September 27th, 2011 | 393 Entries

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393 Entries for “playground”

  1. – the gang – fakky had invented it – the Scheme he called it – we were to head to the centre and wait on the bottock – the old man who came by at noon every day rain or shine – one of us was to tell him that ther ewas a sale on behind the supermarket – illegal goods alwauys held appeal – ready bargains to set the myopic eyes gleaming – well that was how it was meant to be

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 09.28.2011

  2. I jumped on the brown spot in the ground. Fly swarmed around it, I want to kill them all. As it was camouflaged by the bark I did not realize it was excrement until the aroma rose to my nose.

    By Adam on 09.28.2011

  3. A swarm of 7-10 year old girls, “Mr. Tim’s more fun than Polly Pockets.”

    By Ani URL on 09.28.2011

  4. I love playgrounds. I drew a rediculous blank when this work came up though. Hm. playgrounds, my pole is similar to a playground, I do all sorts of acrobats with it. It gives me bruises like a child on a play

    By Ash on 09.28.2011

  5. The playground of life, that is what this is! We jump through hoops, toss the ball back and forth, dodge bullets – and we call it a career.

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 09.28.2011

  6. I remember when I was a kid in Colonsay, about grade 1, possibly 2, I wanted the tooth coming out of the apple scenario. So, that is exactly what I did. I sat there with Bobby and Ashley biting into an apple underneath the playground until my tooth came out!

    By Courtney Turta on 09.28.2011

  7. Some where to go and have real fun, dizzingly fast on the roundabout and way up high on a swing. Take forget to take crisps and pop! Like you did when you were a kid. BTW, shouldn’t there be playgrounds for grown ups?

    By karen Constantine URL on 09.28.2011

  8. Okay, playground is a really cool place for kids, sometimes even adults actually to play there. It can be a place to meet you friends, or just for a friendly chat with other parents if you’re a parent or it’s a good opportunity for kids to meet new friends their age

    By Aneta R on 09.28.2011

  9. The playground swing hovered distinctly above the blue-green fields of the amorous lanyards. Beru said I cannot tell a lie about these things, but I confess that I think the sky was more of a purple than anything else real in this world. It reminded me a little too much of her, is all.

    By MenTaLguY URL on 09.28.2011

  10. children like them and they are fun to play in. they have slides and swings and are often colourful. They mostly live in public places such as schools and parks but could be in child care centres or even in peoples backyards, if they’re rich enough…

    By Angus on 09.28.2011

  11. playground is a place i used to love as a child. i remember i had a dream a couple of months back that i was there with dy and i slipped and fell on my back from a high place. for a moment, i couldnt breathe…looked up in the sky and silence all around. i cant breathe…what happened.

    By Monica on 09.28.2011

  12. children slide and jump and laugh, but he sits all alone. wishing he could play along wishing he had known. that it was bad to climb that tree because he cant get down. now all he can do and watch and cry and frown. dont climb trees you cant get down

    By sara rock on 09.28.2011

  13. childern plays there, but adults like it as well when they want to have fun among friends. a bit noisy. fun and dangerous as well but we have to pay a lot attention to care about our and the children of others.

    By fahejas on 09.28.2011

  14. Reminds me of when i was a child. I could just play and play and play, the only thing I would care about if i was going fall off the monkey bars or not. I didn’t care about scratches or anything, just breaking something. It makes me realize that I have learned so much the past years, and nothing can ever be as simple as it used to be. No matter how much I wish it was.

    By Frankie Spackman URL on 09.28.2011

  15. i want to play football on a playground. it makes me remember my childhood. i used to play with my friends. we used to meet there after school. we played till sunset. it was among the best time of my life.

    By shanone on 09.28.2011

  16. I’m sitting on a playground and I just found a time capsule with a newspaper from twenty years in the future. This strikes me as particularly strange because I can’t read.

    By Stephen on 09.28.2011

  17. i am in a playground. its sunny. i have been here a while and everyone has gone home now but thats ok because i prefer it when its just me anyway. its been a long time since i last came here, too long some would say. who knows why i haven’t been, i can kid myself the reasons and make up answers but the

    By anna on 09.28.2011

  18. The swings began to move with the wind. As if a parent was lightly pushing their child forward in them. And slide began to creak. There was not a soul in sight and the moonlight was the only thing allowing me to see. It was gorgeous. How the moonlight shone down on everything. Touching every last detail. And I was alone. Blissfully alone.

    By DARE URL on 09.28.2011

  19. Playgrounds are fun place to be. I like kids. I like little kids playing. I don’t like teens though. Sometimes, it’s fun to watch moms playing with their kids on swings. It really reminds me of the childhood I never had. But it’s nice in a way that I can dream about things that didn’t really happen and put myself into happy situations.

    By Kitallis on 09.28.2011

  20. The swings are the best part of a playground. When you swinging on them, it feels like that’s all that really matters (what a clique) and nothing could possibly touch you on a swing. The rocking motion, the ups and downs, the rush of wind as you plum it backwards. I don’t know a single little kid who doesn’t rush to the swings when they first get to the playground.

    By Hanna URL on 09.28.2011

  21. I love playgrounds. I love to hear the children laughing and see them playing on the swings and slides. I love to soak up their energy. It’s a great way to start the day. We have many parks where I live and I count myself lucky to be able to visit them and see them filled with kids.

    By spartica URL on 09.28.2011

  22. on the playground as a little girl i always loved the swings. i still do.. you can sit there and think and feel like you can go until forever. feels like youre flying. swings are magical. slide’s can be fun too.

    By arps URL on 09.28.2011

  23. playground

    By ali ryan on 09.28.2011

  24. The playground is a varied place. For some, it is the breeding ground for bullies, diseases, and injuries. for others, it is a place to take the children where they can relax, be themselves and make friends. But for some, the playground is a holy place. For some, the playground is a chance at freedom.

    One of the glories of the playground is it’s variety. The playground is the first place where children become separated, based on what they like to do or who they like to do them with. Some play on the swings, some play tag, and others just sit in the sandbox and make mud pies. The choices one makes in the playground have the power to affect the rest of their lives.

    By Ian Lenk on 09.28.2011

  25. When we were little the playground was the site of everything that matter. The drama. The fun. The excitement. It all happened at the playground. Anyone who was anyone played on the playground.

    By Mia Nottrott on 09.28.2011

  26. where we play and enjoy it keep us fit and improves stamina helpful for good health live internationa; matches are played

    By arun on 09.28.2011

  27. The playground was small, but the children did not let that deterred them from having a good time. When i returned from home to collect my kids their just did’t wanted to leave, they was having so much fun.

    By victor walkes URL on 09.28.2011

  28. the playground was filled with laughter . children and parents combed the sandy play area running and playing as if theey were one.the baby on the swing was smiling and waving to her mom, while her dad pushed her in the bright sun, when suddenly, out of nowhere, a man came and demanded that the father hand over the baby, to it’s rightful owner. Owner ? You cannot own a child and it is not your child, it is our child. Aha, says the man, you said one could not own a child, yet you say the child belongs to you. Who are you, asked the daddy. the man replied, Do you not know me ? I thought you would know when I would come to you. This prophecy was written in stone, long long ago. You knew this day would come. You were told long ago, in a dream that this is what would happen to your little girl. Now please give her to me, so that our work may begin. The man fell to his knees and cried, begged and pleaded for mercy. My son, says the man, why are you so fearful to give the child to me. I mean to do no harm to this little gift. She is very special you know. She has a very important purpose in our world, and without her we will all be lost. Now please, get up off your knees and bring the child to me. the man cried out i pray god has mercy on your soul. the kind gentle man looked down and said my son, I am god and I am here to take your childs spirit under my wing. she is very fragile and as I said before she has an important job to do to help save us all. Now give the child to me and let me speak with her spirit . She must hear from me, what will be expected from her in the future. This way she will know the way to go.The little girl’s daddy said Are you really God ? And God said you must trust in me to find the answer……

    By carrie URL on 09.28.2011


    By CARRIE URL on 09.28.2011

  30. This is were i spend my day. Where people think i work, where i get to rule the world. This is my game, my space. I am alone. Its the best playground ever.

    By lucio on 09.28.2011

  31. When I was in third grade I was alone on the playground on the wobbly bridge. Some kids ran past while playing tag and I fell and bit holes in my tongue. I remember passing my best friend who I was fighting with and she didn’t care.

    By steph on 09.28.2011

  32. An old swing-set cast long, limber shadows across the park, creating strange shapes as the breeze carried it along.

    By Andrew on 09.28.2011

  33. I was on the playground and saw a child crying. She was so cute and so lonely and I wanted to hug her so and tell her things would be all right. She looked up and I saw her smile. She was me.

    By liltig URL on 09.28.2011

  34. I was at the playground and i saw Tea on the swings. I came over and saw that Clara was also on the swings and was talking to Tea. I came over to hear what they were talking about. don’t say that i was eavesdropping, even though I was. I heard that they were talking about how awful Trisha was. I din’t think that that was very nice, so i told Richie, who didn’t think that it was very nice either, so he went to Miss Abbott, who got mad at Spencer, who did absolutely nothing. Spencer had thought that Sarah Anne had told on him, so he punched Sarah Anne.

    By Gabby on 09.28.2011

  35. Happy kids playing around smiling . Mum and dad drink take-away coffe. Sun. Laugh. Energy. Newspaper. Music.

    By Veronica Marie on 09.28.2011

  36. the playground is where i used to love to be. all day in the summer. my brother and i would pair – a team in adventures and dreams only we knew. sometimes joined by other children, sometimes not. it was where we felt safe, free in a childhood that was troubled and full at times of despair. the playground is where i used to love to be.

    By Mel Gallant URL on 09.28.2011

  37. Remembering those days,
    swinging in my ways,
    jump roping high as hell,
    so high I’d never reach hell.

    That playground was my heaven.

    By Anthony URL on 09.28.2011

  38. The playground a Pathfinder School – my elementary school in Traverse City, Michigan – wasn’t the typical open field or lot with over-sized toys. It was the wood and all of its components. The myrtle-covered hills, the overgrown wander paths, the elder trees, the soft blanket of brown leaves and the black dirt a farmer would love. I could explore and wander about. I could play games. I could even get lost if I dared to do so.

    By Chris Rogers URL on 09.28.2011

  39. The crazy whirl of coats and scarves, cold grazed knees, the smell of tarmac and rain. I wish I spent longer out of the office.

    By Victoria URL on 09.28.2011

  40. I was the only one on the playground. What was going on? Was I late? Was I early? where was everyone? I went to the door looking back at the playground and still saw no-one. I reached for the door and…

    By Sherri URL on 09.28.2011