September 28th, 2011 | 365 Entries

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365 Entries for “dense”

  1. dense is not what you want when baking a cake … some people such as my ex are very dense especially when it comes to his son …

    By Eliabeth<3 URL on 09.29.2011

  2. God, he was just so dense. I liked him, I was flirting, it was completely obvious. My lips were mere inches from his every time we got sarcastic with each other – and that was a lot. Why wouldn’t he just kiss me, already? The sexual tension was strong enough to hold up a suspension bridge.

    By Adelina on 09.29.2011

  3. Dense is something amazing. So compact and so closer. Density equals to mass over volume, did you know that? It’s called physics, my friends! :-)

    By David URL on 09.29.2011

  4. Density is a property of matter. It’s really the only thing I learned from Bill Nye the Science Guy. He was cute. And nerdy. I like nerdy people, they’re awesome. And they’re all going to own the rest of the world in like fifty years.

    By Sankhya on 09.29.2011

  5. The streets of New York City are surrounded with dense traffic. The hurrying people can’t seem to get around safely due to the traffic jams.

    By Diana on 09.29.2011