July 25th, 2013 | 128 Entries

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128 Entries for “dot”

  1. Matrix. The venerable Dot Matrix, of an original line of printers. Or, in a completely different micro universe, a heroine of Mainframe.

    By Jason on 07.26.2013

  2. That single dot in the worst place on the lens…

    By Caitlyn on 07.26.2013

  3. This makes me think about Dot from A Bug’s Life. But first, I thought of how much I loved dots when I was younger. I like bigger dots better than smaller dots. I think small dots are too restricted and orderly. Big dots are more adventurous.

    By Kyle on 07.26.2013

  4. Dot dot dash. I dont understand! I never took classes on morse code! Por que! NOOOOO! Guess, you win. I cant fight without information.

    By Vernon on 07.26.2013

  5. i had a dream
    where no one went
    by any names

    just a symbol above
    their heads.
    and yours was a star

    but everyone
    in the world also went
    by a single star

    and i couldn’t find you
    among the mass
    of softly-glowing lights.

    By h. b. on 07.26.2013

  6. It’s a dot, an end. And then a beginning, with promise and wonder. That moment after a dot, full of possibilities, fingers hovering.

    By VikingBee on 07.26.2013

  7. The cat followed the dot around the room. Horrible dot. Mean dot. Nasty dot, thought the cat. I will have you in my clutches soon enough, run as you might. The cat ran, and jumped, and pounced the dot. The dot disappeared, but not the anger that cat had for that one red dot.

    By Paige Martin on 07.26.2013

  8. I see the dot upon the page and wonder what to do. Is it asking me to stop or just to pause I don’t know. Now I remember the purpose and to what I know is true. I come to a stop, hold my tongue, and take a breath. Period.

    By Jennifer on 07.26.2013