”

    By Reisdasch on 09.28.2011

  12. I sent her out to the wasteland she knew as her playground.

    By Lara URL on 09.28.2011


    By NITISHA on 09.28.2011

  14. He was one of those eternally youthful types, and he remained so. Even in the dark alleyways and then, further along, behind the prison walls. The bars reminded him of a jungle gym that he’d climbed, ages ago. Everything was a playground, after all.

    By M. Darkweaver URL on 09.28.2011

  15. A playground, at school, is a battle field. But the worst is when you’re new. You have no idea who your allies are, or enimes. Anyone could be a threat. Beware.

    By Yonah Sarah Becker on 09.28.2011

  16. take me to the playground where i can swing my worries away. where i can hang up side down and count the puffy white clouds in the sky. take me to the playground and remind me of the places i’ve been that helped create my imagination.

    By abra URL on 09.28.2011

  17. one day my dad took me to our local playground.. I was six and it was the first time I have ever fallen inlove. His name was Vincent. He came up to me from nowhere and gave me a flower. We sat on the swings for hours. We played soccer. I never saw him since I moved.

    By Reinette du Toit on 09.28.2011

  18. I am using your body as my playground. We have a relationship that is not the basic definition of a relationship. I don’t know how long that is going to last, I think one of us will fall crazy in love, but for right now I want to keep being your playground if you’ll keep being mine.

    By Meh. on 09.28.2011

  19. A ball hit me in my face.
    My knees were scraped.
    I thought to myself
    This isn’t where I want to be,
    is that so wrong?
    Does that make me Wrong?

    By Vince on 09.28.2011

  20. The exuberant child climbed the uncertain steps up the playground, holding onto the bars of the ladder for dear life. His mother absolute, downright refused to ever allow him on. He could never understand why. The excitement within him bubbled more intensely to the surface as he reached the top, a pudgy hand stretching for the monkey bars. And suddenly, he was falling, falling. Mommy!

    By Daniella Chung URL on 09.28.2011

  21. there’s one near my house. A ski hill or a skatepark, a wave in the ocean, is a playground for everyone. A snowboard park where they have jumps and rails and boxes to jump on, is a playground of a sort. The world is a playground. Books are a playground. My life is a playground

    By tom peaocck on 09.28.2011

  22. children, little kids, fun, outdoors, playing in school, monkey bars, summer, Popsicles, outdoors, animals, tag, hide and seeks, colors, sky, hopscotch, chalk, bubbles, running, falling, skinned knees.

    By Haleigh Adams on 09.28.2011

  23. Kids don’t play in playgrounds anymore. It seems that they would rather be indoors playing video games or socializing on the computer. I’m not saying it’s good or bad, just different. When I was a kid, we played outside at the playground in front of our house all the time.

    By robideau on 09.28.2011

  24. The playground is a place of freedom. The jungle for the young of our race. Where freedom is boundless and creativity journeys round this maze of amusement. Children can experience themselves in one of the truest forms. Let go…….

    By Michelle Bunyard URL on 09.28.2011

  25. Playgrounds are fun. They have swings. They have sand. It’s just so much fun! You can be a kid when you’re at a playground. What else can I say about them? Fun, fun, fun! You can run around, jump, and shout! That’s a playground.

    By S on 09.28.2011

  26. Back on the playground of my life. It’s travelling, baking sandcakes, laughing with my friends, swinging on the swing, dancing to my favourite songs and just being. I need my home, my friends, my love and my playground. That makes me happy.

    By Fredda URL on 09.28.2011

  27. when I was young I held hands and played kiss chase in the playground. I had two girlfriends when I was in primary school. They made me choose one day. I had to stand on the hill in the middle of the playground and make the choice. I loved being 9.

    By Josh O'Brien on 09.28.2011

  28. playground playground playground playground
    playground palyground
    playground play

    By mkk URL on 09.28.2011

  29. playground is a play were kids go to play. why dont most rapists act like they have kids there. then they can hand out icecream and take the kids home. have fun the old fashion way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Dustin URL on 09.28.2011

  30. Whenever there is leisure time during school hours, the playground is always full of students. Most of them are junior form students.

    Looking back, a few years ago, when I am a junior student, few of us go down to the playground to squeeze up every bit of our energy playing ball games or simply getting sweat all over. The courts can barely provide sufficient places for pupils to exercise.

    But now, during recess, every time I walked past the playground, i can only see a huge crowd of little boys in white chasing after a tiny red ball, comparing to the size of the crowd.

    I don’t know if this phenomenon is pleasing or not, all I know is that QC has changed. Time has changed. I have changed, too.

    By MORON on 09.28.2011

  31. I wish I was playing on a playground. I would like to be on a swing with the breeze blowing through my hare. Then I would feel free. going back and forth back and forth. Why am i here? siting in my desk instead of outside. Oh, that is interesting, by clicking the back button I am able to get another 60 seconds. Wonder if it is supposed to work like that. Now I am just waiting on time to run out. What else would I be writing about if this wasn’t about a playground.

    By B D on 09.28.2011

  32. Swingsets and seesaws wiggled and wobbled. The children ran freely, unencumbered by their parent’s mortgage, their future college finals, and the deathbeds of their child comrades.

    By Dave on 09.28.2011

  33. Life, laughter, glee. The remembrance of innocence and freedom. Where anything is possible and the sky can be reached from the top of the slide. You are your own god and everything is okay for a while.

    By care URL on 09.28.2011

  34. Playgrounds are nice they really are useful for parents who are freaked out by parenthood and they need to just unwind and let their kids be the little demons they can be, but with other people’s kids. That’s a beautiful isn’t it, except for when pedophiles get involved, but let’s not talk about that, actually it’d be good to do so, because knowledge is power.

    By Brittany on 09.28.2011

  35. The playground. what a wondrous thing. I remember playing at the playground as a young child… scraped knees, grass stains and gleeful laughter. Always anticipating recess to be there with my friends. Now the playground is all about Scraping knees in awkward sex positions, grass stains from sucking dick, and orgasmic moaning…. ah the playground… how I miss thee

    By Ashley on 09.28.2011

  36. We got up early and packed a lunch. The children love a special day at the playground. Old friends and new friends gather around. A time to meet, a time to greet. Which playground shall we go to today? Which is your favorite?

    By Michaels on 09.28.2011

  37. When I think of a playground, I’m sent off back to kindergarten when all i cared about was breaking the playground rules and having fun at recess. it didn’t matter that i was in a dress and white buckle shoes, i was gonna get dirty and have fun dammit. It didn’t matter that my hair was in pigtails. It was all about having fun, being free. Running, jumping, climbing, getting dirty under my fingernails, on my face. playing Pokemon in the sandbox,. On the playground, it didn’t matter.

    By Elita on 09.28.2011

  38. i do not like playing on playgrounds they are so very stupid. playgrounds are for little babies and little kids so hahahahahahaha!!!

    By Colin URL on 09.28.2011

  39. it is fun and enjoyable you can play and it has lots of stuff to play on

    By Bryce on 09.28.2011

  40. you can play on playground and have fun
    you can go down the slides and play on the monkey bars
    when you are at the playground you can eat lunch and play

    By hi pie URL on 09.28.2011