July 27th, 2013 | 105 Entries

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105 Entries for “polar”

  1. Polar ice, black ice, thin ice.

    Ice in our hearts as we scan the horizon and push on through the snow to who knows what doom.

    By Shimbo URL on 07.28.2013

  2. The polar ice caps had melted. I saw on the news about a lake that had formed that had been a sheet of ice. Now a boat could go across this lake. Was this the beginning of the end of our climate?

    By Martin on 07.28.2013

  3. A vast icy barren landscape surrounded him in every direction. He hoped he would find a sign of help through his peripherals, but he was beginning to assume the chill would clung to his breath indefinitely. It looked as if he’d need to trek through this crunching snow for days before he found any sign of civilization. He tested the motion in his fingers. The tips stuck briefly and they felt fatigued when he continued to stretch them. Silly traveller. You are too small and weak.

    By Jacob URL on 07.28.2013

  4. The polar bears wave goodbye as we destroy their home. They don’t realise that they have done nothing wrong. They think that this is how it is, but don’t know why. We do, we realise that we have destroyed and can do nothing to fix it. We are true oblivion, we are a disgrace, and it is too late to fix it.

    By Sofia URL on 07.28.2013

  5. they were polar opposites. she was loud and speaks her mind. she became angry quickly and without warning. he was calm, reserved, soft-spoken. he would always see all sides before coming to a conclusion. maybe that’s why they worked. maybe that’s what made them the perfect pair. salt and pepper.

    By qb URL on 07.28.2013

  6. It was cold, as the wind blew in the vast white Antarctic. No sound was heard, no movement felt, other than my own. I was alone here in this infinite abyss.

    By Blue on 07.28.2013

  7. I sat there wondering how two people like them could possibly work. Everything one said, the other disagreed with. A constant battle than lasted their whole life, but when it came to the end for them, they found that they wanted to continue with the battle. For like with their relationship, the more they were involved with the battle, the more they enjoyed it.

    By Maddie on 07.28.2013

  8. The polar ice cap was melting. Correction: it had melted. The water level had risen all across the earth and all the people had crowded into highrises and skyscrapers and onto mountaintops and mesas. I’d rather have been on a mesa somewhere, but instead I was in a Washington, DC government building with a bunch of wonks.

    By mrsmig URL on 07.28.2013

  9. I remember a polar bear named Iorek Brynison. He is Lyra’s friend, that means he is my friend too. If I could choose any animal I want to be mine, I would choose polar bear. Iorek can talk, he is a good friend also a polar bear king in Lyra’s world. I would be carried by Iorek and be put on his back. He would led me to the place I wanna go, just like what he did to Lyra. We would sing out loud a song.

    where polar region united with the equatorial
    when we remember a day in time immemorial
    we never ever walk alone in the woods nor ice
    to us the memories behind the aurora be nice

    By Eligia V. A. URL on 07.28.2013

  10. I heard a story
    Of two who were young and filled with love in a way that for them was new and precious, all consuming
    Who went to the pole and shivered as she sickened and lost everything but the feeling of his arms around her
    He sang and sang, so she would not fall to sleep, a sleep to drift her away in arctic water
    And eventually she did close her eyes, her fever rising and her life force falling away
    Tall shafts of iceberg breaking down into the depths
    The last thing she saw, his rippling eyes
    Around her, a calling song and within her a knowledge she wasn’t alone

    By Saudade URL on 07.28.2013

  11. As she sat in her bed she thought of how the polar caps could possibly be melting . How everyone thought that their problems were bigger than something that could possibly alter our entire lives, but we were too stuck up our own butts to understand this concept.

    By Athena URL on 07.28.2013

  12. I love polar bears I think they are cute and fascinating. I have always wanted to see them in the north pole in the winter.

    By Dolores Casillas URL on 07.28.2013

  13. The difference in her personalty, her behaviour before and after her “release” was polar; but nobody really noticed, because nobody really knew her. It would have been considered a problem if anyone had.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 07.28.2013

  14. the polar opposit of what you wanted to do
    you’re sure you’re uncertain
    but this is sort of out of the blue
    so you’ll focus more on your wants and needs
    and don’t say a word and don’t beg or plead
    what for what you see is fit for you
    and it’ll come to you
    no matter what you do.

    By Lauren on 07.28.2013

  15. the polar opposit of what you wanted to do
    you’re sure you’re uncertain
    but this is sort of out of the blue
    so you’ll focus more on your wants and needs
    and don’t say a word and don’t beg or plead
    what for what you see is fit for you
    and it’ll come to you
    no matter what you do.

    By Lauren on 07.28.2013

  16. I took a step out on the ice, feeling the cracks spread beneath my heavy paw, but the ice would not break. I took another step forward, this time landing on packed snow. I shook the freezing crystals of water from my hide, feeling the cold wind trying to bite at my skin. I stepped again.

    By darseyrsm URL on 07.28.2013

  17. her mouth is ice but my veins are fire
    it is a constant struggle
    between us to see

    if i could melt her to a puddle first
    or if she beats me
    and i freeze.

    By h. b. URL on 07.28.2013

  18. She was bi-polar and he was a polar bear. No one would have expected it, but they made it work, just so.

    By THEY_HAVE_EELS on 07.28.2013

  19. i was on the other side, walking. to where, i do not know. not thinking or feeling anything, just walking, i reached the edge and i thought, this is it. do i do it? i stood there for a while, then i thought, nope. so i turned around and walked again aimlessly. until i reached the next pole.

    By Dee URL on 07.28.2013

  20. What an amazing color gray must be, proudly encompassing all things middle-wise and without strong affiliation. Free to vacillate between any number of continents, opinions, lovers, daydreams. Not black, not white, which move directly through the middle of the Earth, and have never seen Minnesota. What they have, for their sacrifice, is the swirling lights of the cosmos, more visible from where the atmosphere is too thin to support life.

    By mattlock URL on 07.28.2013

  21. Polar ice caps melt. Polar opposite, thats what we were supposed to be, parallel really. Parallel opposites. Left and right. THen he was shot. Killed in one swift bolt of kinetic fource

    By Arin URL on 07.28.2013

  22. screechingslammingslowlyscarring
    leavings traces of snow-white starlings
    two and both opposing forces
    north and south
    black and white
    glaciers dancing trancing prancing

    By Rhys URL on 07.28.2013

  23. “Oh, so you live in polar conditions up there huh?”
    “No, it’s Canada not the arctic.”

    By Cait on 07.28.2013

  24. opposites collide
    you and I
    attack me, I want it.
    Ferocious teeth
    and paws meet,
    neither one of us will win the match.

    By Nifinyti on 07.28.2013

  25. Polar bears are perfect as they do not need the forever lasting love most humans crave. They are basic and pure, living the day admiring not concrete jungles or overrated paintings, but the nature to which they belong.
    They just sit in the cold, all puffy and furry. They don’t over analyse or drift through possibilites.
    What a wonderful thing it would be
    to not be such an existentialist as we are.

    By deborichi URL on 07.28.2013