July 26th, 2013 | 84 Entries

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84 Entries for “plaster”

  1. From somewhere deep
    She finds me

    Her fingers I feel
    Interlace slowly

    One breath
    One pulse

    This is all
    There is to know

    That i live to kiss
    Her breast, her lips
    As i sink into dreams
    Drinking each heartbeat

    By david URL on 07.27.2013

  2. I plastered their faces on the wall
    I wanted to see what they would look like
    if they were all happy

    My face didn’t belong up there with theirs

    I couldn’t even muster the energy to go
    on for as long as I should

    The plaster dried up and I had no time
    to prove to them, that I too could be happy

    By Lola on 07.27.2013

  3. glistening
    looking at what

    By Regina on 07.27.2013

  4. The mold we formed has been duplicated. The cream color oozed and hardened, allowing a base for all other forms. WE are plaster, for the constant desire to become something we’re not, has become top priority to self-concious individuals. Break the mold and become who you really are.

    By Lexx on 07.27.2013